HOLD ON TO HOPE Easter, Sympathy, Confirmation & Baptism Cards

hi cat Chancellor with stamp art

connection I'm an independent Stampin Up

demonstrator and today I'm going to do a

couple cards made from this bundle

called hold on to hope this is a stamp

and framelits bundle it has some really

nice stamps lots of texture and some

really cool framelits especially this

very very intricate filigree cross as

well as an outline cross and then some

other smaller crosses in fact I love

this little one right here because this

not only cuts out the inside but it also

gives you an outside cross as well so

you get to with with this frame once so

that's that's really I think a really

bonus now the card that I'm going to

make are going to be an Easter card and

a sympathy card both using the filigree

cross as well as some different

backgrounds the background here is going

to be brusho crystal color on watercolor

paper and all my directions and sizes

are going to be on my blog which is

going to be in the bottom there on my

message now I'm using all the standard

sizes for a five and a half by four and

a quarter card and this really neat

proportional matting guide is also free

for you to download from my blog at

stamp art connection com just go where

it says free stuff open it up and then

right click and save it and when you

save it on either your computer or on

your mobile device you can then print

however you want to up to print it here

I printed it on just a piece of paper

and here I printed it on a piece of

photo paper

and it's kind of got a nice nice weight

of paper so this is a very handy guide

and this is what I'm always using when

I'm talking about my my sizes so having

said all that the stock that we're going

to be using are a whisper white bass

card as well as a whisper white layer in

five and three and 1/4 and then some

gold foil we're going to use gold foil

four for this card and then we're going

to bet cut our back of our cross with

white glimmer paper so this cross is

basically going to be using both of

these framelits right here so I've cut

this cross with white glimmer paper and

then I've cut these crosses with vellum

and then the foil that I used for both

of these two filigree crosses is

actually the champagne foil paper and it

really has a nice kind of pinky color

that goes really well with our Calypso

coral background and the our color

scheme our color scheme here so these

are two of the key pieces you're going

to use as well as you can stamp any

sentiment that you want in the front of

your card this is what I've chosen that

came with a stamp set but I have a an

old retired stamp set over here that has

happy Easter and a nice he is he is not

here he has risen that I would also may

use so there's other sentiments that you

can find in the either in the catalog or

if you happen to have a

and Easter sentiment this from the

flourishing phrases is what I'm going to

use for my with sympathy and I'm going

to use some embossing I'm using white

embossing powder to reverse emboss the

front of my of my watercolor paper so

here is my watercolor paper and I'm also

going to be using some advising folders

this is the let's say this is the what

is it what is it what is it the seaside

texture folder is what I use to emboss

this piece and then I think I'm going to

use this folder here which is the

layered leaves dynamic folder for for

our card so you're gonna need a big shot

you're going to need some vellum some

foil some watercolor paper and then I'm

using Calypso coral because I think that

really blends nicely with the with the

colors so let's get started what's

really kind of neat about this stamp

right here then I'm going to show you

first is that you can take this image

and how I want you to emboss it is and

I'm just going to show you we're going

to go this way and it kind of fits kind

of a yin-yang so you kind of see how you

can kind of go opposite and you can just

kind of fit this like this in your on

your on your figure okay so so

is the pattern that I'm going to use to

emboss on the on the watercolor paper so

I just wanted to kind of show you how

you want to how you want to set up that

pattern okay so then let's put this

aside bring over my my watercolor paper

and open my Versamark I got a silly

little pug that's getting bored down

here okay so we're going to do you kind

of see this see mark we're going to do

this this here ink this up and we're

going to kind of match that right there

and we're going to do the same thing

here we're going to put this one here

I'm gonna turn it around I'm going to

put that one there so that's kind of a

nice weave kind of like line those up

like like yin yang they fit nicely

inside of each other so I'm going to

grab one of these little sheets here and

I'm going to take my white embossing

powder and put that all over my card



okay so that's nicely embossed you can

kind of see the embossing on it right


and what we're going to do now is we're

going to take out our brush oh crystal

colors I'm using both a aqua painter and

a mister and I'm going to start out with

the red right smack in the middle here

and then I'm going to take the yellow

and I'm going to put the yellow all the

way around the edge now I'm also going

to have a paper towel at the ready so to

speak because what really term makes

this nice this nice kind of Calypso

coral color is when I blot the the red

so let's go ahead and spray


there's our background

okay so let's let this dry oh here's

this one okay I've already done it same

pattern and we're going to go ahead and

put this this card together now to put

this card together you're going to need

a piece of clip so coral and this is

going to be the matting piece at 5 and

1/4 by 4 okay and we're going to need a

piece of the base card is going to be in

in whisper white okay so that's how

we're going to put that together now the

what goes on top and what you should

have already cut out and I've already

cut out simply just to for ease of the

video is a filigree cross out of

champagne foil and a plain cross cut out

of the cross framelit using vellum now

the secret to putting this car together

and I see a little couple little spots

here then I need to poke out the secret

to putting together this card is using

this multi-purpose adhesive sheet as you

can see here this is my my crystal I'm

my champ Ain rather foil on the back I

have laid out this whole piece right

here is a piece of the adhesive sheet

and here I've put a piece and I have

another piece over here so basically you

could take your entire half of a piece

of foil and put your adhesive sheet over

