so hey guys and Here I am in my craft

studio I'm gonna try my hand at making

some baby shower invites and I just

thought I'd bring you guys along for the

ride I am probably not very good at

making cards and things like that but I

enjoy doing it always used to enjoy

doing as a child and this time around

I'm a boil I'm a bit of an impulsive

person sometimes and I just thought hey

I'm gonna make some baby shower invites

for this baby shower and yes it's

probably a bit strange that I'm involved

in planning my own baby shower but hey

Ellen likes to do things for herself her

own way you guys I think know that about

me already

so as you saw we picked up some bits and

pieces and I'm just gonna show you what

we got the baby's colors are quite blue

and grey but I just kind of start to

blue for the invitation so we've got

some blister card it is a four but I'm

just gonna be using half of it for each

invites I'm making a five I got some

white paper I got a couple of cute

stamps this one's like for the new mummy

and we can see that there's some little

foot prints that hopefully shall see

later if it works out well

I've got some little cute blue bows

you'll see there to decorate the card

obviously got some ink scissors ribbon

blue pens blood blood blah and oh oh I

see how this works out

yeah let's see on it with the show so I

decided I wanted to go for an invite

that was kind of like a glittery

background with a baby best on the front

and then with all the information and I

basically drew this best freehand and

then cut it out so yeah it's probably

not the best best in the world but hey

he's not good to where it feels all good

and you know

anyway I'll nuke this show so basically

I realized that I probably should have

bought card and I thought I'd bought

white card but it was actually white

paper so I've kind of folded it in half

just to make it a bit thicker which then

actually means that I need to stick it

together so your brick stick takes me

back to my Sunday school days and I'm

gonna use this bit of paper just as my

like gluey sticky sheet so that I don't

get it all over the table I actually cut

this template out before so I'm gonna

use this one this is like my main

template which I think was the best one

this one might have a few Nick's in it

bit oh good mm-hmm

I'm going to try and stick this together

so it's a little bit thicker so here

goes just get all that glue especially

on the edges so that it's not kind of

like coming up you can see but hey I

just think it's fun and anything that

I'm doing for the preparation of this

baby number five just thought I'd share

with you guys I hope you appreciate and

and also cuz I'm so excited it's a boy

and we've got had a boy baby in ages and

sometimes I don't know I feel like with

some of my pregnancies it comes and goes

and I don't really take time to enjoy it

much and just doing little things like

this is quite special really so why not

even if it does it's a bit shaky Oh for

you the guys that don't know what shakey

means apparently I have to try and open

by open dictionary bag it just means not

great I think

yeah look great I'm not very urban I

don't think I don't know it might happen

I try and has he usually looks at me

like what is my even saying so I'm just

trying to trim off some of the extra

little frayed bits that weren't too neat

just to try and make it a little bit


okie dokie I'm going to take my template

but I have now successfully stuck

together I'm hoping that I haven't not

put makeup all over it because that

wouldn't look great and I'm going to

stick it on to my blue this is hard that

I've already cut in half black fully

Peter here's one I made earlier Oh blue

Peters like a craft show but kids watch

over here in the UK I don't know if you

guys got anything in your country

wherever you're watching from that's a

bit like a craft show that you can try

and watch and make crafts and kind of

let us know you know in the comments box

below anyway I'm going to now put some

glue on the back of this baby vest again

trying to get all the edges and stick it

to my card


I think the key to making good crafts is

trying to keep it neat as nice as

possible as soon you start getting bits

of glue up in places where it shouldn't

be it isn't great to say gonna try and

kind of

yeah get this kind of in the middle like

so so we have a vest on a mod quite

self-explanatory really and I'm going to

outline my best with I have a piece of

blue chalk and I just thought it gives

it a bit more detail I don't know it

might make it look rubbish but here goes

and actually this needs a little bit

more sticky down here if it will stay

just about yes I am going to outline my

best with blue chalk just because I'm

not doing all the details that you would

get on of this so it needs a bit of

something rather than just being a plain

white vest I'm literally just gonna

outline all of the best

yeah there you go

that is the best outlined next I am

going to try and create what should look

like the three buttons kind of that you

get on the bottom of the baby vest it's

