What to write in my valentines card will be available soon

Hey guys, Chloe here, expert and pro at ProFlowers and today's YouTube video is a little bit


The hardest thing to do after you find the perfect gift is finding the words to write

on the card.

I personally love doing handmade gifts for my friends, family, and boyfriend.

And so I'm going to show some of the people here at ProFlowers how to write a message

on our personalized card accessory that you can add to your gift.

I hope you enjoy!

So who's your Valentine's this year?

My Valentine is my wife...

My partner...

My mom...

My bestie, we typically always do Galentine's Day together...

Aw, that's awesome.


And where do you struggle writing a Valentine's Day card?

Um, I really can't come up with anything original so it's usually just quotes.

I struggle with being repetitive.

Mostly my handwriting...It's totally illegible.

Honestly, it's just doing it.

I feel like card writing is such a lost art nowadays.

So, what is your relationship like?

It's a close and very intimate relationship.

OMG, I freaking love my mom.

She's legit.

Like, she's the best person ever.

Our relationship is very go-with-the-flow.

Well, her and I met at work and we've travelled the country and internationally together.

And we love wine and cheese.

Whenever she calls me, she like, Oh, like, I'm not talking to you as a mom...

What are you talking to me as?

I'm your friend.

I'm like, cool, you're the only one! (laughing)

I really enjoy going to music concerts and

really outgoing personality, where she's, you know, a little bit more reserved, loves

to read.

So, it's nice...I'll get her out to see some live shows with me, and then other days, we'll

stay in and she gets me reading books.

And we're like stand up comedians when we're around each other.

So a good place to start when you're trying to think of what to say to someone is why

you're grateful for them.

That's a tough one.

I mean, there's so many reasons why I'm grateful for her so if I had to think about it, um,

she's always there...

Hm, well, he keeps me fed, obviously, which is great (chuckling)...

I'm grateful for her because she stands by me day in, and day out...

So if I'm extra, she's definitely extra large (chuckling)

She's really caring, and smart, so that could be one...

He makes me happy and he enhances my life so maybe I'll start with that.

Yeah, that's excellent!

So if I want to buy a pair of shoes and I can't decide, she's, like, buy them all!

Treat yo' self!

Oh my gosh, I need more friends like her.

Yeah, everyone does!

You can never go wrong when you list the top three things you love about them, and then

go into why you're grateful for them.

Okay, alright...so, I definitely love her patience and, her self confidence is something

that initially made me attracted to her when I first met her.

Um, I also love her drive...

She's smart and she's really funny and... she's resilient, I think that's a really good

word to describe her.

So I would say that he's really caring, he makes me laugh...

That's perfect.

And, as I said before, he's a great cook!


So I think I'm going to write that.

I wish my boyfriend cooked for me.

So another card writing tip is if there was a big event that happened recently, and your

friend really showed love and support, you could reference that in the card as well.

Oh, wow, I literally just moved here from Chicago so I moved cross country and she was

the one who helped me pack all my boxes, and was actually the first person to come visit

me after I moved here.

Oh that's huge!

I love it!

Yeah, awesome!

Kinda sad but last May, my father passed away, and she dropped everything that was going

on in her life and just took care of everything, stood by me, and really just held my hand

when I needed her too.

And was just so supportive.

So another tip is don't be afraid to use humor in your card.

What kind of humor does she have?

Dry, not PC, um, she's a lunatic.

We just riff off each other and she's just the funniest person I know.

Dry sarcasm.

Like, half the time, I don't even know if he's making a joke.

But, you know, we do like a Hallmark movie.

I love that!

You can still use that in a heartfelt way.

Maybe something like, you fill my heart and stomach with sweetness and joy!

I love that, thanks!

Do you guys have any inside jokes?

Yes, so recently we went to Vegas, and I can say just one word and she knows exactly what

I'm thinking.

So that word is "violation"...so we were at the club in Vegas and we just met some weird

people and their etiquette wasn't right, so every time we were around them, I just kept screaming

out "Violation!" and just her and I knew what we were talking about.

And the other people around us were, what are you guys referring to?

I have the same inside joke, stories with my friends.

You should incorporate that into the card.

Yeah, that's such a great idea.

And lastly, whether it's direct or however you guys say it to each other, you can never

say "I love you" enough times.

That's a given, that's easy.

I got that, no problem.

So, I think I got it!

So, I'm done writing my card...would you like to hear it?

So, I got my card...

So, I think I got it...

Let's hear it!

Alright...Liz, over the past year, we've had many ups and downs, many awesome times, and

many sad ones.

But the one constant throughout everything was you standing by me.

You fill my heart and stomach with sweetness every day.

I can't wait to see what more adventures, surprises, and dishes are in the future for


Happy Galentine's Day!

I'm so thankful for our friendship - all the shenanigans, the adventures, the laughs, and

all the years of support.

We really should have our own comedy show.

Happy Valentine's Day, Mom!

Thank you for being such a smart, resilient, and nuturing mother...

Although I try to tell you every day how much I love you and appreciate you, I want it to

mean more today.

I love that we make each other's light shine that much brighter.

May God bless you with your hopes and dreams.

Love, Kristen

P.S. I hope you find a summer boo with no "VIOLATIONS".

I love it!

I love you for your drive, your confidence, and your patience, above all.

I love you for you.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Love, Craig xoxo

I wouldn't be the person that I am today if

it weren't for you showing me how to be a better person, man, and son every day.

I love you with all my heart, Vasista It's so sweet!

She's gonna love it!

And I love that you captured the essence of your mom and your relationship.

It's perfect!


Thank you for sharing your heart and making my life better.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Love always, Michael.

And I put a little heart with a smiley face in it.

It's so good!

And your handwriting is not that bad.

Well, I don't know...sometimes I have to like, use white-out on greeting cards. (chuckling)

Well, it's the thought that counts.

Yeah. Great. Thank you!

That was so fun!

I love all the different card messages.

And the most important thing is just to remember to be yourself.

If you're funny, be funny.

If you like poetry, write poetry.

I hope you enjoyed this and don't forget to follow ProFlowers.

If there are any tutorials or questions, go ahead and comment below.

And I'll see you next time!


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