the whole thing instead of piecemealing

it like I did and cut out your your

filigree cross the reason why is it's

going to make it so much easier to

adhere this

any surface that you want instead of

getting into trying to use your fine tip

glue pen or your multi-purpose glue this

very very very easy okay

so having said that what we're going to

do is let's go ahead and put this on our

on our card okay so I have put this on

my card matting right there

I'm now going to take my my cross and

I'm going to peel off my adhesive

backing and this is going to fit very

nicely right here I'm going to kind of

line it up at the top

look how nice that that perfect okay so

this is going to go pushed up on some

dimensionals but as you can see from our

sample what I have here is a piece of

ribbon and this was actually cased from

the from the catalog so the ribbon that

I'm using is going to be the organza

ribbon and I'm going to take a piece of

organza and I'm going to just kind of

zoom in here a little bit so you can see

this and we're going to wrap it around

our cross I'm just going to snip

see I'm just going to snip that there

and I'm going to use a piece of the mini

dimensional I'm going to fold this in

half and I'm going to kind of crease it

with my finger I'm going to grab a mini

dimensional and I'm going to put my mini

dimensional right here in the middle of

my cross now I kind of crease that with

my finger so I kind of see that crease

mark right there see that that's what

I'm going to put right on my mini

dimensional and then I'm going to fold

like that okay

then I'm going to turn this around and

I'm going to put two more

little glue dots rather they're not many

dimensionals to glue dots right there

and I'm going to turn this around and

we're just going to put that there and

we're going to put that there

and if you cut you know however you want

to cut your ribbon that's kind of how I

cut it but if you fold it in half it'll

get it will be even so this is still a

little sticky because you have a glue

dot there and what I'm going to use for

the middle of that is just is is one of

these I think these are metallic

metallic dots and I'm just going to put

that right there okay so they're in

there pretty that's your cross so this

is going to go we're going to put this

up on dimensionals right there and then

I have already I've already cut out the

God is love sentiment and and I used I

embossed this using if I can find it

using Calypso coral embossing powder and

that's how I I am boss that let me kind

of go back a little bit so now let's go

ahead and put our card together


and there you go and that pretty now for

the inside what I want to stamp is I

want to use I want to use the he is

risen and we're going to use memento

black and I'm just going to stamp that

inside my card


okay so that takes care of our Easter

card and you can see that this one that

we made just a few minutes earlier is

already dry and I can already put

together that card but now for this card

as I said you are going to need a piece

of whisper white you're going to need a

piece of gold foil and I've cut this at

5 and 1/4 by 4 and then another piece of

whisper white which we are going to I'm

going to emboss and the embossing folder

I use is this one here the layered

leaves dynamic folder that's that's the

piece that we're going to put on here

and this one this piece is at five and

three and one fourths so this is going

to be the basis for our sympathy card

I have also already embossed and cut out

using our stitched framelits the with

sympathy and we're going to go ahead and

put this together the base for our card

is white glimmer paper and I use gold

foil to cut out the the filigree cross

and this is going to go on top of that

again I use the adhesive backing for the

back of this of this card so we're just

going to peel this off it comes off

really nicely and that's trash nice and

sticky I have a little itty-bitty little

piece that's stuck right there which I'm

going to poke out okay and again I'm

simply just going to line this up with

the top of my cross like that and

boom even with the glimmer paper and

using these adhesive multi-purpose

sheets perfect it fits nicely no messy

glue and we're ready to put this on our

card the other piece that we need for

this card is I'm using a piece of this

metallic edged ribbon to add as you can

see from our sample here which is going

to be just a really nice accent so let's

go ahead and add that


and there we go there's our our base and

then we're gonna put our cross and then

we can have our with sympathy right


okay that pretty now one of the things

that like I said those itty-bitty little

little pieces I'm going to take this

little piece right here that came out of

that little framelit because it is gold

I am going to use this inside my inside

my my card the other option that you

have is that you can use this on the

outside of your of your cup of your

cross you can't again because you use

the adhesive backing it will it will go

really nicely right there so let's go

ahead and get my dimensionals and put

this piece on


now I'm going to take this flourishing

phrases I'm going to take the comfort

and healing to you sentiment I just okay

I'm going to take my momento ich just

just that yeah

and then we're going to take this

itty-bitty little cross


and I'm going to put this indie video

across right there

it's comfort and healing to you and that

beautiful okay so now we have both our

we have both our cards the last thing

that I want to do is we're going to take

the envelope that we're going to send

this card in and what I'm going to do is

I'm going to take our embossing folder

and I'm going to emboss this flap here

okay so I have embossed the back of this

envelope and this is what I'm going to

send my sympathy card in isn't that just

beautiful matches the front and for this

card here I have taken some of the DSP

from the occasions catalog I believe

this is the the coke one it'll be an LV

in my comments because that is Calypso

coral and that matches beautiful

beautifully with that so there you go

some beautiful cards that you can make

with the hold on to hope stamp set and

not only an Easter card beautiful Easter

card but a very very nice and tasteful

sympathy card so this is cat Chancellor

with stamp bark connection please go to

my blog stamp art connection calm for

all the details for how to make this

card also take a look at some of the

free products that I offer if you sign

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and all kinds of news and ideas cat

Chancellor happy stamping