hi sweet mom's welcome back to my

channel home and arrows and welcome back

to my kitchen table where every week

usually on Thursdays I love to upload a

video that encourages you to cheerfully

embrace the very short season of time

that you have your arrows at home with

you this last school year I wrapped up

seven years of teaching kindergarten and

that totally made me so sad because I

actually loved teaching kindergarten now

you might be wondering but wait a minute

I thought you only had five kids surely

I do but if you've watched my channel

you might also know that I have a degree

in elementary education and when I

finished college I came home and I

actually taught kindergarten for two

years before getting married and having

kids and staying home and all of that so

that gives me a full seven years of

having taught kindergarten and while

it's all still super fresh in my mind I

wanted to dedicate an entire video to

just kindergarten I've also heard from a

whole bunch of you that you would love a

little bit of direction for this first

year that can be kind of daunting or

intimidating especially if you're a

first time home schooling mom so if you

are just beginning your homeschool

journey or you have a little one

entering kindergarten or maybe you've

already just started kindergarten this

year this video is for you


I thought that I would break this video

down into eight thoughts that I have

about homeschooling in kindergarten and

I seriously plan to roll through these

so get ready and buckle up here we go

number one find out your state's laws

pertaining to homeschooling every state

is different and every state drafts

their own laws for homeschooling if

you're unsure about where to even begin

I promise that even if you just sit down

into a quick google search you will be

able to find some information regarding

your state's homeschool laws or reach

out to another homeschooling family or

friend do a search on Facebook for

homeschool groups in your area yeah most

states even offer annual homeschool

conventions I know here in Virginia

where I'm from there is an annual

homeschool convention and it was

actually one of the things that I went

to before I even started homeschooling

that totally persuaded me and kind of

sealed the deal for our family that we

were going to be home schoolers number

two consider the age that you want to

begin with my kids I typically went by

what our local school system does and

requires which is that the child has to

be five years old by or on September

30th but mom's you know your kids there

are some kids that are able to start

earlier than five years old but also

know that there is a lot of research out

there that suggests there are actually

many benefits to delay in kindergarten

number three and this just might be the

longest point I have think about what

you want your child to learn this year

in kindergarten and then after you've

decided that move forward with selecting

your curriculum for me personally I have

always only focused on three subjects

for my kindergartners those three

subjects are reading math and

handwriting I'll go ahead and share just

a couple of the things that we have

chosen to use in our family mind you

there are many many many great

homeschooling curriculum resources out

there but I will share with you the

things that we've used because I know

I'll probably get asked anyways so for

reading with my older two daughters I

used an incredible resource that other

homeschooling moms kept talking to me

about and maybe you've even heard about

it the cover of the book is super old

school looking but it ended up really

working well

for my two older daughters and that is

the book teacher child to read in 100

easy lessons and if I'm honest I didn't

even start my girls with that book like

on a September of their kindergarten


my second daughter daily I could just

tell that she was ready to start

learning how to read and that's probably

because she had an older sister who

really is only 11 months older than her

butwhat's River started learning and

wanting to learn how to read her little

sister was trailing right behind her

wanting to know as well so what I would

do is I would sit down with both of them

at the same time on the couch with this

book and we would just go through

lessons together sporadically as we had

time and before I knew it both of my

girls were reading daily who is my

second started reading at three years

old using that book and River who was

for almost five at the time also started

reading using that book I know that

teaching a child to read can seem

intimidating and I just want to say if

that is you if you are intimidated by

teaching reading to your child know that

there are so many curriculum options out

there that take all of the guesswork out

of it for you for example right now

we're using the good and the beautiful

and Mama

it will literally tell you say this to

your child then with my next two with

Daniel and Joanna I think I was just

curious about what else was out there

and we moved into a Creek ulam called

all about reading and then for my last

one Benjamin the good and the beautiful

just started coming out and I used the

good in the beautiful language arts

curriculum with him last year if you

were to ask me what my favorite out of

those three would be I honestly think

that the old school yellow book teach

your child to read in 100 easy lessons

was probably the easiest but I think the

good and the beautiful has been my

favorite because it was definitely a

