All About Me Book For Preschool and Kindergarten

hi I'm shuttle about with child care

Lana comm and today I want to share with

you an all about me book this is really

a great addition to an all about me

theme or the beginning of the school

year children can make these you can

make them into classroom books or

individual books and have them laminated

and bound and then put in your book here

for children to look at about other

children you can send these home these

are definitely keepsakes for parents so

there are in there a lot of fun to do

all these parents can be found on my

website at childcare landcom underneath

the video section and the cover page

well you'll print the patterns hour on

paper and then on each page there's a

dashed line and you would cut that out

and glue it on to it a sheet of

construction paper colored cardstock

paper and then you would binding them

together when that's done the cover

sheet comes to the pattern of just an

outline of a person and what we did here

or this child did was paint her on some

hair and cut some construction paper out

for clothes and then decorated the

construction paper and that's the cover

page then the second page is my name is

or you can have these in any order but

this particular page is my name is and

the child would write names and here

they wrote their names and then outlined

it with glitter glue handprints these

are my hand prints pretty

self-explanatory child dips their hand

in paint and then presses it on to the

paper picture the child came would draw

a picture of himself or herself or

parents can send in pictures or you

could take a picture print it out and

the child would glue that on this is my


I know these letters these come in

uppercase as well as lowercase and the

patterns the children would glue the

letters that they know into or this

section here my favorite animals are you

can look on do a search for Google on

Google you can look at magazines and

she's gonna cut out their favorite and

I'm also glue them into this section

this is my family children can draw a

picture of their family my favorite

color and they don't have to write the

word blue or whatever

favorite color would be they could just

you know do different dots of the color

or paint the page color it favorite

foods again you click in magazines or do

a google google search for different

kinds of foods and I know these numbers

and the calendar sent along the lines of

I know these letters the children if

they can identify these numbers who put

those in to this section at the

beginning of school year and then maybe

could later on you could do another

sheet of these to see how they

progressed in identifying letters

numbers and so that would be the book I

did not include a sheet for phone

numbers or for addresses for privacy

reasons I didn't if the book should

become lost and somebody finds that then

you have the identification of that

child and then with the address and a

phone number and I just didn't want to

do that there's different activities

children can do for addresses and phone

numbers especially if they had these

upper classroom books or where people

can walk in and look at them I just

thought it was much safer and easier to

protect the children's identity if phone

numbers and End addresses were not

included in there so again it's just a

wonderful activity to do the children

really enjoy it parents really enjoy it

and it's a great addition to your

classroom library if you want to make

two copies or in this I went home with

the children for an all about me book

I'm Shelly LaVette with child care Lana

comm and thanks for watching