Kindergarten Memory Book- Cover

hi kindergartners today we're going to

be making a kindergarten memory book

we're going to be adding to it each day

in writing so I'm gonna show you how you

can make your kindergarten memory book

so one way you can do it is you could

print this paper my kindergarten here

and you could color it and write on top

of it that's if you have a printer so if

you don't have a printer you can't do

that another thing that you could do is

in seesaw you could add to it on your

activity page you can write on top of

the line and write your name and you

could color in the picture within seesaw

but that would be hard if you don't have

a printer because you won't be able to

print it when you're done you want to

keep this so that when you're older you

can look back on all your kindergarten

memories so what I'm gonna do because I

don't have a printer at home is I just

have white paper and so I need six

pieces of white paper to make my book

because this page this book is gonna be

six or twelve paper pieces of paper so

and then I'm gonna fold it so here's my

paper hallway I'm gonna fold it like

this and it's gonna look like a book

feels like a long book like this okay

we're gonna make our book this way okay

when you've got your book ready like

this I'm going to show you what you're

gonna do next if you're gonna do a plain

piece of paper I'm gonna put it up here

hopefully you can see my paper there it

is okay so on the top of my paper I'm

gonna write my kindergarten you can copy

this from the seesaw page it's on I'm

copying it from my seesaw page that says

kindergarten year don't forget those

finger spaces between your words okay

and then it's gonna say by remember by

means who wrote it by and then you're

gonna to draw a line who's gonna write

this book is you so you're gonna write

your name I'm writing this

Brown because I'm writing this book okay

then you can draw a picture on the

bottom part about kindergarten so in the

cover it looks like there's a picture of

a school so I'm gonna draw a little

picture of a school that looks like a

house there's some legs here besides we

can add a door it's a windows and then

let's see there's some trees outside of

our school and also outside of schools

there are flags and a flagpole so we're

gonna draw the flag here okay I don't

know maybe I can write on here I can

write this is image I okay now I'm gonna

write the year of my book as well so

this year was 2019 and then we went to

2020 when you're done with that you can

add color to your picture so I could

color the trees I could color the school

okay neat Mila makes a little door

handles here alright I got some more of

details to my book my page alright

that's your cover for you when you're

finished with that save it and then

we'll add to the next page the next day

of writing okay goodbye