much more well-rounded curriculum that

included other things not just reading

for handwriting we've used only two

different curriculums the first that we

used was I'm pretty positive it's called

a reason for handwriting and then they

have like all the different grade levels

and then again the good and the

beautiful came out with their own

handwriting curriculum which we tried

last year

first time and fell in love with it and

I'll tell you why for their handwriting

curriculum they have like their lesson

for the day where they learn to write

you know whatever certain letters and

numbers and then they move into short

sentences as they're moving into short

sentences it's really sweet to see that

sometimes these passages of Scripture

and I love that wish a reason for

handwriting also used Scripture which

was something I really loved about them

too but for the good and the beautiful

for me what set them apart was that at

the end of every lesson there would be

some kind of like little art activity

that the kids could do there'd be like a

picture to color or there would be um

like a connect-the-dot theme or maybe

like a little maze the third thing that

I always wanted my kids to learn in

their kindergarten year was math and

unfortunately I don't have a lot of

curriculum options to share with you we

have always gone with horizons math

again tons of great curriculums out

there look and see what works and fits

best for your family but for me as long

as my children at the end of the

kindergarten year were able to read

we're able to write well meaning that

they could write all of their letters

all of their numbers capital lowercase

and if they had finished their little

math book well four horizons it's

actually two books in a year as long as

they finished those things in a year I

have always felt like that meant we had

a really great home school kindergarten

year and just a little side note case

you're wondering about science and

history my last three kids have learned

their science in their history through

cc classical conversations the coop that

we are a part of number four and I want

to share this one with you because I

just talked about reading and I feel

like it makes a great segue into my next

thought which is that a reading

curriculum is great but I have

personally found that nothing beats

taking time aside to read to your child

and to have them read to you and I'm

gonna be honest some kids are able to

pick up learning how to read by just

doing this alone and in case you're

wondering this is one of the reasons why

I have never bothered to make sure my

kids memorize all of the phonics rules

that some curriculums encourage them to

memorize guys if you've ever looked at a

reading curriculum you will find that

there are so many phonetic rules in the

English language if it's in the

curriculum I honestly just breezed right

through it I mostly focus on me reading

side by side with my child and having

them practice reading to me and part of

the blessing of homeschooling is that we

have the ability to snuggle up with our

kids on the couch and do as much as this

in our day as we want to do I recently

read the book Christi which is about a

young woman who went to the Smoky

Mountains in like the early 1900s to

teach poverty-stricken families and

their children in a little one-room

schoolhouse there and she tells the

story about this one little girl named I

think it was Mountie Oteil who was

absolutely starving for affection and

attention from her family well Christi

did not know what to do with this child

this child could barely even talk much

less read and what she ended up doing

was bringing this little girl onto her

lap every day and doing some basic

phonic reading lessons with her and she

found that the more one-on-one touch and

personal interactions she had with this

little girl she found that this little

girl's learning would speed up

dramatically and as I was reading it I

was reminded about the value that

learning and touch have and that when

you put those two things hand-in-hand

you are not only making great memories

with your child that personal connection

that personal touch along with learning

can really benefit and help our kids to

learn better and I think maybe even

faster and number five while we are

still on reading because let's face it

that is just a really big part of

kindergarten my next thought is to make

sure you keep lots of easy readers

around your house we've kept Bob books

we've had some us born early reader

books dr. Seuss we love pathway book

curriculums like the good and the

beautiful and all about reading come

with their own readers and their own

books you can go to the library and

check out early reader books just keep a

lot of books handy and accessible to

your child that way whenever they're

inspired to read they have so many good

options available to them of books that

are at their level number six try your

best to create and maintain a routine or

a schedule for your kindergarten

kids thrive with a routine when they

just know what's gonna happen next in

their day there is a comfort that comes

with that for them I mean make a routine

out of things like mealtimes and getting

ready in the morning and brushing your

teeth and getting dressed

scheduling quiet time scheduling when

you're gonna do school time together at

the table I found that in home school in

kindergarten I can get kindergarten work

done in like an hour and a half or two

every day I know that when my older ones