not really gonna be buttons but it's

just detailed

sounded a bit professional there and

it's just detail chatting rubbish vessel

is so I'm just going to take my scissors

and piss-poor holes in the bottom of the

vest and then you'll see how it works

out to be like three and then use the

ribbon so it'll look like three buttons

I'm going to try and not cut myself

while I'm doing it I'm sure there is a

proper tool for this but I don't have

that so I'm just using scissors try and

get them quite evenly spaced apart it

goes just trying to score a hole through

the paper that's one done

there you go four holes there okay I'm

gonna take a bit of ribbon and guys I

basically just made this up kind of what

I saw a picture of something that I

thought is quite cool I'm on Google and

I kind of adapted it myself so I'm going

to go up through the hole I just need to

fold this ribbon in half a little bit

we're going to thread it from the back

should go up through the front of the

best and then back down back down

through this hole and so that was why I

can say I've done one bit then I'm gonna

take this side and go back up into I'm

gonna do myself a bit more British later

to work with there we go I'm going to go

back up into my second hole from this

side it just means that the ribbon stays

in the card

and then down through the middle hole

you can see here again you can see that

it's a bit hard to kind of hold it and

let me just do it and then I'll show you

should kind of look a bit like the three

little fastenings that you get on there

it doesn't really but you get the gist

it kind of it's detail you know as I

said it's all about the detail guys the

detail is very important I'm just gonna

tie a little bow at the back of this

card because I probably will write some

extra information on the back so it'll

be cute just to have a little blue bow

down here

she trim off the extra end just like so

we now have this best I'm now going to

put a little bow at the top of the best

right so I'm going to take one of these

blue bows and I'm going to just kind of

soak it onto the paper with super glue

that way it stays

so that is how far we are so far that

top bar we are so but not a good idea to

pick up the paper before the super blue

stripes but hey never mind on with the

show next I'm going to take my stamp and

I'm going to stamp this says what does

it say for the new mummy so that's what

I'm gonna stamp on to the paper when

you're using stamps I think you want to

try and make sure that there is plenty

of the ink on the part of the stamp that

you are using so that hopefully and when

you press it onto the paper

it all comes out evenly now

that is the challenge because it might

not be even but we hope that's it will

be so we could have put ink all over

this damn and yes there's probably a

technique that I'm not using for doing

this but hey I think that should be

enough I'm gonna stamp this onto here

and see how it comes out

hopefully okay I've done quite a few

things that were real right so hoping

this zombie okay let's see how it came

out yay that's all right

across the middle there so that's where

the writing is going to go I'm really

annoyed that my glues run that's really

annoying but hey maybe I'll just give

this one too much

I'm also going to now write on the top

of it by hand baby shower I've decided

to use two different blues and we'll

just see how this turns out okay guys

I'm gonna have to cut this and redo this

one because we're my superglue has

destroyed this invite I can now not

right across it so I'm gonna get to this

point with another one and I'll be back

with a perfect one okay two seconds and

I'm back so this time I actually wrote

the letters before I stuck the bow on

and I think that works a bit better so

and let me just finish writing the words

for baby shower is handwritten okay guys

so I've basically now created dry my own

baby shower invites and that is it there

so obviously I've got to fill in all the

information I've got other standards

that I could do more decoration with but

I think you'll just make it look too

messy yeah I think simple enough and

personal enough let's just leave it as


so these are my baby shower invites I've

got some envelopes for them to go in

which they should fit in quite well and

I'm probably good and right a little bit

more information on the back of the card

so it's nice it's got a bit of a cute

bow down the bottom there um and that is

my attempt at making baby shower invites

of course this is for a boy you could if

you don't know the gender of your baby

you could obviously do it

hello there is neutral I saw some kind

of cute rose-gold ones or gray or yellow

whatever and obviously it's for a girl

I've done pink but we're having a boy so

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on me waking my baby shower invites

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on with doing my baby shower invites and

filling those in and if you decide to

make some cards why don't you just you

know do your own things or like I have

anyway guys have a lovely day taking

over fire