Writing Tips & Information : How to Write a Character Reference

Hi, I'm Laura from YoungWritersWorkshops.com. I'm going to talk about how to write a character

reference. If someone has asked you to write them, to be a character reference, I kind

of consider that an honor. And you want to do a good job of communicating what it is

that you respect and admire about this person. Begin by saying how long you've known the

person to give some context of how you're able to give this reference. Include some

specific examples of things that you respect or admire about this person. I'd include a

work related example if it's a job reference. Or if it's just specifically for the person's

character, one example of something that they've done that you appreciate or admire. Be sure

to proofread your reference carefully, it reflects on the person if you don't use proper

formatting or misspell words. So carefully review your work and sum it up by reviewing

or summarizing what you, it is that you respect and admire about the person. So there's some

things to remember about writing a character reference.