Kindergarten Memory Book: Part 1

hi everybody

welcome to writing so what we're gonna

do for writing for the next several days

we are going to make something special

that we always make at the end of the

year this is called your kindergarten

memory book it should look like this

everybody should have this in their

packet it goes from this page all the

way down to this page right here is this

one right before the phonics sorts so

all these pages right here are gonna go

together in a book okay and it's gonna

help you remember what kindergarten was

like so my kindergarten memory book it

has our school logo on the front

this old point elementary school and it

has the year of our school year has a

place to put your name everybody let's

write our name on our book let's write

our name on our book I'm gonna write

mrs. Thompson you're not gonna write

mrs. Thompson you're write your name I'm

gonna write a room if I'm

careful mrs. Thompson okay my name is on

my book you should have your name on

your book now you can decorate your

front cover you can draw pictures on it

you can draw you you can draw the school

whatever you want to draw on here you

can decorate the front cover okay that's

something you can do today but let's

look at page two or it really it's the

first page but I am going to go down

here and we're gonna look at this page

are you should be on this page right

here it says my kindergarten teachers my

kindergarten teachers now who do you

think we're gonna draw on this page who

are your teachers yes me so you're gonna

draw miss Thompson miss Dawson and who


miss hazal did yes you want to put all

three of us on there but you could draw

all three of us if you don't know what

we look like

you can ask your parents to help you if

you can't remember hopefully you can

remember what we look like remember miss

Thompson and draw miss Dawson and miss

hazal event I'm gonna show you how to

write all of our names down here okay

I'm gonna show you how to write

everybody all of our names so that you

can have everybody's name so let's write

my name first we're gonna write miss

Thompson and now you only have two lines

so you might want to kind of do miss

Thompson up here so mrs. is mrs and then

a period and then how what is Thompson

start with yeah T miss Thompson all

right and

mrs. what Dawson that's right mrs.

Dawson right here miss Dawson good job

and then who else Miss Hazelden so we're

gonna write miss hazel then I'm gonna

use that you know what I might just use

read I'm gonna write miss Hazelden down

here so Miss Hazelden hers is different

it's MS and then a period and then hazel

Dennis age starts with an H a s e l d e

n so now you know how to write miss

Thompson mrs. Dawson and miss Hazelton

and now you have all your teachers names

but now you have to draw our pictures

okay and I'm going to let you do that

part by yourself so this is your writing

for today make sure you put all of our

names and make sure you put a picture of

all three of us okay so you should have

your title page done and you should have


you should have this done right here

okay and have all of our pictures that's

what you're working on today in writing

and then tomorrow we'll do some new

pages in our memory book all right you

guys did awesome I can't wait to see

these bye