TRAVEL JOURNALS: "How To" Guide For Beginners (2019)

okay so let's talk about how to pick

your travel journal so if you're new to

my channel or you're new to journaling

especially travel journaling let's start

off with a question what is a travel

journal now while there isn't one

definite answer I do think that the

common theme is your documenting your

travel or your journey or your adventure

whoever that destination is within that

destination I think for me my travel

drilling process I enjoy collecting

memories and events highlights of that

trip things that made me smile things

that I can just reflect back on and

especially like favorite tourist

attractions or restaurants keeping those

in a journal will be really helpful

because then if I want to return to that

place or if friends need me to recommend

anything I can just flip through with

the journal and point it out now to

prove my point that travel journaling

comes in many forms in different styles

I'm going to link down below some of my

favorite travel journal videos and flip

through that have inspired me throughout

the years so open the description link

down below I'll post a few and that will

just kind of help you give you an idea

that there is no cookie cutter way on

how to set up a travel journal that's

why I love this community because we all

help each other we are just a great

community full of wonderful artists and

creators and adventurers and it's just

nice to see everyone during their

process and how they do things now for

me there are benefits to travel

journaling you may ask what's the

difference between travel journaling or

just using your daily journal you can

actually do both you could store your

travel memories within your daily

journal but for me I like to keep it

separate and you'll see why in a minute

because I stuff it with lots of ephemera

and pictures brochure notes to self

recommendations so I will show that all

in the upcoming minutes here but I'd say

the biggest advantage for me keeping the

travel journals up

is that I know that is kind of like a

separate log if I want to reflect back

on that certain year or that certain

destination I know exactly which journal

to turn to versus having it kind of

stuck in between my daily journal it

kind of bulks it up really quickly and

if that daily journal is supposed to

last me throughout the year I'm carrying

that extra weight around so I just like

to have it separate especially for me

during my trouble

journaling process I write down a lot of

stuff as you'll see now the benefits are

as I touched in with the first question

what is a travel journal there are many

many benefits it can be therapeutic for

some it can help release anxiety or

stress because some people can enjoy the

journey to that destination but I have

some friends that actually get anxiety

like when they're on their plane they

could anxious or nervous during the

whole process so journaling can

sometimes release that nervousness

and help you work through any anxious

feeling that you may have also you know

it just makes you proud of yourself that

you were able to discover a new place

with whomever it was or you know maybe

was by yourself with friends with family

with your partner it just makes you feel

like you've accomplished something for

that year we get so stuck in our daily

repetition of you know wake up work pay

bills eat sleep but looking back at the

travel journal you're just like I am

living my life I'm living my best life

at this moment in time plus you can also

inspire others you know your co-workers

your friends your family members they'll

see and they you know if they flip

through your travel journal they will

see all the fun that you had all the

memories you've captured and then will

maybe inspire other people to go out and

explore more too because I know a few

that have never been outside of their

home state they've never explored more

and even though you know YouTube and TV

shows can show you a little glimpse of

what it's like in a different country or

a different state

is not the same as being there in person

and feeling the energy and the air and

the food so you have to do it yourself

and capturing that in your book will

just help

stop time and capture that moment if

you're new to my channel I have a

playlist full of setup ideas

accessories kind of like my go-to guide

for this little thing so feel free to

check it out I'll link it in the note

card or down below the reason why I love

using the travelers notebook hence the

name travelers notebook it's perfect for

traveling the leather makes the insight

insert very durable sturdy and in time

the patina that it will develop

it'll just showcase all of the memories

and fun times you've had with it but you

got to do what works for you so I'm

picking out your travel journal you have

to think about the destination and the

length of your trip so if you know

you're going to be gone for maybe one or

two days maybe you don't need that

separate travel general that I was

talking about earlier now if you're

going to be gone for a week two weeks a

month you have to think about how often

do you write how big is your handwriting

and do you plan on carrying it around

with you or keeping a store like in your

hotel or you know at a Airbnb or with

your friends and family you want to

think about the length of the trip

because that'll determine how many pages

that you'll need for this notebook do

you want a hundred pages 200 pages but

also that's where you have to factor in

how big your handwriting is if you write

really small then you could probably get

away with you know 50 pages 100 pages if

you write big like I do then you'll want

to think about getting a notebook that

will store enough pages where you won't

run out during the middle of your trip

so next tip you want to think about when

using your travel journal is are you

going to be incorporating different

types of tools so for me all I need it

really was a pen a marker some washi

tape and then all the other paper

ephemera came throughout the travel

but some people I know like to carry

markers scissors their stamp set so

again that ties in with how long is your

chip going to be how much downtime will

you have to dedicate to your childhood

journal so think about the tools that

you're going to need to capture your

memories have you seen my stationery kit

set up if not check it out I have one in

pink that one kind of fell apart so I

don't have I want anymore but this is my

new Muji pencil kit and it's really

handy for storing extra pens and stamps

and stickers so if you don't have one

this is something to consider if you

want to travel with a little bit more

than just like a notebook and a pencil

look into a little kit so it'll keep

everything tucked together and organized

and you'll know to reach for just one

