How to Start a Bible Study Journal! (Bible Note Taking)

Hey everyone

I'm Lisa and today I have a highly requested

video and that is all about my Bible journal a little while back my husband and I did a video on

Tips and essentials for Bible study if you guys want to check that out

I'll have it linked in the card above and in the description below but in that video one of my essentials was

Bible journaling, basically, I just have a little notebook

You can take any notebook you want and I have a little formula

I've come up with for how I take notes and what I've really found is that this helps me to actually

Remember what I read that day?

It helps me to

Pick out the points that really stick out to me that I feel like God is trying to speak to me

It also helps me to find the life application in what I'm studying

Which is really what?

We should all be trying to get at when we're studying the Word of God is how does this apply to my life and how?

Is this gonna change me to be more like Jesus?

I keep my little journal really simple and concise that way it's easy to do everyday if it's something that you would like to do

every day

Personally, I don't do this every single day but on the days that I do again

I am able to recall what I read and what I studied that day and

What I felt like God was trying to speak to me, which I think is just such an awesome tool

I know sometimes it's easy when we're reading the word to get a little bit

Distracted and off focus and then you can kind of come away reading it be like wait

What did I even just read like should I read it again?

What was the point of that so this can help with that before?

I show you how I do my Bible journal

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Okay, so onto my Bible journal again, I recommend a thin journal, but you can really use whatever

Journal you want I just like the smaller ones because they're easy bring to church with me as well

To carry along with my Bible. Another thing you could use is for example

I actually have a journaling Bible where I can take notes on the sides if you have one of these

You could do this same format of journaling on the side of your Bible. If you guys are curious about what Bible this is

I'll have it linked below my favorite Bible ever by the way

So all I do for my Bible journal is first, I write the date at the top just so I know

when I read that scripture and what this journal was from and then I put

Reading and I say what scripture I am reading what passage I'm reading for example on this one

this was April 2nd and

I read mark 1 so mark chapter 1 so I put that right there and then next I have a summary

so this is just like a one to

Two-sentence summary of that whole scripture that you read and really try to make it concise

It does not need to be detailed. It's literally just like okay if I can sum up this whole passage

I read if you're doing a paragraph it's a little bit easier but on a whole chapter, it can be a little bit tough

But if I had to sum up this whole chapter or however much you read

How could I do that in two to three sentences?

And that's what's really gonna help you. Remember the overall summary and purpose of what you were reading

So for example on this one I said John the Baptist is the fulfillment of prophecy and baptizes Jesus

Jesus is tempted in the wilderness and then begins his ministry of casting out demons preaching and healing

Kept it really short and concise even though a lot happens in Mark chapter one

Next I put a verse that stands out to me. This could just be like a verse that

That I really felt like God was pressing on my heart. It could be a verse that feels convicting

Just a verse that I would like to memorize and this particular verse. I actually highlighted I'll use my

One of my little Bible highlighters. I got this set from The Daily Grace company. I'm gonna fill it with them

So if you guys want to check them out, I have a link below

They have like a bunch of really cute Bible study tools and everything. So check that out

But when I highlight a verse it means that it's something that I actually want to try to memorize

So this particular one I did and it was mark

135 it says in

Rising very and rising very early in the morning while it was still dark

He departed and went out to a desolate place and there he prayed

that's talking about Jesus and that verse doesn't really stood out to me because

He Jesus rises up early in the morning before the sun's even up and he goes out in praise and has

just this time of

Communion with the father and that's just what my desire is and I want to try to get better at is

You know waking up early in the morning

Maybe for everybody it's not early in the morning when you do your study time

But just having a daily quiet time with the Lord

For me that is best in the morning. That's what I prefer to do

but just having that time to go be with the Lord and pray and being his word and it's really

It's not just about reading the word and being done for the day like that. It's a checkoff

It's about actually spending that time with God and and just being with him

Okay, and then the next section I do is the takeaway. So this is the part

Where you're gonna write kind of your life application part or just what you feel like God was really telling you to take

From that scripture. So on this particular one

I said Jesus woke up early to find a quiet place alone to pray and spend time with his father

How much more do we need to do this if our Savior and Lord did this and then I wrote like a little like 1

2 3 point on how I can

like act out this scripture

So I said number 1 early while while it was still early and dark a quiet place before the chaos

and the distractions of the day

Number 2 a desolate place alone and shut off again that kind of goes with the first one

But just a quiet place you're not being distracted

number three pray spend time with God

so those that's what I took away from that little

passage and the very last thing I do in my journal is a prayer and this is a very specific prayer about

What you read in applying?

Your takeaway to your life. So you're actually like asking God to help you apply that to your life

So for example this prayer said Lord, would you help me to live out these principles?

Give me the strength and wisdom to always prioritize these

Help me to make time for you to just talk with you and be with you. Amen

So it was just a really really short prayer again. That is how I do my Bible journal again

It's very short

concise easy

It just helps you to remember what you were reading your word help you to take something away and help you to pray that

what you're gonna take away so that you can actually

Do that in you know?

Your life can change a little bit each and every day for those of you that do better with like an actual visual

And like having this already written out for you. I did create a printable

So I'm going to have that linked below on Etsy. It only costs two dollars. I wanted to make it very


So all you do is you purchase it

You have the printable downloaded to your computer

and you can print it out whenever you want as much as you need and

You can put these little printouts in a binder to collect them all if you want or just have the one

As an outline for doing in your own journal

So again that will be linked below for any of you that are interested in that but I hope you all found this video


if you did

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Keeping a Bible journal and if you do what kinds of things do you like to journal about? Is it just kind of freehand everyday?

Or do you have a structure for what you do?

And if you're new to Bible journaling tell me what you think. If you're gonna try this out and how it works for you

I just want to be able to hear your guys's feedback and talk with you in the comments

But I love you O so much and I'll you in our next video

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