Sympathy Thank You Card

oh hi this is Gina with Gina's crafting

spot calm and today I'm making a thank

you card from my grandma well for my

grandma's friends but her friends passed

away and they all you know came to the

services just were really there for her

so she wants to give a special card so I

told she asked me to make one so of

course I said yes

so anyway the paper I'm using is from

the DCW lace and linen stock and I'm not

using the Cricut at all

let's try they're singing Sweet Home

Alabama in the background this is the

big she is as a rest of the one I'm

using with flowers they see two hours

crafting with me today amazing when that

ain't gonna Stowe's how we did that out

of my Google my daddy and sing alright

so I'm starting with an eight-and-a-half

by I started with an eight-and-a-half by

eleven sheet of paper tray new cardstock

cut it in half the short way no long the

short way and I cut it in half and then

I scored it in the center using my

scoreboard cuz this paper is way too

thick just to try to do it on your own

so here's my card base a to size four

and a quarter by five and a half then I

have this piece of light piece of green

that I'm using as letters during his

video in the

having fun okay you don't get it all

over okay and I'm stamp on the white


stamp on your paper okay miss gracious

and this is lowly the lace ribbon I'm

gonna use you know you touch these two

together first this is a little piece

that I cut it's probably three and three

quarters by yep three three quarters by

5 for the layers and layers perfectly

and then what I did was I used some of

this petal pink liquid pearls and I put

dots in it and then when it was dry I

just smashed him a little not a little I

pretty much smushed him down so that way

they wouldn't be too raised and then of

course I let it I had let it dry really

really well before doing that so I did

that ahead of time just to save time so

I'm just gonna touch this top layer did

you want a teacher gun

yeah that I could add that lace ribbon

there's that and then I'm gonna take my

ribbon and I think just put it down here

lace and I want my sentiment up here

anything so I'm gonna go ahead and do

that just attach this to the back I'll

show the other side it's a little

straighter and I wanted it like this but

I might want it up right

turn on use up on my wife's okay

everywhere choking I just can't decide

you know I'm gonna go with my original

thought of putting it that way I'll just

do this just use my tape just secure it

on the back just regular shirts rather

straight or I attach it and then I'm

just gonna attach this whole piece down

so I could do my son to wash your hands

right attach this I know more white

sapote stairs you use that one that you

got already that you didn't quite dirty

all the way here then you go upstairs

and wash with soap and water

there's something for them greeting I'm

going to use my as my close to my heart

stamps this is card chatter sympathy and

I like this sincere thanks right there

it's gonna stamp it on this piece of

very vanilla stripping up Carter

and I use the close to my heart

deserts and this down

and what I did

and then I guess I'll pop it up this

cart is pretty pretty simple but I mean

because of what it was for I'm not gonna

make it all

loud or anything so I figure less is

more my grandma anyway

I'll trim this a little sorry it's


I'll just add it to here

just right there and then I'm going to

add some of the same liquid pearls and

put a big that way yeah just go straight

down and straight up the other three

right here it's fine

then if you thump it in the back a

little go flat nopsi mother flat now

that is dimensional so alright there's

my card for today

thanks for watching bye