Make Your Own Rules Cookbook Gifts!!!

hey everyone its Tara Stiles of having

an amazing day so far i'm here at strada

yoga and New York City escaping for a

nice quiet morning of meditation and

yoga moving around ease before the day

starts I'm headed to the office next

door to do some things so I just wanted

to say hi and check in I have some very

exciting things coming up some exciting

announcements and things to share with

all of us have a new book coming out

November third and a half loads of gifts

and goodies and giveaways and fun things

we can do together it's called make your

own rules cookbook yay and its

celebrating over a hundred recipes from

close friends and family members from

all around the world so I've had the

great fortune to get to travel quite a

bit I have like many passwords with all

the pages filled up for the last several

years and it's been very moving to meet

so many people that have the same desire

and the same quest to feel good feel

connected to nourish themselves and then

from there once everything is really

good and connected this cycle of

practice a Psychlo of self-care comes

this outpouring of radiating light this

outpouring of stralla this outpouring of

love and kindness and really wanting to

help the people around and celebrate

with the people around us and our in our

general vicinity or friends and our

family and then on the broader person

today within social media we all keep in

touch through through instagram and

facebook and hashtag ghost Rolla

everywhere and and all of these things

just to connect us all and it's been

incredibly touching to to see the world

come together in this place and a lot of

people ask me you know what's yoga like

and Asia or what's it like in and Europe

or what's it like in you know different

parts of America and and how is it

different from where we are and I think

you know it's always been really

overwhelming and moving impressive to to

really have this truth will answer that

well it's the same you know we all have

the desire

to connect and feel and feel supported

and safe within ourselves and expansive

and then once we have that feeling once

we're in that process of getting the

green light you know per se or getting

this this real feeling of abundance and

self-care and just feeling really good

we have no other thing to do than share

and to help those around us to nourish

those around us to expand and radiate

and straw out which means to created

like those around us and within

ourselves so that that real connection

that real desire to connect and take

care and grow has just been so moving

and so real as I travel around the world

and of course there's differences but

then knowing the differences becomes a

celebration of culture of cuisine which

is in the book of diversity of different

different different family backgrounds

different ideas different interests and

these things become interesting and they

become exploratory they become really

exciting and conversation pieces instead

of you know things that divide and

separate and scare us so I think that's

that's really what the message of this

book is about it is a cookbook so it's

sharing over a hundred recipes from

friends and family around the world

celebrating many different cultures i've

asked my friends and family people i've

met around the world to take their

favorite family recipe or the recipe

they make for their family that they've

come up with over the years and share

share it with me so i can share it with

you all in a very healthy way so a lot

of these recipes are changed from family

recipes over the years to be more

sustainable a more healthy plant-based

and the real goal is to help us feel

good and connected take care of

ourselves we can take care of each other

so we are the world anyway this is fun

I'm excited to share with you and to be

here with you all so anyway there's lots

of things that I want to do with you all

to keep this

energy moving there's a link below it

takes you to all of the the cool things

that we're doing to celebrate these

ideas around the world so check out the

link there's contest I'm knitting a hat

a week until the book comes out so if

you simply share the book cover on

social media and a caption about can be

your favorite recipe it can be something

that inspires you just some positive

message of a caption doesn't have to be

about me it can be about anything please

make it about something that inspires

you and something that you want to share

so this whole this whole process is

really about connecting and expanding so

very excited to share with you and check

out the the page as well there's some

pre-order gifts coming up videos and

cooking videos and strong yoga videos

and all kinds of things like that

there's some events coming up as well

there's lots of things it'll be

organized all in one place thankfully

anyway I'm just very excited to be here

to share with you guys to check in I

love you so much thank you for sharing

with me and thank you for taking good

care of yourself it's our number one job

as people to take care of ourselves so

we can do what we're here to do follow

your dreams while your passions help

people around you take care of the

people around you so make your own nose

cookbook it's a cookbook celebrating

taking care of ourselves and taking care

of those around us and the recipes are

beautiful and amazing and super yummy

one last thing I wanted to share with

you guys some criteria that I think can

help convince any of your friends and

family those skeptical about eating

healthy for many different reasons so

some criteria of recipes that I make for

myself my family and then essentially

share with you guys are it has to taste

good which is the most important thing

if it doesn't taste good realistically

we're not going to continue to make it

and eat it you know we're not you know

going to do things that are that

horrible or taste you know that we don't

like so it has it taste good within that

it has to be nourishing and healthy as

well and

so cost-effective so the recipes in the

book will not break the bank they will

be super yummy they will feel indulgent

they are indulgent but this isn't a diet

book this is a book about self-care and

taking care of yourself because as you

guys know when you practice yoga

practice meditation practice the

goodness of taking care of yourself your

body is really healthy you are eating

the things that are good for you you are

saying the right things to yourself in

your mind you're picking good messages

to yourself you are practicing taking

good care of you so yeah this is

exciting so make your own or cookbook

check out the link thank you so much for

all the support thank you for taking

care of yourself thank you for taking

care of those around you the world I

will see you very soon another video

check in may be an office tour it's a

mess it's always a mess because I'm you

know I need to read that book of the art

of tightening up and but I'm creative as

we all are an item to just have stuff

everywhere so I will clean it up and

then give you a tour but it's beautiful

and check out the link below and I will

see you guys very soon I love you and

have an amazing day