Kindergarten Memory Book

hey guys it's messy honest so today

we're gonna draw our riding lesson a

little different so we're gonna make a

kindergarten memory book because if we

were at school we would have done a

memory book so we'll even go ahead and

start out okay so our first page will be

about your teacher so you can write my

face my teacher my teacher name is so

depending on your teacher is what you're

gonna write maybe it's miss Yanis maybe

it's miss house maybe it's miss harris

miss Duncan miss Allison you could write

that your teacher's name right here okay

and then the next thing is I love my

teacher because all right so in a little

bit I'm gonna show you maybe why you

love your teacher maybe you have your

own meter so it's a bit I'm going to

show you what you can write right here

and here

you're gonna put here is a drawing of my

teacher so you could do a picture of

drawing a free teacher and then drawing

of you next to it so here say so why do

you love your teacher so here all our

wonderful kindergarten teachers so maybe

you love your kindergarten teacher

because she is nice because she is funny

or because she is caring or maybe you

love your current teaching because that

was your very first teacher and maybe

you loved your kindergarten teacher

because your teacher how taught you how

to read or can we be another one or like

maybe she taught you how to count to 100

it could be anything it does not have to

be a beast reason so you don't have to

write one of the reasons I put you could

come up with your own idea if you have

your um so here are just some

suggestions of what you can write okay

so why do you love your teacher so think

about why do you love your teacher okay

so and then there's gonna be another

page so the other page is my friend here

my friend

so you're gonna go ahead and draw a

picture of your friend right here so

make sure when you draw a picture of

your friends you label who is who in

your picture because if you just draw

some people here and miss Duncan's gonna

wonder who dish I wonder who their

friends are if you don't label it okay

so on Thursdays at school

my friend and I like to so what did you

like to do with difference at school did

you like to do stations together

did you like to eat lunch together did

you like to play races together did you

like going to gym and music together

maybe you liked reading a book or maybe

just like sitting there with your

friends and doing your work there's lots

and lots of different ideas that you can

write right here so whatever you want

you can write what you like to do with

your friend and make sure you write your

friend's name so maybe put at school my

friends and I like to go to the to the

playground so you go ahead and write

whatever you like right here okay so

here are some ideas remember they do not

have to be the same idea as I have here

those are just some suggestions okay all

right so now this is my favorite one to

write so my favorite memory here is my

favorite memory from this school year

hmm I have lots of lots of favorite

memories but you know what was my

favorite memory my favorite memory with

my class was that when we made a pizza

that was so much fun we had lots of fun

doing it I know it's one of my favorite

memories because we all got to do it

together and I even got to taste the

pizza if your class didn't take I get to

do the pizza maybe your favorite memory

is if the field trip when we went to all

MacDonald's farm or maybe you want like

the Halloween parade and you got to

dress up or maybe it was the hundred day

of school and you got to got to eat all

those wonderful snacks and you were so

full or maybe your favorite memory of

kindergarten was the first day of school

maybe you were so nervous that day or so

scared or just really sexy mystery mom

and dad but that was your favorite

memory because you got to go to school

for the first time or maybe your

favorite memory was Grinch day and

remember when we had hot chocolate we

watched the Grinch movie we were in our

pajamas maybe that was your favorite

memory of kindergarten there was lots of

other men

that you had maybe was a favorite memory

that one of your teachers read your

favorite book or maybe your favorite

memory was when you got to go to the AR

party to the movies it can be anything

remember it does not have to be anything

so you could be what ever you want you

had to come up with your own that's why

I didn't write mine because I don't want

you guys to copy mine so I want you to

come up with your own memories because

this is your memory book ok so then next

week we'll we'll have a cover page for

it and you get to color it with like a

little graduation cap because we would

have done that too so you guys now go

back and you can come back to this and

look at different ideas it gives you but

have fun and write your own memories ok

guys bye