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hello everyone we are back again with

another video which would act as a

helping tool for your exams and the

topic that we are addressing today is

handwriting it is a way or style of

writing which is unique to individuals

try follow gist and alive the person's

handwriting and give their personality

traits many offers have a very neat and

beautiful writing whereas many others

struggle to create a good handwriting

handwriting has a very important role to

play during exams especially when it

comes to a paper presentation even after

writing the entire answer correctly many

of us lose marks in exams just because

of a poor or illegible handwriting well

we don't fetch extra marks for good

handwriting in exams but it definitely

reflects confidence and makes it easier

for the examiner to check your paper so

friends without wasting any time let's

quickly see some tips that will help you

improve and create a better handwriting

firstly we're actually matters is your

sitting posture especially your

shoulders it should be very relaxed

don't droop down or be very stiff sit

comfortably and if you're a right-handed

person please the right corner of the

book or the page high off taste the page

towards your left and if you are a

left-handed person place the left corner

high or tilt the page towards the right

next important thing is your grip or the

way you hold your pen different

individuals have a different style so

prefer the one which you are comfortable

with and use a soft grip don't hold your

pen too tightly as it can lead to hand

fatigue and

next is the spacing of letters while

you're writing keep the spacing between

the letters and the words consistent now

suppose you have a tendency to stick

your letters too much so you may try to

space it out a bit and if you write

letters very fir try to reduce it in

short just be consistent also while

writing do not apply excess pressure

that creates an impression on the next

page use a soft grip and normal pressure

further people use different slants for

writing like some prefer left-right or

just writing it straight again you keep

it consistent


when we write something in a hurry we

tend to tangle letters that is when your

ascenders and descenders are written

properly to try avoiding that also while

writing stop joining letters write each

letter very clearly again to implement

all these you will have to practice

writing daily initially while practicing

try writing slowly and implement the

required changes and then when you get a

hang of it you can increase the speed

another important thing which can

indirectly influence your writing is a

tool used for writing that is your pen

or a pencil there are different pens

available in the market with different

nibs or tips like ballpoint pens gel

pens ink pens pilot pens etc and use the

one which you're most comfortable with

and the one which gives a smooth flow to

your writing and make sure that the ink

doesn't smudge for exams we normally

tend to buy new set of pens and write

with it just on the day of the exam and

we don't get a smooth flow so you may

buy some extra pens and practice writing

with it till it gives a smooth flow and

a good speed well that's it for friends

we hope that these tips will help you in

improving your writing and present your

paper very neatly if you like the video

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