How To Write Content For Website - How To Write Website Content With Good SEO

hi there's Gabriele and in this video I

want to share with you how to write

content for website and how to write

website content with good SEO now if you

don't watch this video to the end you'll

be missing out on free traffic on free

sales on free leads because when you

publish a blog post or a page it does

not mean that Google will automatically

find it and rank it to the first place

all right you need to do this

strategically you need to apply some

specific SEO principles which I'm going

to show you step by step it's really

simple really quickly to implement but

there's a few technical things that

you've got to know if you don't want to

miss out on sales if you don't want to

waste your time on writing really good

content that nobody will see ok so watch

this video I'm going to go step by step

how to do this now the first step is to

choose a keyword specifically a longtail

keyword but if you find a shorter tail

keyword with less competition then

that's good too you're looking for a lot

of high monthly searches with lower

competition so you gotta strike a

balance you don't want it completely too

long like 10 words long with only 10

monthly searches

unless it's you know a high-value

website where you sell like a big

software package or real estate or

something but generally you want to have

a good balance between monthly searches

and competition so we're going to go to

Adwords okay you're going to create a

free account there and once you do you

go to you sign in you go to tools and

keyword planner okay

and once keyword planner loads you're

simply going to type in a seed keyword

or a keyword idea that will generate a

bunch of related keywords okay I've

already picked the keyword beforehand in

this video and basically it's going to

be called web website launch okay and

you can choose the locations if you wish

and just click on get ideas and the

google adwords will generate now this


between 1 K and 10 K monthly searches

competition is quite low now if I were

to use a different keyword tool it would

give me more exact number because I'm

not hat I don't have pay-per-click

running right now so Google is limiting

that okay I use kW finder you can check

out that video in my channel ok anyways

I'm going to choose website launch as

that I'm going to go to my blog okay

this is my SEO blog start with SEO calm

and I've already written this long

article here about what to do 5

practical steps every startup must

follow before your website launch ok so

I installed Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

you've got to have it it's completely

free install it on WordPress and what it

does is down here it gives you a little

panel ok the Yoast SEO panel what you do

is put your keyword into the focus

keyword section and then it will scan

your whole article your title your body

text all of that to figure out how good

your SEO is in your content so right now

my SEO is good because it has a green

light here my readability score is good

so it flows it's easy for people to read

and you can see the snippet preview that

will show up in the Google ok now it

will also give you some suggestions so

the SEO title contains a focus keyword

but it does not appear at the beginning

so I'm going to move it a bit forward

also it doesn't appear in the subheading

like an h2 ok and the density is a bit

low according to Yoast now that's okay I

don't want to stuff it either and it

knows there's no images so I might might

add images but this blog is more focused

on text now I can edit this snippet if I

wish so I can click on edit and this is

the title ok this is what will show up

as a blue link in Google now I want to

have the keyword website launched as

close to the front

as possible with with it sounding

natural I don't want to just make it

sound unnatural because then Google will

spot that and say you're trying to game

the system which will work against you


again the slug which is the part of the

URL you want to have the keyword as

close to the front as possible so I have

it right here

website launched five practical steps

you don't want it too long either you

don't want it too short just with the

keyword you want it natural a good good

length okay and then finally the Meta

Description you want to describe what

the page is about and include also your

key word here it's close to the front as

possible with it sounding natural ok so

right now the SEO title is limited to

the previous one was 55 characters but

now Google is actually limiting it to

about 70 or so characters or 600 pixels

wide instead of 512 pixels the meta

description is limited to 155 characters

long although now they've also expanded

that to about 100 characters per line

maximum two lines and they're

experimenting with a few more lines so

don't worry about that but just keep

those limitations in mind otherwise it

might cut off or truncate those elements

so let's go back up here and this is

where the title goes the default title

alright you can edit that this is where

the slug is you can edit the slug right

here all right

and then you paste in add the text or

write the text and I've included h2s

here the headings you can do that by

clicking on this toolbar and you just go

down and you might want to highlight

certain areas okay and I have about 1800

words that's a really long post but I

suggest between 500 and 1200 words is a

good size a good length for blog posts

or a page okay

you don't want anything less because

that will give less information to

Google about what your page is about and

gives you less opportunity to include

secondary keywords and main and your

main keyword in there as well as linking

to other articles as well now I'm not

going to go completely into all of it

but I've just given you like about 90

percent 95 percent of what you need to

focus on when you want to create content

and that it's SEO friendly okay and

remember to choose a category as well

and if you want a featured image make

sure the featured image has the keywords

in the meta description and the title as

well as well as the file name okay

that's really important to give some

context as well so that's about it if

you want to download the full cheat

sheet that goes into depth step by step

with some examples and click on the link

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marketing tutorials Co dot uk' landing

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have a fantastic day