Character Reference Letters | Once Difficult, Now Easy!

if you're facing the sentencing hearing

then you should be asking the question

how can I positively influence my judge

to positively influence your judge you

must launch an effective character

reference letter campaign start

collecting letters from people who know

you best and who can write about your

contributions to society or to their

lives by writing specific details about

what they've seen from you rather than

soliciting character reference letters

from people that hold positions of

prominence or influence get letters from

people that know you best judges respond

well to such letters they're authentic

and authenticity makes all the

difference in the world if you'd like to

learn more here's what I have for you

our team has created a free three-part

video series on character reference

letters you should check out today

through these videos we offer insights

that include how my personal letters

took me from a projected sentence of

five years to only 18 months you will

get lessons we've learned from working

with more than a thousand clients who

retained us to help them get the best

possible outcome after allegations of

misconduct you will learn what judges

have told us about character reference

letters including what to do and what

not to do I will teach you how to

properly nurture relationships during

the pre sentencing phase and I will

share with you the biggest mistake I

made in attempting to to collect letters

that mistake destroyed a lifelong

friendship learned from my mistakes so

here's what to do next click the link

below to get started and you'll be on

your path to obtaining the best possible

character reference letters that I

believe will help you get the shortest

possible prison sentence again the class

is free the only investment today is

your time thanks for checking out this

video and I look forward to seeing you

in our training bye-bye