How to create wedding invitations with calligraphy

wedding invitations are usually the

first impression guests will have of the

big day so creating a stunning

invitation with calligraphy will make a

big impression for wedding invitations a

logos generally the couple's name this

logo can be used throughout a wedding to

achieve a consistent feel or theme to

create wedding invitations you need

invitation cardstock envelopes to match

the color of your ink watercolor ink

brush pens filled with water pipettes

and a paint palette before we begin we

need to consider whether your wedding

will be elegant or casual modern or

vintage will it be relaxed this will set

the tone for your design there are lots

of different types of calligraphy from

the more traditional styles such as

Spencerian and copper plate so the more

modern calligraphy such as modern brush

lettering so before we work on the logo

we always try and do sketches to see

what works best today we're going to

work on Nicole and Mark with wedding

logos it's a lot to do with placement

and how you want it laid out on your

wedding invitation and you don't really

know how it looks until you try the

different themes in different


sometimes names look better when they're

written horizontally on one line and

sometimes you find that it works better

when they're placed vertically I like to

add the ampersand in last so that I can

see how it fits in better ampersands can

be a creative feature on your wedding

invitation feel free to play around with

different dimensions to see which style

you prefer it's important to practice

writing the names over and over again to

see what you like and what fits in with

your theme of the wedding before we

begin we always start by practicing our

brush strokes so put pressure on your

tip and go down for nice big strokes and

when you do your up strokes try and keep

as little pressure on your paper as

possible to do your hairline strokes

repeat this over and over again to build

your muscle memory

Fick going down putting pressure on your

tip and thin hairline strokes going up

putting less pressure on your tip

another good drill to do a curves so

again you go thin on your appliance and

dick going down some people find it

easier to hold their brush on a bit of

an angle to create the thicker strokes

and then holding a more upright to

create the thinner strokes we've talked

about placement so what we decided on

was we put mark on top of Nicole as it

balances the work a bit more better and

I'll fit the invitation better with

calligraphy when you join the letters up

it's always important to think about

what the next letter will be so that

your tail will extend to where the next

letter will begin for mark and Nicole's

we decided that the ampersand looks best

here and again using thicker strokes

going down thinner strokes going up and

really pressing down on the nib or the

brush to give it a more dramatic thicker

lines with modern calligraphy it's not

common to handwrite the entire

invitation here we've printed the

invitations and left enough room for the

wedding logo it's always nice to have a

combination of printed font and

calligraphy where your calligraphy just

pops when people see your invitation so

again pick down strokes we put more

pressure down then up strokes we put

less pressure and wrap now this is ready

to send calligraphy is a great way to

personalize your wedding invitations if

you've got a small guest list you might

like to handwrite each of them

individually but if you've got a larger

guest list you might like to scan your

design and have them printed