When Someone Spoke Up During A Wedding Objection (AskReddit)

redditors who have objected at weddings

or seen someone of jacks what happened

in the next five minutes lot of laughs

my friends older brother is a lawyer he

was marrying a lawyer most of their

friends are lawyers the officiant was a

judge who was a friend of face he and

his fiancee thought it would be funny to

plant someone in the audience they got a

friend to yell object to which the judge

yelled overruled it seemed to have gone

over well for most but I don't think

some of their family members got it I'm

dying to see the wedding video of it and

not the shitty cell phone version from

the last time this was posted when the

pastor got to the part back quote or

forever hold your peace the bride said

that quote yes I'd like to say something

then she turned around to her guests and

said back quote I'd like to thank my

maid of honor for sleeping with my film

K last night with that she threw her

bouquet and stormed off the story even

made it on the radio at the time not

really an objection but a friend of mine

works in a wedding venue she told me

about one wedding where the best man

made some jokes in his speech about the

time that he slept with the bride he

assumed that the groom already knew

about it he didn't groom was not happy

the reception ended up getting cancelled

and all the guests were sent home this

happened at one of my friends siblings


her parents us one for conservative and

hadn't gotten the chance to know the

daughters Finn K very well before they

got married in their minds all that was

relevant about him was that he was 10

years older than her and had been

previously divorced they had made subtle

and not-so-subtle comments here and

there before the wedding that they

weren't happy about it it should have

been a forewarning of what was to come

the day of the wedding everything was

beautiful friend's sister and her fiance

were ecstatic to be getting married and

invited friends and family from both

sites to their outdoor wedding all was

going well until the preacher asks the

audience if anyone has objections to why

they should get married and as serious

as can be that of the bride stands up

and says her mother and I'm

and then after a long hesitation sits

back down silence no one can believe

that there just happened not knowing

exactly how to handle it

the preacher just says ok and finishes

the ceremony as planned I can't even

imagine how the bride and groom must

have felt my friend says the tension in

the room was unbelievable but they got

married all the same they just do a lot

of avoiding the Isles as one might

imagine it happened at my wedding

sort of my middle brother has a very odd

sense of humor that occasionally causes

issues one of those issues is that he

likes to whip his balls out at random

times and see how long it takes people

to notice the night before the wedding

he told me that at some point during the

ceremony he was going to cough loudly

and that would mean his sack was out I

laughed it off our officiant got to the

speak now or forever hold you piece bit

and I hear a cough from where my brother

was sitting both my husband and I

whipped around in disbelief but the

audience thought we were daring any of

them to say something I guess so they

all laughed little did they know what

was actually going down in the crowd Oh


this reminds me of a close friend of

Mines wedding known this dude for years

we'll call him ray meets a girl we'll

call Katie she already had a daughter

full right was never married to the

other dude just didn't click very

amicable separation shared custody of

the child no fighting no demand for

child support

very perfect world be Katie was pretty

cool and got along with our friend group

pretty well soon enough the old

boyfriend she had her daughter would

becomes best friends with ray couple

years go by ray and Katie decide to get

married and around this time he confided

in me that frequently his best friend

i.e the daughter's father owl named Jeff

made references to this girl and there

was some vague evidence of it not being

as amicable a separation as it seemed

jeff was pretty quiet about his life and

talked about girls pretty often but we

learned later he had actually been

holding out for Katie all that time so

assuming Jeff was his best friend

ray makes in one of the groom

along with myself at the wedding keeps

telling ray about how great katie is not

to choke I'm here for you at cetera ray

told him to stop course he was sucking

him out so that song and dance is

happening and the ceremony is about to


finally meet back up with my so at our

table Katie and Jeff's daughter is

playing on the dance floor suddenly the

music stops and the DJ says this song is

from Jeff to Katy and says he still

loves her and that it should be him cue

it cold beam me by Billy Ray Cyrus

blasting all over the hall then Jeff

goes up and gets on one knee and asks

Katy to dance with him and be his wife

she slaps him ray loses his shirt and

gets in a fight cops got called wedding

ruined i nope the [ __ ] back to the hotel

with my so and let them all figure it

out on their own they are divorced now I

officiated a wedding where the groom's

best man was a work associate at the

reception they were doing toasts and the

best man gets up and tells stories about

how he thought the groom was really gay

I think he thought it would be hilarious

but no one thought it funny especially

the bride when he was done the bride's

dad stood up and said Patrick needs a

new best man any takers

folks avoided the guy like the plague

for the rest of the night from the last

time this was posted my ex stepmum was

getting married to my cousin I really

like my cousin and my ex stepmum is one

of the worst people I know so I tried to

talk him out of it but he was committed

they said their vows and everything but

when the pastor asked if anyone objected

I stirred up I talked about how terrible

of a person my ex stepmom was and how

she was tricking my cousin I practically

begged him not to marry her but he

wouldn't even look at me after a minute

of me talking I realized that everyone

else in the room was actively hating me

so I left they are still married to this

day five years next Thursday they seemed

to be genuinely happy I'm starting to

wonder if I just had the wrong idea

about my ex Stedman I go over to their

house sometimes and eat dinner

my dad Marian his third wife my

step-brother and I were in the wedding

party he was about six I was 10 the

preacher asks if anyone objects and my

brother raises his hand so very politely

my dad asks why and my step-brother

replies because I want you to promise to

take me fishing whenever I want first I

was away too for a venue that had a lot

of weddings

we typically watch the wedding ourselves

from the second floor and waited for

everyone to come up for the reception a

guest for the wedding arrived a few

hours early so he sat in the restaurant

and had a few too many drinks

he yelled don't [ __ ] do it bride's

name here he's an [ __ ]

