3 Ways to Address Wedding Invitations

hey it's Gendron lighthearted so spring

is right around the corner which means

we are going to be in full-blown wedding

season I don't know about you guys but I

already have a handful on my calendar

for this year and most importantly I

have my sisters that's happening this

summer and I am helping her out on

addressing all of her invitations and I

was thinking maybe of a couple of

different ways that might be fun and

unique to address the invitations to

give a little bit more style to them so

I'm going to show you guys today a

couple different ways to do that so the

first thing I'm going to show you guys

is something that will elevate just the

basic envelope so what I like to do is

take just a square little business card

sized piece of paper I like it when it

has a contrast between the envelope and

then what the color is that you are

putting on so what I like to do is just

take a little bit of a stick loop

Center it

then for a little extra detail I'm going

to use some washi tape I'm just going to

put it on the corners you can cut it or

rip it I think cutting it gives you that

crisper line ripping it gives you a

little bit more rustic and you can go

ahead and address the next I'm going to

show you how to do is add a little bit

of a detail with a rubber stamp so I'm

going to use this banner one and I'm

just going to place it on my acrylic

block you guys would probably use these

ones before but you just line it up next

what you want to do is take your ink pad

get the stamp ready you're just going to

line it up I'm going to actually do it a

little bit more towards the top because

I want to be able to write the address

underneath alright so I like to use this

banner to write the guest titles in so

what I like to do is especially if I

there's a mr. mrs.

and then I'm just going to start with

their last name so this last style is

the simplest of them all you don't have

to have any extra crafts in order to do

this one it's just all about the

orientation of where you put the address

on the envelope so what I've seen that I

really like before in the past is either

doing it at a diagonal across it or kind

of left justify again onto the the left

side of the envelope and kind of giving

it a little bit more drama and dramatic

without having to do a lot to it

so come to something like this is using

what I like to use is this archive pen

it's got a little bit of a thicker tip

and it's great because it is big proof

and it has like it won't believe a lot

on to your envelope as well so what I

like to do is maybe try something

different and also look at maybe mixing

up some of the font styles or you're

doing so maybe the name is in cursive

but you do the address in super modern

kind of straight want I hope you guys

enjoyed these things that you can do to

simply spice up maybe a little bit of

your wedding invitations that you're

sending out if you want more DIY wedding

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light-hearted calm