#comicscamp2020 Wednesday Live = THANKS Page!

all right hey everybody

good afternoon it's comics camp and

comics workshop 2020 over at


and uh we have a project to do this


i'm taking another little break from all

the graphic novel work

i'm doing i'm setting up books and i'm

gonna do a little

one one sitting project here so my goal


in about 25-30 minutes we will pencil

ink and maybe even start to erase

a single page project that we can then


and this will be really useful to you

this is something i'm going to use

um and i'll just keep that on the side

here this is something i'm going to use

and something you can use in your own

comics practice in terms of keeping in

touch with people

um and it's going to be a little thank

you card

and i've been thinking of thank yous

because as we're wrapping up the summer

season getting ready for the fall season

i'm thinking of all the people who have

helped make the summer season such a


fun time so let's see i'm going to start

like i start

every page of comics by lightly roughing


the safety zone the margin the frame

for where my art can live where my where

my live area is on the page

and where the outside beyond the edge is

going to be

and i'll do my whole picture within this

live area actually i'm going to try

something i'm going to try an

advanced frame today so i'm going to put

a second frame within

this live area i'll do that a little

darker because that frame

is actually going to be the border let

me i'll put it a little closer

that'll actually be the border

that i draw as a box but then i'm going

to have things kind of coming out of

that box and they're going to stick

out of that box but not go all the way

to the edge see how that

point can kind of point out of the box

there but not go near the edge of the

paper so i can

i can kind of have things jumping out of

the drawn box

and then if you think of this outer box

as the imaginary margin

i'm not going to ink that all right

so you could do just one margin if you

want on your page i'm going to do this

advanced double margin a lot of artists

use this

all right so the box this will be my


and then the safety zone is even a

little further out towards the edge

and i'm going to start with just a

single word in here you can do this

however you want to do your page

whatever message you want to send with

this page i'm thinking this is a

page on i'll print out copies of and

i'll use it as a card i can write

you know on the copies i can write a

note on the back but i want it to say

thanks that's the message i want to get

across here so i'm just going to write

that nice and big here in sort of tumble


big letters and this if you want to do a

thank you note you can do this too

thanks it's kind of hard to write so big

because my letters aren't my hands

aren't used to making letters quite this


but i think i can fit them in

thanks let's not crowd that k too much

we'll squeeze an

s in there and this will be a smaller

little exclamation mark

you know your your message could be

hello or

you know greetings or hope you're well

or something i'm going to use this as a

thank you card

so i'll do thanks and thanks is

something you can always use you know

i find if i have a card or a picture or

something that says thanks

i can pick a copy of it i can keep a

stack by my desk i'll grab a copy write

a note on the back

and there you go kind of pushes me to uh

to do that more

so notice how this t comes outside my

inner box

and it stops right at my outer box

that's how i'm going to use this inner

and outer box

so now i'm going to make these bubbly or


so i'll go along that bar of the t i'll

go along this bar of the t

look at that it is a block t i followed


my skeleton and now i can erase it and

i'll erase that inner border too because

i want these letters to

pop out of that inner border but not get

too close to the edge

i can leave that skeleton in there or i

can erase it now

i'm thinking these letters will kind of

tuck in and around each other

so let's see they're they're kind of

like i said tumble down letters they're

flying every which

way they're rolling across the page i

like that

some can be taller than others can be a


messy and then i am going to go my

ultimate plan

is i'm going to go into these spaces

around the letters

and put in things that i think my

readers would like or that i

um actually i'm going to put in a few

memories from the summer characters from

the summer here

so i can use this as a thanks card

there's our h

moving along i noticed my a and n and k

got a little squished because i realized

i was running out of space but

i can kind of correct that now and make

them nice and fat

maybe i'll tuck the what do you think

the a in front of the end now the end's

going to look

we'll miss the end i'm going to tuck the

n in front of the a

so the a behind the end and have to plan

this out

so that we don't lose any of the letters

let's see if we can get this n in front

and then we'll tuck the a back here

and will it still be readable i don't


let's see we can um sort of step back a

little ways from it and

yeah i hope that end is readable if i if


if i cover up that leg of the end it's

going to look like a v

so i'm being super careful here you know

if i need to i can

move some of these letters around it's

not the end of the world if i erase them

completely and move them let's make sure

this k

is going to fit here let's make that k

