Make a Parent Ad for yearbook

how to make a yearbook recognition ad

for your high school senior so go to our

Gorham middle high school webpage and

click on our yearbook tab on the side

then you're gonna create your your book

ad by clicking the orange box and then

that brain is gonna bring you to this

page here or if you go to josten's calm

and click on your books and order your

yearbook ad you can order your students

ad in the exact same webpage okay so

you're gonna sign it or register your

password does need to have a number in

it so you get to pick from a full page

all the way to 1/8 of a page pad most

people either do a half a page or a

quarter of a page so I'm just gonna

stick with a half a page the numbers are

how many pictures are on that ad so

maybe I want to have four pictures and I

want to have them all lined up these

pictures in here ok so apparently I

already have pictures in here but if I

wanted to add more pictures I'm gonna go

to add photos on the side and I have

pictures already picked out so I'm gonna

just find them in my computer and then

I'm gonna download those so you'll all

be able to see them way down here a lot

of people do a senior picture that their

student is not using in the yearbook

a baby picture and then a couple other

ones in between so you're gonna want to

write your students name and mine's in

there you can use a script font for the

name because there's less letters or

characters so change the size maybe if

you want it bigger maybe 32

you can write your little message on the

side this is nasi just to tothis

cryptologist because it's harder to read

and I will show you that it's really

hard to read so I would just stick with

the normal bond there okay so now I'm

going to pick my picture so I'm going to

take my senior picture and stick that in

there and it doesn't really work with

the square so maybe you want to change

the design that's up to you ah and then

I'm gonna pick a younger picture so I'm

going to choose that one and all you

have to do is click and drag them in so

maybe I want a sibling picture and maybe

I want my class senior pictures okay so

there's that maybe I wanted to zoom in

more on this I would go it on the

magnifying glass and just zoom in and

out until I get where I want and I also

can mirror it with this which would be

kind of strange but it's up to you

there's also a rotating button here and

that's about it so once you're done you

can preview your ad and then if you're

happy with it okay

if not you can go back and edit it and

then you're just gonna go ahead and buy

your ad and that's