How To Write A Christmas Card

okay I need to write this Christmas card

for Allison hmm gotta choose my words

carefully mmm

what about - Allison no wait that's


dear no stick with two - Allison hmm -

why no - cupcake no no no no no no happy

no Merry Christmas I hope that Jesus but

no no no no very bloody Christmas you

I wish it could be Christmas every day

but that would be expensive have a baby

licious Christmas it's a boy as in oh

boy it's Christmas I love you more than

a fat kid loves cupcakes how I love thee

let me count the ways

I guess one one love it's a big one I

have been asked to contact all my former

lovers christmas is a time for magic

like tarot cards except not may

your Christmas be a joyful and memorable


like the time I burnt the tree down

except more joyful you're like a cupcake

you're small you're sweet and you give

me diabetes

hashtag Merry Christmas I have no

imagination here's a shot bort card with

a voucher may you continue to elude your

enemies he's checking his list he's

checking it twice Santa has OCD all I

want for Christmas is you and a cupcake

you in a cupcake what I'm going to write

this damn card huh yes of course

yeah perfect and put a finishing touch


wait what about right on the envelope we