5 Best Holiday Gifts For Your Boss or Client - Christmas Gift Ideas for Boss

here are the five best holiday gifts for

your boss or client to help you in your

career and we're starting right now

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so if you're watching this you're

probably wondering what's the best to

gift you can get your boss for these

holidays or maybe it's his birthday or

maybe it's your client and it's your

clients birthday

whatever the case here are five of the

best gifts you can get your boss or

clients so that it can help you in your

career so it can help you look good

here's the deal

number one you want your boss or client

to think of you in a positive light

whenever they see or use your gift

number two you want them to remember you

in a positive light that will help you

in your career and relationship now make

sure you stick to the end of the video

because I'm also gonna show you a gift

you can get them for five to ten dollars

and it's a life changer it will help

your career it will help your

relationship no one else is talking

about this no other videos is talking

about this so make sure you stick around

so you don't miss that gift number one

and one block pen now I mentioned this

gift in the previous video last year

that talks about getting a mumbler pen

for your boss it also talks about giving

a whole bunch of things mumbling like

the whole video is mom long I really

like Montblanc that said a mob law pen

is a great gift it's executive it writes

well and shows you have good taste as do

I now you can get one like this for

around five hundred dollars but you can

actually get them for around two hundred

dollars I'll leave a link down in the

description below as I will leave a link

for everything I mentioned in this video

gift number two Ray Ban sunglasses you

can't go wrong with Ray Ban they're the

Rolex of the sunglasses industry they

have history they have quality and they

have style celebrities wear them actors

wear them executives wear them and let's

be real then

not that expensive you can actually pick

them up from a hundred to one hundred

and fifty dollars although prices do go

up and no one will ever complain about

the second pair of sunglasses in the car

or in the office in case of a sunny day

even if they already have a pair

especially if they're Ray Ban no one

will complain gift number three wireless

headphones for their phone this is gonna

be the last expensive gift on this list

with a pair of air parts for the iPhone

or the equivalent for an Android phone

is an amazing gift and you pretty much

know if they have them or not right

because if they have them they'll be

wearing them if not you'll see the ones

with a wire this gift is something

everybody thinks about buying but

sometimes do not and it's a great gift

it's going to be very appreciated they

think I'm gonna get some Airport gift

number for a book listen I don't care if

your boss reads or not even though if he

is a CEO he probably does first of all a

book is cheap you can get one for what

ten fifteen dollars maybe twenty second

of all even if your boss does not read

it will go on a bookshelf it will be a

talking piece and it will show that you

read that you study that you have a

learning mentality now just to clarify

when I say get them a bird I mean a

self-development book as success mindset

work at business book not a book like

the Fifty Shades of Grey now if you are

wondering what book to get them you can

get them one of my books or one of the

books I recommend I'll leave links in

the description down below to my books

and also books I recommend gift number

five this is a gift everybody will love

everybody can use and no matter how much

money they have everybody will

appreciate it you're gonna love this and

make sure you keep watching so the end

of this video for that five dollar gift

I mentioned in the beginning of this

video that will help you with your


you don't want to miss that gift number

five a Starbucks gift card

listen everybody loves coffee and a

Starbucks gift card which I'm not

holding can be used and reloaded every

time so if you write something on that

card it will be used at least for the

amount of coffees it has in it and

probably kept so people will remember

you and people will appreciate you now

let's talk about that five dollar gift

that will help you in your career are

you ready

here's what you do you go to Starbucks

and you buy two coffees one for them and

one for you walk into their office no

matter how busy they are or strict they

are just walk in sit down

give them their coffee and tell them how

much you appreciate them and wish them a

happy holiday this will surprise them

but they will also appreciate it and it

will show you have confidence and I

guarantee you it will change your

relationship with them for the better

from now on not only that every time

they have coffee from the place you've

got them the coffee from they will

probably remember you they will probably

talk about this with other people and

will tell them how much they appreciate

you and then you'll just be in their

head so let me know which of the five

gift ideas you like the best or what

gifts are you recommend down below in

the comment section I'd love to read

them now as I mentioned if you want to

get something mom law for your boss or

client and watch this video right here

and if you've already decided what to

get your boss or client then go ahead

and watch this video right here

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YouTube thank you and Happy Holidays