Creative Wedding Invitation Wording

hello this is nick from invitations

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video you know we really love it when

couples come up with different and

unique ways to word their wedding

invitations and so today we're going to

show you a couple different examples

that you can try out let's take a look

if you have a formal invitation and you

want to include both sets of parents

here's a great example the honor of your

presence is requested in celebrating the

marriage of motika singh daughter of

bridge and regina Singh to axel Himani

son of Malik and Rosie Himani and then

if you would like to include your

parents but they're divorced there are

several different examples and you can

actually check out one of them in this

video here as well as you can try this

mr. and mrs. Barry Lyman mr. and mrs.

Larry Ross mr. and mrs. Joel Miller

invite you to share in the celebration

of the marriage of their children Pamela

and Ethan if you want your invitation to

be a little bit more casual but to still

have a quote at the beginning of it it

can read a perfect shell is a gift from

the sea as beautiful and unique as our

love is meant to be please join us as we

Christine edwards and damien rice join

our lives in marriage if you'd like to

include your parents but not have a

quote you could have your invitation

look like this together with their

parents elise adams and hunter mitchell

requests the pleasure of your company at

their wedding celebration thanks for

watching and make sure to check out our

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