were younger I would even schedule in

thirty minutes of them being able to sit

in front of the TV and watch something

educational I mean they share something

with you that our family has loved and

that is liberties kids it's a cartoon

that's based on American history and

I'll try to leave a link in the

description box below I seriously think

that I paid like seven dollars for this

series and it has been well worth the

investment so I would like to schedule

in you know maybe right after lunch they

would get like thirty minutes in front

of the TV to watch an episode of

Liberty's kids make that something a

part of their day that they'll really

look forward to if they don't watch a

lot of TV and this is what I've found

with my kids because we don't watch a

lot of TV especially during the day

there's like no screen time then when

you do put something on for like 30

minutes you'll find that it really keeps

their attention for that amount of time

and that leads me to my next thought

number seven which is while you're

working on scheduling their days make

sure that you schedule in time for them

to just play I will try to link a video

here and if not I'm still learning a lot

about YouTube I'll put it in the

description box below or on the end

screen of a video I made about the value

that I have found in creating time and

space for my children to just play in

fact for me this is one of the biggest

reasons why we homeschool there is so

much value to me personally being able

to give my children time and space to

just be to be creative to just read to

do art to be outside in nature I have

always made sure that my kindergarteners

are doing way more playing than they are

doing sit-down formal schoolwork if you

want to know or you don't know the

benefits of

play in the lives of children I'm not

gonna explain it all here but just do a

google search on it there are several

ways that I try to foster lots of really

good play in our house the first is that

we have a steadfast rule that there are

no electronics during the day unless I

decide to give them that one little

30-minute time slot of watching

something educational the second thing

is that I love to provide my kids with

lots of open-ended pretend play toys and

I want to share just a few of our

favorites with you we love puppets

magnetic tiles just plain old building

blocks like I have bins full of blocks

cuz I'll find a mate yard sales are all

fine about goodwill and when I find them

super cheap I'll just keep dumping them

into this one bin until we have massive

bins of some of these toys and I will

literally go to the garage and pull out

one big bin and they can play with that

for like an entire day and when they're

done playing with it for like a day or

two I'll pack it all back up and kind of

tuck it away and then the next day I'll

maybe bring out some Lincoln Logs I do

the same thing I'll look at yard sales

or goodwill if I find Lincoln Logs and

I'll dump and dump and dump until it has

literally huge bins full and then they

feel like they can create these huge

villages and huge houses and it makes it

so much more fun for them I love having

things like dollhouses and my daughters

have all especially loved Calico

Critters I love to sit my kids around

the kitchen table and pull out some

watercolors with plain paper or

playdough and in the background I'll be

playing some music for them or some

adventures in Odyssey my kids love to do

that we love pattern blocks Wicky sticks

coloring book and my kids like tanks and

what I mean by that are like like old

fish tanks or little aquarium type

things my kids will take those outside

and create habitats for bugs and frogs

and caterpillars and worms they will

spend so much time outside playing and

creating habitats with these little like

empty tubs and bins so momma's of

kindergartners make sure that you have

allowed lots of time in your day for

your kids to just play I promise maybe

it doesn't sound as valuable as

important as formal sit-down school work

but oh my gosh it really truly is and

last but not

it's number eight consider a co-op in

our family we've just always been a part

of some kind of homeschool community or

some kind of homeschool co-op I know

I've enjoyed it for the relationships

that I've built with other like-minded

moms that are home schoolers and my kids

have enjoyed it they've enjoyed having

friends who have a similar lifestyle to

them it helps them know that they're not

alone in this unique lifestyle of hem

schooling in their younger years my kids

have been a part of coops where I sign

them up for like a little science class

or a little history class they've done

things like homeschool soccer and you

don't have to when they're in

kindergarten but for our family we've

just found so many benefits and being a

part of a homeschool community even in

my kids younger years all right moms

again I feel like I say this at the end

of a lot of videos I know that what's a

lot but I hope for those of you that

have a child in kindergarten maybe you

just started or you're thinking about

homeschooling for your family I hope

that you found this video to be

chock-full of ideas for you and as

always thank you so much for taking the

time to join me at my kitchen table so

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hope you have a great week I know a lot

of you have already started

homeschooling I hope that you have a

great school year and as always thanks

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