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before we dive in and start customizing

our site for food blogging let me give

you some quick tips on how to use

WordPress to publish great food blogging

content if you remember from earlier in

the course I showed you a series of

popular food blogs and they all have

these commonalities including really

great pictures of food and also image

galleries and so on for this course I

want to do two things I want to create a

great theme that I can use to display

these pictures and also the content and

I also want to be able to add recipes

into my site for now I've just added a

series of posts that have pictures text

and more pictures for each items for

going to one of these items you'll see

what I'm talking about if I go into this

review of a restaurant and Vancouver

you'll see there's a large image on top

there's then the title and some text and

I have an image gallery underneath so

let's look at the inside of this pose to

see how it's set up in the post I have a

title I have the text and I've also

inserted a wordpress image gallery it's

right here if you don't know how to

insert a wordpress image gallery you

simply go to add media you upload some

images and then you click on create

gallery this will take you to the

gallery function and from here you can

select whatever images you want to be in

your gallery

you see they build down here you click

create new gallery and then you can

organize your images caption them and

when you click insert gallery you get

this gallery box that's really all you

need to get an image gallery going once

you do that your theme will integrate

with the gallery and display the images

in different ways as you'll see later in

the course I also wanted to add a large

image at the top of my post and to do

that I used the featured image function

that way that image is associated with

the post in a different way so it can be

displayed in indexes as well as on the

post itself and it's usually displayed

above the title

instead of

in some cases you may want to put the

featured image into the post itself too

but that depends on your theme so you

need to check with your theme first and

how it uses your featured images and

then you can pick whether or not you

want to do this the final thing I did

was I organized my content so in this

case I've just created two categories

that have restaurant reviews and recipes

so far I don't have any recipes but I

know they're coming so I've created a

category for them if you want to you can

also create further categories and you

can also use tags in food blogs is very

popular to use tags that specify what

type of food you are looking at or what

type of restaurant or whatever it is

you're writing about and tags can be a

great way of organizing content so think

about your categories and tags and

structure it in a rational way so it's

easy for people to find what they're

looking for now that we have some

content it's time to get started a

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