Bible Study on Friendship | Bible Study Journal

Bible Study on Friendship | Bible Study Journal

the Bible is filled with so many scriptures that talk about friendship

and I wanted sista time to make this video today because I saw a post on

social media and I see it a lot and it's just so frustrating to me there's a new

kind of idea and people are now starting to realize that we all need to take care

of ourselves and self-care is so important I am all for it I need to even

spend more time taking care of myself it's so easy to get caught up and work

and school and taking care kids or husband or house whatever it is you have

to do we often neglect ourselves self-care is very vital so I'm not

opposing it but I think people have certain ideas and label it as self-care

when it's really selfish care for example I saw a meme on Instagram and

it's a cancelling plans is okay staying home to cook is okay disappearing for a

bit to get your life together is okay resurfacing in a foreign country with a

new name ten years later is okay it's called self-care or even I've seen memes

about cutting people out of your life and ghosting people and while I know

it's funny like I'm not I'm not taking it too seriously I understand they're

just memes and it's just for a laugh but I feel like a lot of people do that

these days or they'll get upset with someone and subliminally post something

on social media so that that person can read it and it's just why what are we

doing that but if you have a friend and a good friend and they're doing

something to you that you don't like don't just disappear on them and start

talking and stop talking to them because that's just not nice what if they have

no idea that they're doing this thing to hurt you because I've been in that

position somebody has just stopped talking to me and I have no idea what I

did and we still to this day don't talk and I still don't know what I did if I

even did anything so people often will just stop talking to somebody or cut

them out of their life and call it self care when it's really not self care

that's just not having enough respect for someone or hearing enough about them

to talk to them your problems now on the other hand if

you have a friend who keeps doing the same thing over and over it's clear that

you know whatever it is that you guys have discussed I don't know maybe

they're just having a hard time changing or maybe they just don't care it you

know you never know and in that in those cases use your best judgment and you

know do what's best for you in that situation you've tried over and over and

over to kind of bring the relationship to a point where you guys can both have

healthy interaction but maybe that's just not possible or whatever they keep

doing to upset you you know maybe it's difficult to have a relationship with

them because they keep doing that thing over and over and in those cases

evaluate accordingly and if you feel like you can no longer carry on that

relationship after you know trying to talk things out and work things out then

you do what you feel it's best now it's never okay to talk about somebody behind

their back because they heard you to be rude or mean to them the Bible does not

support that at all or even to just treat them in a way that is clearly

contradicting with the Word of God and you know maybe sometimes some things

that people do that offend you maybe that's you you know maybe you're the one

that's being too easily offended so that's something to evaluate as well the

way that Jesus treated his friends it was so loving and incredible so he was

God he's God and he washed their feet he was that humble enough where he would

serve them and so the Bible talks a lot about serving others so are we putting

our friends needs before our needs in the relationship

I know oftentimes people say that they're lonely or they don't have any

friends but what are you doing with the friendships that you do have are you

investing time into those people are you you know seeing them hanging out with

them are you doing something for someone else or are you just sitting back and

expecting them to do things for you all the time and it doesn't always have to

be something monetary you don't have to buy them gifts or anything I know for me

personally I way value quality of the French

over stuff you know stuff is not I don't care for stuff but for me personally and

I think a lot of people can relate to this too it doesn't matter what somebody

gives you if they're not there for you you know what I mean so when I say

investing into my friends and serving them I don't necessarily mean stuff but

are you there for them are you doing anything for them are you spending time

with them because if you are isolating yourself like a lot of means that I see

on the internet cancelling plans or ditching everybody or you know cutting

people out of your life and calling it self care when that's not self-care when

you're doing that to the people who genuinely love you and friendships that

you can invest time and really grow and I'm talking about the friendships that

are beneficial to your relationship with God so if you're hanging out with people

that are causing you to sin you don't need to be super close to those people

like that you don't have to stop talking to them altogether but the Bible also

talks about associating yourself with people who are christ-like and all that

means is spending a lot of time with people who also want to get to know God

if you spend a lot of time with someone who likes to drink and party all the

time then naturally you're going to end up drinking and partying all the time if

you spend a lot of time with someone who wants to get closer to God then you will

also who spend a lot of time getting closer to God so really mind the company

that you keep no I'm not saying that you can't talk to people who are not

Christians you can't be friends with people who are not Christians that's not

what I'm saying at all but it's beneficial to have at least one close

friend that who also loves Jesus and wants to get close to him because then

you guys can grow together so in the Bible

Peter denies Jesus three times and Jesus knew this he already knew this Gee's

knows everything but he knew that Peter was going to deny him and Peter even

said when he said it to Peter Peter said I will never do this you know I will

never deny you and Peter did end up denying Jesus three times and just

because Peter denied Jesus it doesn't mean that Jesus

rejected him at all Jesus continued to love him and they had such a great

friendship that is demonstrated throughout the Bible so if you have a

friend that has done something to you and it maybe has hurt you talk to them

about it try to figure it out and try to reconvene especially if this person is

also a Christian you guys can grow together spiritually

I think today's society promotes singling yourself out and kind of

separating yourself from people and I'm not one to talk because I can definitely

easily fall into a routine I was just thinking to myself and closing myself

off to everyone but let's not forget that God has called us to serve others

and how are we to serve other people when we rice elating ourselves and

labeling it as self-care so let's just stop making excuses for our behavior

call it what it is so just going back to that original mean that I was talking

about doing things alone is necessary and it's definitely okay and I love

spending time with myself doing my nails watching TV whatever that is but with

everything in life comes balance you also need time to spend with your

friends and with your family spend time with your children isolating yourself

too much isn't that self-care it's just not and that's I feel like a lie that is

so prominent in today's society have some balance and I think it talked about

it in my video on bearing fruit but basically what you put into a friendship

is what you'll get out if you are not putting much into a friendship and you

won't really get much out of it so let's try to out give people so I hope this

video made sense I just really felt inspired to talk about this because I've

been seeing a lot of things on social media talking about self-care which I'm

all for but it's talking about self-care in a very toxic aspect so if you watch

this video I definitely want to encourage you to watch

video that I did on boundaries on planting and sowing and how to bear more

fruit and forgiveness because I think those also tie into this because you

know there are toxic relationships that you do need to separate yourself them

and there are people that you do need to put boundaries on in your life so I

think those videos would be really good to watch as well so thank you so much

for watching I hope everyone is having a great day wherever you are and I will

see you next time bye