Abstracts for Masters Dissertations

hello I'm feeling the need to talk about

abstracts for business documents or for

master's dissertations I mean the

abstract is meant there is meant to be

there for the busy managers who can't

read a full report or a full document

but need to know what's in it and in my

case an abstract for a dissertation I'm

the second marker for ten or so

dissertations and in one page the

abstract should tell me everything I

need to know about what I'm going to

find in that document and unfortunately

I've seen some very bad one so we're

here we are a couple of minutes on

abstracts or masters dissertations I

mean the first thing is they need to be

short you know 150 to 250 words what I

say to my students is one-page maximum

double double-spaced dirt so for easy

easy reading and so they need to be

short they need to be on one page and

they need to tell me several things

what is this research about I've read

the title but what is it about there's

the first question why is this research

required why is it important why is it

of interest to anybody at all how was

the research performed was it done by

questionnaires or interviews or

secondary analysis or case study how did

you go about it and what were the

results of the research so there's

there's four questions what have you

done why was it important how have you

done it and what have you found out so

wrap that up with a conclusion

afterwards in one sentence we've got

five sentences maybe five paragraphs

certainly what 250 words 50 words for

each sentence or paragraph that's going

to be absolutely fine so when should you

write the abstract at what point now

many people say well you don't write the

abstract at the end so you find out what

you've done but I'm going to suggest

that you write the abstract after you've

got your title and your aims and

objectives approved because the abstract

is telling you a story it's saying what

are you doing why is it important how

are you going to do it what have you

found out

and one of the conclusions and and your

whole dissertation needs to flow through

that what's this about it's about this

subject so let's do the literature

review how have you done it you research

methodology what if you found out your

data your analysis you discussion so

very short clip but that's all about

abstracts for masters dissertations I'm

hoping to see some improved ones because

I've actually seen dissertations without

abstracts today means that I'm going to

read 50 to 100 pages to find out what

the the projects about you want your

second marker to be a happy bunny

so write a good abstract keep the second

marker happy keep your manager happy in


yeah thanks for listening