there was the typical gasped by the

crowd then it was just silence as people

from the bar not part of the wedding but

the bar was outside on the same floor

escorted him out I really want to know

what happened I was at a college buddy's

wedding when a drunken childhood friend

of the bride tried to stand up and

profess his love for her the bride's

father immediately stood up and tried to

haul off said drunken guy by the air

except he was so pissed he pulled too

hard and partially severed the guy's ear

I was also pretty tipsy and laughed a

little too hard when the dude screamed

like a small girl that I was not the

only one a few people even applauded

when I was a very young lad I attended a

wedding in which a man stood up at the

point of objection and exclaimed you

forgot the bread knife for the next 15

years my brother and I were convinced

that it was wedding tradition to have a

bread knife and forgetting it was a

mortal sin turns out the guy was just


my best friend calls me up out of the

blue one day and asks me if I can travel

the upcoming weekend to his place from

PHX to the mountains of northern ours he

says he finally popped the question to

his GF of five years and mother of his

two kids and they are just gonna have a

small impromptu get-together of friends

and family to seal the deal so I drive

three hours and show up to his huge

family on his long and has nowhere in

sight I find him and he's trying to hide

the fact that he is [ __ ] shook up dig

a little deeper and find

he hasn't seen the bride in two days and

he thinks she's not gonna show she's not

coming will his exact words I calm him

down with a couple shots of patron and

assure him she just wants to make a

dramatic entrance she never shows

bride's mother shows up finally and

tells my buddy in private that she took

off to Phoenix and has been at a nexus

for the last couple days he announces

weddings off to the 30 or so people

there and being the dopest Mexican

family they are we leave and party and

pinnate of the [ __ ] out of the rest of

the night anyway and blame cold feet she

doesn't come back for two months leaves

him with his painting business and the

kids to take care of then he calls me up

and says it's back on she needed to get

some [ __ ] out of her system objection

made by yours truly the only thing she

needed to get out of her system was her

exes come out of her skanky [ __ ] I

couldn't be there so I just talked [ __ ]

to her Elle endlessly online anytime she

posted anything there I was reminding

her that she's the biggest [ __ ] filled

[ __ ] on earth for doing that to the best

guy I know they did get married and she

eventually blocked me and their marriage

lasted about four more months I still

have dreams about throat punching her

and having the jury say at my assault

trial not guilty [ __ ] had it coming

seriously though violence against ladies

is bad any violence against anyone for

that matter but damn it world felt good

stay in school don't miss the halfpipe

kids had a friend object at my first

wedding he came right up to the altar

spouting off about all my shortcomings

myself and my groomsmen all leveled our

guns at him but he just wouldn't shut up

so we fired he lay in a heap on the

ground for the rest of the ceremony mind

you this was all planned it was a purity

rena-san see wedding and the guns were

black-powder sands the shot of Cour

we all played our parts a bit too well

though a few of the more gullible guests

thought there'd been alleged murder at

the wedding at first

it was awesome I was tempted to speak up

as I knew the bride wasn't really that

into the groom it was a weird Baptist

semi arranged marriage thing needless to

say the bride was a bit of a wild child

so I didn't see a marriage to a minister

lasting I said nothing though and made

an excuse to leave in a hurry anyway the

wheels started to come off during the

honeymoon and she ended up sleeping with

his brother who was the black sheep of

the family

and who had only returned for the

wedding cool guy they ended up having a

kid together

I wasn't born yet but it is a funny

family story I have a very large

extended family mum has six brothers and

three sisters when uncle see the fourth

son got married it was fairly obvious

that most of his siblings didn't care

for his wife-to-be

the day before the wedding uncle si got

hurt at work sliced open his hand and

needed a lot of stitches he was given

very strong painkillers during the

ceremony uncle si was high on

painkillers and started to feel

light-headed while in the middle of

saying their vows he began to wander

offstage and my uncle l stood up and

began cheering uncle l then shouted at a

boy si l's wife pulled him back into the

pew and shushed him later in the

ceremony uncle si and his wife were

kneeling in the church doing some prayer

thing as uncle si was facing away from

the guests everyone could see the

bottoms of his shoes one of my uncle's

had painted helped me on the soles of

his dress shoes when I married my th one

of my closest friends was in seminary I

asked her to stand up for me and bless

our marriage during the ceremony

although I'm not particularly religious

my husband is and I thought it would be

meaningful for my dear friend to lend

her blessing to our marriage

she acted thrilled to do so and did a

lovely job at the ceremony then at the

reception she cornered my new husband

and scolded him for marrying me

him that since he's a Christian and I'm

not we were unequally yoked and in the

eyes of the Lord should not have married

she then informed him that it was his

job as the head of the family to bring

me to Christ I happened to walk up to

them just as she finished admonishing

him he was sheet white but I didn't

learn the full extent of the

conversation until later I ended the

friendship obviously at which point she

tried giving me one of those I'm sorry

if you were offended apologies I don't

miss her

my grandfather humorously objected to my

parents marrying despite having given

them his blessing he held up a photo of

my dad with two black eyes a bleeding

cheek and a muddy face University rugby

game and asked the wedding crowd would

you let this man marry your daughter

everyone laughed and said no he has

later us kids still hear the story at

family gatherings 20 years on when my

granddad moved dad mailed the new

neighbourhood photos of my 70 yo

grandfather with pink dyed hair with the

caption would you let this man live in

your neighborhood we didn't find out

till weeks later and that's how I

learned that revenge is a dish best

served cold it's not quite five minutes

after the objection but oh well