thing when your journaling during your

vacation or your trip okay so another

question and a tip that will help you I

get asked when do I typically journal or

when do I have time to journal during my

trips so this all kind of depends on

your habits and your daily routine and

your patterns for this vacation or trip

that you're going on for me naturally

I'm a morning actually no I'm not a

morning person I'm a night owl but I

love the process of getting ready in the

morning I love drinking coffee

I love slow sips on the the desk and

just journaling in the morning you know

catching up on a little bit of YouTube

so with that being said I know the best

time to get all of my creative flow and

process is early morning now one tip

that I realized that has really worked

for me

especially when travel journaling I will

journal the morning after and I found

this helpful because at the end of the

day when I'm out on vacation I try to

maximize my time throughout that day so

from morning to afternoon to the end of

the day I'm pretty much out of my hotel

room I'm gone from like

10 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. so when I come

back I'm exhausted all I want to do is

take a hot shower and relax in the bed

and fall asleep and get it ready early

under the next morning so there's really

no time for me to journal and there were

times where I would try to force myself

to journal at night to kind of get

everything down while it's fresh but

then I found that I was getting sloppy

in my in my style and I just wasn't as

enthusiastic and exciting about it it

kind of felt like a chore which I did

not want to happen so the best thing for

me is wake up have a fresh mind and you

know it's just what eight hours later

it's not like I forgot what happened the

night before it everything is still

vivid and fresh in my head so think

about when do you want to journal it

could be in the morning some people they

actually like to journal midday when

you're actually in that environment at

that cafe at that museum at that Park

so really figure out what works best for

you and then when you get that down it

will help motivate you to capture those

memories down in your travel journal

alright so this is another big question

that I get quite often how can I set up

my child journal what do I write about

how should it look you know what is your

style when it comes to setting up your

pages and to be honest I feel like the

best way to find your style with your

child journal is to just go with the

flow I know it sounds really simple but

it's so true just go with the flow and

in time you'll figure out what works

best for you

now you have to remember these journals

are for your eyes only

I know nowadays it's fun to share on

Instagram and on YouTube we love to

share with the community about our

Bullitt journals and our daily journals

to inspire others but you can get

confused and when I mean confused you

try to maintain a style that you think

will appeal to others

what you need to first do is find your


style and know that it works for you and

then know the difference between your

real style and maybe us to tell that

you're inspired by and then you'll know

when to separate your real style versus

your staged style so my regular viewers

you know my style is very loose and

free-flowing I don't really care about

my handwriting because from my chicken

scratch I know I know what I mean I know

how I abbreviate things and I know how

to decipher my codes though as you can

see here I just started off with

labeling it I find when you label your

travel journal it kind of puts like an

identity and a name to it you're just

like yeah this is this is my Korea trip

I even added this little if found please

return to and I put like my contact

information in there because oh my gosh

I would cry if I woulda lost this ok so

there's many chunkiness to go through

lots of pages and details so what I'm

going to do I want to flip the camera

around and I'm going to share with you

some of the styles and process that

might help you before I flip through I

also want to tie in the last tip so

another thing that you're going to

really enjoy about a travel journal is

incorporating the extra paper tidbits

and ephemera that you come across away

for instance you have your metro ticket

your boarding pass your hotel bill

restaurant receipts brochures Park

information maps that you printed out

keep all of that because that adds to

your story that adds to your fun journey

and it just looks great in your travel

journal ok so here we go let's do the

flip through so right here in the front

I just had my contact information just

in case my travel journal were to get

lost and then I have the name of the

notebook I labeled it so I know which

trip it was Korea 2016

now these are the paper ephemera I was

referring to that you want to hold on to

it can just add a nice little life to

your travel journal and it adds a nice

little character to it as well

here is a Korean coin that I just held

on to and taped it to the front of the

cover my favorite travel quote and then

I even started a packing list for

important things I did not want to

forget especially like my SD card and my

Chargers but this is a nice little tip

to just have a packing list in the front

and then for any future travels if this

worked for you you can just copy this so

here I have day 1 starting my travel now

for my Instagram friends you may

remember I did like this stalkerish

video of a bullet journal er I spotted

on the plane do you remember that if not

I will link it down below but check it

out because I was like so excited and

geeked out that I saw someone on the

plane using a bullet journal or even

just a journal at that and I was like

recording her like a psycho stalker so

check it out it's funny to laugh at but

I enjoyed it here I documented my dinner

you see like my journaling style issues

very kind of goes with the flow in the

beginning I was writing lengthy post

because I was trying to reduce the space

used I was trying to space these pages

out because I didn't know how much I was

going to need and at what point was I

able to get refills for my travelers

notebook but you'll see in time my

handwriting does get larger because I

realize I do have more space than I


here are some tea labels that I held

onto from the hotel I was staying at

can you believe in Korea their bottled

water is only 25 cents you guys that is

like so cheap

Hongdae I added some images I want to go

visit one of my friends at her cute

little cafe shop and I will link down my

travel vlog video for those that may

have not seen it but I pose

some of my clips in that video so you're

welcome to check that out for more

details and then here are kind of the

stubs that I was referring to hold on to

