Official Character Reference Letter for Court - EXPLAINED

a character reference letter for court

is a letter given to a judge that

expresses a first-hand account of a

defendant's moral and mental qualities

these letters are most commonly written

in child custody or DUI occurrences but

may be used in any situation where the

court could benefit from hearing

additional information concerning the

personality and reputation of the

defendant who should write a character

reference letter for court when

selecting an individual who will write a

character reference it's essential to

choose respectable individuals that have

known the defendant for a long period of

time someone from the community such as

a teacher that has witnessed the growth

and character traits of the defendant

may be a preferred choice other authors

can include family members co-workers

supervisors religious leaders city

officials close friends or any other

individuals that can make a compelling

case as to the defendants ethics how to

structure a character at reference

letter for Court these letters should be

less than a page and should be formally

constructed in accordance with the

following introduction write two to

three sentences outlining who you are

and how long you've known the defendant

and why you feel the recommendation is

necessary body paragraphs here make your

argument for the defendant with specific

real-life examples state why you believe

the defendant has high moral character

and tell a story set examples that you

can attest to conclusion restate the

purpose of the letter and summarize your

argument end with the formal sign-off

and provide your contact information

should the judge wish to follow up with

additional questions