Teens write messages to military members and veterans

I am writing thank you cards for

veterans active duty new recruits in

this last message i wrote to deployed

true i wrote i am extremely grateful for

you putting your life on the line for

our country we were just kind of showing

our appreciation for those absurd for us

and maybe there are times of stress they

have a little something to look forward

to or enjoy I wrote dear hero I would

like to personally thank you for all the

sacrifice and hard work that you've done

whether you think of yourself as a true

hero or not you are to me I know the

holiday seasons can be hard so I want to

wish you a happy holiday just remember

that you are all you always have someone

that looks Q as a hero being able to

stop and lie credit card and think about

that there are people serving the

country it's kind of made them like a

little more aware of it and I think that

they're they're kind of excited to to do

that and kind of get more familiar with

what's going on maybe outside of like

their immediate of you we're teaching

our youth not only the importance of

Iraqi military all the benefits that

they bring to our freedoms and our way

of life here and not only maricopa

county but throughout the state well as

a holiday season comes up it's hard for

a lot of them and it's just nice to let

them know that we really do appreciate

them and they do have they do a lot of

hard work and they're really just out

there for us and helping