Kindergarten Memory Book Writing


so many great memories this year in

kindergarten so what we're going to do

is make a memory book of all those

amazing things we did together need to

grab two pieces of paper and then fold

them over in half so that way it makes

it into a little book and you should

have four pages in your book to fill up

so on the front we're going to write my

kindergarten memories and then by your

name so I'm going to show you my

finished one in a minute on the inside

write down some of your favorite things

that we did this year and draw some

pictures I'll show you mine is making a

Garden memory book and I'm just going to

show you one memory so that way you can

come up with some of your own so on the


I wrote my kindergarten memories by mrs.

Turner on the inside my first memory

that I really liked doing this year I

liked when we learned about penguins and

then of course I drew a picture that

matched my word so I drew a picture of

penguin and I remember they had rocky

nests and they lived in Antarctica so I

drew a very cold place and I remember

when we learned about penguins and that

was really fun to me so I'd like to see

what you remembered most about

kindergarten go ahead and share them

with me on class dojo