Tutorial: Happy Halloween Vampire Coffin Handmade Card JessicaLynnOriginal Party Invitations


hey everybody its Jess Glynne happy

Halloween I wanted to go ahead and

create a new type of project that you

guys could go in and make for fun party

invitations birthday cards just for fun

for Halloween so I designed this little

coffin card set you can actually go to

our website which is Jessica Lynne

original comm and download it right away

so you don't even have to wait like if

you watch this video and you say I want

to make a card right now just gotten

downloaded and go ahead and get started

now what's really fun about this card is

you get to pick the all the fun papers

now I decided that I was gonna go ahead

and just print it off on my printer and

the way that I built this was to be kind

of like a sewing pattern so if you've

ever done sewing before very similar so

it's gonna say right on there cut one of

these on the fold cut one of these the

same color as whatever you're gonna put

on the front my option here I did

include a bat for you so if you want to

use a bat by all means go ahead and use

the bat template so the first thing

we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead

and cut out our pattern just like when

you're sewing we're gonna get everything

all prepped for my card stock I just

decided to go ahead and use some black

cardstock and then I had found this

really fun red double-sided mulberry

it's from the paper company you can see

all the grains and textures in it it's

really beautiful

so go ahead and cut out your pattern and

then we'll go ahead and actually cut out

the pattern themselves in the real paper

so just like sewing out of the real

fabric and don't forget if you do make

this tag it with the hashtag Jael oh

Halloween so we can see everybody's cute

little coffins so let's go ahead and I'm

gonna cut the bat out now I did get a

lot of people saying to me just you

always use about your brother scanning

huh and I love my brother scanning cut

so I decided this time I was gonna do it


and I was gonna just fussy cut it all

the way out to show you that you can

fussy cut it out it's not hard it is a

very small bat

but it is manageable so you can see I'm

just taking it little pieces






so just like sewing I'm gonna take my

pattern and I'm gonna put it on let's

pretend this is fabric right we're gonna

go ahead and find that perfect spot so

that we're not wasting paper and now the

first thought you might have is why

she'd cut it right on the right side

just like fabric if you're gonna go

ahead and use draw marks go ahead and

cut it out or trace it on the backside

because then when you cut it out you

don't have to worry about any pen marks

on the right side of the paper so we're

gonna go ahead and just trace that on

out there you go then I'm going to grab

my scissors and just cut it up



the next step is to go ahead and cut out

whatever design you want for the front

now I opted for this a little bad and I

did include him if he decide you want to

put him on the front of your cards but

you could also put a little cross you

could put a little r.i.p

you could put whatever you wanted on the

front of your clock oh my gosh I just

had an idea what be really fun is to

actually plunge a circle out and then

put like a little vampire staring back

out at you be kind of fun and creepy but

for my sample today I'm gonna go ahead

and then do a bat and then all I did

again just like before so I went on the

back side of the paper because I don't

want those pen marks on the front and

then I'm gonna just take my scissors and

I'm gonna fussy cut them out







now that we have the bat and the inside

lining of the coffin ready to go what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my black

cardstock and I'm gonna fold it not

entirely in half because I don't want to

waste all the paper I'm gonna go ahead

and fold it probably like in 1/3 and

then what I'm gonna do is you can see if

you take your pattern so again think

about it like sewing you're gonna take

that edge where it's going to say cut

one on the fold and I'm gonna put that

on the fold so let me just show you how

me just flip this over so you can see if

I gotta flip it over one more time here

and what you can see let me just put

this here so you can see so there's the

fold right I'm just gonna line my

pattern right up along the edge of it

just like that and then we take my pen

and again I'm just gonna draw on it oops

and I did a little crooked there so I

will definitely fix that before I cut it

out the biggest thing I would encourage

you to do is if you are gonna do

multiple of these I would probably

instead of printing it on just like a

sheet of paper I printed on a piece of

cardstock so you have a heavier piece of

heavier pattern let's go that way

because it'll help you I was using a

very thin sheet of paper so every one so

I wanted try to trace it it get a little

crooked so then we're gonna just go

ahead and cut this out and let me just

show you what it does here all right now

when I go ahead and open this up you're

gonna see it's a beautiful perfect

little coffin and there is the fold or

the middle part of the card let me open

it up crease it a little bit better here

for you and I'll show you what it does

here take just a second there we go

alright so there it is so there is the

cute little coffin so again now the fun

part is you get to embellish it I am

showing you truly just the basic version

of this card so it's the coffin with the

lining and a cute little bat on the

front but if you wanted to you could

punch a hole in it and put a little

vampire looking back out or you could

put whatever you want it inside or you

could line it with purple or you could

put your Nightmare Before Christmas fan

and you're gonna make yourself some

personal valent Hatter for Valentine's

Halloween cards

because I love Halloween not Valentine's

Day right you can do that now what I'm

doing is I put some glue on the paper

the red lining and the card is already

set up to have a very small border all

the way around so you can see it looks

like it's got kind of like a red velvet

inside especially because I picked a

textured paper I thought that was kind

of fun then what we're gonna do is I'm

gonna take my little bat and I would

suggest if you're gonna you not use a

glue stick or something take a sheet of

paper flip them over and I want to glue

the backside and I did this just in case

I get some glue I didn't want to get it

on my little table every surface then

what I'm gonna do is line them up and

we're gonna go ahead and put him on the

front of the coffin and I did use the

same paper that I used on the inside so

you could use different you could use

glitter paper that would be a lot of fun

for like an in partying but it is to be

great for Halloween party invitations so

you can see there it is looks like this

cute little coffin and you're all set so

now the fun part is you get to add all

of your information on the inside you

know is it a party or what why is this

card being sent out or if you just want

to write a little handwritten note on

there on the back of the card I always

sign them I do have a white uniball pen

that I used so that you could actually

see me signing the back you could sign

it in black it'd be kind of fun you can

see black on black you would be able to

see that the best part about this this

is truly just a template so from here

you get to decorate it any way that you

feel creative to do so again I would

love to see what you make so if you do

download our template and make one of

these please use the hashtag j-l which

is jessica land original halloween and i

would love to see it and i will feature

yours on our instagram if you do well

there you go thank you so much for

watching our video taking a look at our

youtube channel if you're brand new here

welcome if you've been here before thank

you so much for coming back don't forget

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and if you go ahead and download be sure

to put the link down below because I'd

love to see what you create thank you

again and have a happy Halloween