Ideas For Your Travel Journal | Prompts & Tips


hi guys it's Avery and today I have

another promise video for you guys I'm

really enjoying it doing like specific

prompt videos just to help you get some

ideas generating whether they're similar

to other types of prompts or not it's

still always going to have it specific

for different things that you want to

turn them about in different journals so

today it's about travel journals you

know I can't always travel but when you

do you definitely want to drop them at

the moment I really love documenting my

travels in a journal so I am going to

share some tips with you guys I have

done a little bit traveling and so there

is some kind of tips also so it's not

only gonna be prompts I'll soon be tips

of just things that I've learned and

things I like to write about so I'm

gonna go ahead and start talking so the

first thing is first you guessed it keep

a bucket list it's a travel journal you

need a bucket list but remember it's

really good to keep a separate list of

for your bucket list and there's

separate lists for things that you want

to go so travel is obviously about going

places so when you're traveling is it

going to keep a separate list that way

your bucket list doesn't become just a

list of places that you want to travel

and so you have a separate list for that

so your bucket list can be like I want

to swim with sharks and I went to

snorkel the Great Barrier Reef and climb

a really high mountain and camp in that

mountains and then that way when you're

traveling a certain place you can mark

things off of your bucket list they do

not have to be a specific place if that

makes sense

so keep two different lists one for

places that you want to go and one for

things that you want to achieve it's

also really important to keep a list of

things that you want to remember I

always say this but this one's a little

bit different

or your travel journal you want to

create a list of things that you want to

remember when it comes to traveling so


airplane tips important car trips tips

important food tips important tips about

where you're going and things you want

to remember you know like it's important

to get your ticket weight early so it's

a little bit cheaper look on Airbnb just

like look at a bunch of tips and then

like online that people are giving out

people who are like really experienced

in traveling and then just write down a

bunch of chips so when you do go on a

trip you can refer to this list that you

made and make sure that you are

traveling literally smart and getting

the best bang for your buck so when

you're actually on your trip this is the

fun part a really important tip is to

document your travel as you go so

obviously like when you're out and about

experiencing something you can't just

sit down and pull out your journal and

create this elaborate journaling page

most the time you don't even have time

to journal at all on your trip so if

this is the case always always always

document your moments on your phone so

take pictures on your phone and use your

notes section as a way to write down at

your moment so obviously after your trip

and you go home the thoughts that you

write down are going to be different if

you were to write them in the actual

moment so if you have time in the moment

whether it's like in at night before you

go to bed or if you're actually in the

moment pull out your phone go to the

note section and write about your day

your experience whatever you want to

write about from this trip and then that

way later on when you have just not have

time to sit down and journal and make

the journal pretty you can copy whatever

you wrote about into your journal and

that way it's still special to the

moment but you can also make it really

pretty always always always write the

date always art the date you're going to

forget and it's so important to remember

the year and the day and just to keep

the timeline of your trip so if you put

a photo in your journal kind of draw a

little arrow and write the date to it if

you're writing your journal entry always

put the date at the top dates are so


me for when you're going back and

reading through not only dates but also

where so if you have a photo a little

arrow about where that was what you were

doing I always just document the moments

that you don't think you'll forget what

you will forget you won't remember where

this was you remember what you were

doing so always keep track of that

always save material items whether that

be pressed flowers tickets from your

trip obviously your photos whether that

be a little goodie bag it can be like a

tag a napkin always keep things from

your trip and then you can put them in

your journal to decorate with to keep

the memorabilia document your favorite

things from each place each day write

down your favorite moments the favorite

things about the place eggs and the

favorite things about the cultures

favorite things about the food favorite

things about I don't know anything about

the place always document what I love

about it because if you're just talking

about what you did but not about your

experience in what you're loving you're

not really going to appreciate it as

also kind of cool to talk about the

differences between your life in your

home in your experience versus where

you're traveling talk about the

differences between the two places

I also like to document expectations

versus reality so maybe when you're on

the plane you're in the car when you're

on your way traveling to where you're

going or like the night before kind of

talk about your expectations what you

think the place is going to be like what

you think your experience is going to be

like and then on your way home or after

you've already gotten back talk about

what it was actually like and so it's

like expectations versus reality versus

you know your reflection reflect on what

you learned and how much you loved or

how much you hated it it's kind of cool

just to see the two contrasts always

keep your itinerary

you make an itinerary keep it in your

journal that's kind of cool to always

reflect on so as you are writing day to

day or whatever however you keep your

child eternal it's just so important to

document the details your favorite

things and things you hate your feelings

the details what you see what you

experience the people you're with

memories the jokes the food you ate

everything as much as you can't

obviously you can't keep everything but

like whatever stuck out to you in a


keep that because you're going to lose

it and you're going to forget and the

fact that we have journaling is amazing

because we can go back and remember and

I love it and it makes me so excited and

it makes Charl and I think that much

cooler because you can't experience it

again even when you're not at that place

I really hope this video gave you guys

some tips and some ideas for when you

are traveling and even if you're not

traveling you can use these obviously

don't think that travel has to be like

hours and hours away it can literally be

the next town over

whenever you're leaving your home ok if

you even if you storms like a theme park

for the day you can use these tips so

yeah I love you all very very much and

comment down some ideas that you have

like always I love to hear your ideas in

my prompt videos because I also will end

up using them if I like them enough so

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so much and I will see you at the next