your train or metro stubs your hotel key

cards I held onto this and I used the

little flap here for just additional

images you can just really have fun with

your process and then as the travel goes

by you'll kind of get in the rhythm of

things and lay out how you want

everything to go for instance when I see

any blank space that's kind of an

indicator that when I get back home to

print out an image of that day and paste

it here which that is what I did for

this and for this you can add these

little tippin's with some tape or some

washi so if you don't feel like gluing

them on there because there's no space

on the page you can just add a little

bit of adhesive to the edge stickers are

a fun way to put life onto your page

these cute stickers are from my trip to

the art box stationery store which I'll

show you momentarily because I do have a

spread on that but consider saving your

business cards as well if you come

across any favorite restaurants or

stores hold on to those especially if

it's something that you enjoy because

then when you go back you'll remember

the address their contact information

and you can revisit that place or

recommend it to friends and family that

are looking for something good in the

area as you can see I'm a foodie I

obviously was documenting a lot of the

delicious food because that is what I

for and just some travel brochures and

what is this oh it's just like downtown


I stopped by Starbucks and picked up a

nice little souvenir of a coffee mug in

Jeju and this is the little flap that it

came with I held on to it because it has

a little bit of like they judge you um

history this this is what I was talking

about the art box stationery store I

spent like an hour in that store going

crazy looking through every aisle and

corner and section as you can see right

here I am like geeking it out looking at

all of the notebooks but if you're ever

in Seoul or even judge you check out the

art box stationery store I promise you

will not regret it

this is a cute little paper bag actually

plastic bag that it came in and these

are like that the aisles just jam-packed

full of beautiful stationery goods but

check out my receipt look how long it

was because I picked up so many good

things and I don't know why I needed to

clip this out because I will never

forget that our pocket stationery store

oh remember it I'll know where to go

next time one thing that I appreciate

about this community is that you can

connect with like-minded journalist and

crafters and that is exactly what I did

when I was in Korea I met up with Seung

Jun he was so nice and allowed me to

visit him at his time store we got in

contact through Instagram he knew I was

visiting in Korea and he invited me over

to check it out I got these stamps done

and he was the one that actually

embossed my traveler's notebook here

with the sealy kisses and he even added

the embossing here where it says hello

travelers he added these he added these

beads on the end like my for the bead

ribbons and embossed this adorable

leather charm that I've kept on her ever

since so in the spread I'm pretty

once just journaling about that day that

we met up and these are the stickers

that he actually made and gave me and

then I just cut them up and added them

into the page because you know I'm not

going to use them they're just too cute

to use this is the map that I use to

locate where his store was that and the

concierge was so helpful to help me with

the subway line more maps that I have

onto the places that I was visiting a

pastry shop receipt and then here oh my

gosh I love popping soon oh my favorite

dessert so I just had to add that image

in there one thing I noticed I do hold

on to hotel key cards especially if it's

a place that I really enjoy so that way

when I go back I'll remember the name of

the hotel and the location so if I'm in

that area I'll most likely look it up

again and revisit some pages though I

just didn't go too overboard a simple

image will do and it'll capture my

feelings and thoughts for that day but

some days I just wanted to capture all

of the energy and this bread just makes

me happy looking at it because it is a

fun day that I was able to connect with

my friends we met up we had good Korean

barbecue and dessert and drinks and I

loved it

for receipts you know I don't really

know why I hold onto these I think it

just adds to the memories of the things

that I've purchased how much I've spent

the items that I've collected but these

can be helpful because if you forgot

what the store was called where you

picked up a certain item it's nice it

kind of just like backtrack as well and

that is pretty much it oh these counters

are so good I haven't been able to find

them ever since I came back but see how

easy it can be just kind of find your

own creative style maybe your

into writing you can just draw paint

sketch in your art journal it's however

you feel comfortable with and even in

the end I still had a few pages left and

I added this postcard that seung-jun

gave me all right that was that thank

you so much for watching if you have any

questions or comments feel free to leave

them down below you know that I love

hearing from you guys and if there's

anything that you want to share

especially your travel journal please

link it down below inspire us all you

know I'm all about sharing sharing is

caring if you have a travel journal

video or maybe you just have a quick

Instagram like flip through link it down


I don't mind you know it's not going to

be spamming to me let's share with

others share with them that there's

different methods and ways of setting up

their own travel journal and we want to

see them so link down below let me know

what you enjoy using for a travel

journal or if you have not started a

travel journal let me know if you plan

on starting one and where your

destination is going to be maybe New

York Texas Japan by the way I really

need to go on a vacation I haven't been

overseas in two years ever since I moved

to California so please comment down

below and let me know which city or

which country you recommend and I

promise I'm going to seriously look into

that because for the last few years I've

been going to Korea often and I just

need to get out of my little bubble I'm

a creature of habit

whatever I like I stick to so I know

that I love Korea and I just stick with

it plus you know we have friends and

family there but I wouldn't go to maybe

like Thailand Japan Europe Singapore

Australia so many places so many places

so comment down below let me know if

you've been to anywhere cool that you

would recommend or maybe you're on your

way there let's just all share our

journey our dreams our upcoming travels

and I will see you guys in my next video


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