i am going to move that k it's getting

awfully close see how that n is getting


this is the fun of penciling live

penciling sometimes when i come on here

i pencil ahead of time

so that i can work out some of these

problems but i kind of like

showing that we all encounter these

problems as we draw

this is unrehearsed unpracticed

let's tuck the k up here it can kind of

fit around

the s like that yeah that's going to

look nice

and we can jump it out of the box here

we can jump it across the s here

we can start the s down lower right

tuck it down below the k it's all

creative problem solving

that's what art really is right creative

problem solving

in ways that other people might not have

thought of before

or encountered before if you're being

really creative

this is just standard lettering though

let's make that

exclamation mark a little bigger there

and then you know we can

back up from the picture look at it from

a distance and squint and look at it

from an angle and it still looks like

the word thanks

so that's going to work the other thing

i want to do with these letters

is i want to come in here and

and bring some lines down from each

corner i'll bring the same distance line


in the same direction and then if i

connect these lines along this other

line that edge

and make a parallel edge like that

does that make it look sort of like a


parallel edge to this front edge front

edge here the back edge will be parallel

more or less there we go that looks like

it's floating on the page

so we'll try that with the h will bring

equal length lines down from each corner

now this corner i will bring that down


but it's tucked in behind the front of

the h so i don't even need to

do that corner just the corners that

aren't tucked behind the front

unless you want your letters to sink

into the page and then you do it the

other way around i'll try that the next


all right parallel to the front edge

bring all our parallel lines parallel to

the front edge

there we go that's looking nice and

blocky and then we can even

you know we can even come in here and

shade in

and darken behind i think we'll draw

things in there but we'll probably shade

in and darken

and that's really gonna boom bring those


out there thanks and really jumps off

the page

let's angle this one a little


there we go here i don't think we can

see either of these corners

but that front edge will be like

somewhere like there

and then let's bring it down here okay

whoops let's try to get that at the same

oh that looks kind of cool having them

go in different directions it looks like

the letter is expanding let's just stick

with that

parallel lines see how this one goes


and this one doesn't go down the same

angle it's like the letter is kind of

shifting there that's cool

let's bring this one down this one over

and that's going to be hidden behind the


let's have this end go in the other


that'll make it look even more jumbled i

don't think we can see that one

at all

so we'll bring parallel lines along

there we go now this k let's bring that

in the same direction

so the these letters are kind of tipped

this way these letters are tipped this

way it looks like it's kind of

folding into the paper that's kind of

cool accidental

but cool i'm going to bring this k back

a little bit

on the outer edge so that we have a

chance to

bring these corners down

and not violate our space agreement with

the edge here i don't want to get too

close to the edge because stuff gets cut

off at the edge

let's bring these lines straight down

for the s

now this is tricky this curve it needs

to be parallel to this curve

if curved lines can be parallel so i'm

just going to try to get it

about looking right as long as it about

looks right i think i'll be happy

this one too curved and we'll bring this

dot over in a curved line parallel to

the front edge

bring these lines back there we go

and we'll color in there okay couple

things in the corners because we have

all this space around

this before we ink it i want to do the

corners because then

i can have things come in front of this

i can move things around a little

if i ink this now i can't make changes

to those lines but that's looking good

i'm not even gonna take the extra time

to erase

all these letter skeletons because i

just won't ink them

and we'll erase them last right we'll

save ourselves a little time

i can see that it looks okay it's gonna


all right 10 minutes in we've got our

letters down all right

what was next i was thinking i don't

know things people might

like from the comics we've drawn like

my hat flying saucer remember that so

i thought i'd draw like up here i think

i'm going to have like a few

scary monster things here and moving

across and as you move across

you end up like in growing trees in a

garden and comforting

just so it moves from scary to

comforting so let's see i like to do


sort of oval shape and a dome on top

and then like a little portal underneath

this is also a perfect uh flying

sombrero right

it's sticking out beyond the inner box

but it's not going up to the outer box

so it's

not too close to the edge right

and then we can put some

circles around that just so it doesn't

look like a flying sombrero it starts to

look like a flying saucer

maybe there's like some some beams

coming out

so we can do this whoa


and maybe like the t is cracking maybe

the beams are like

stressing the t or maybe they're holding

it together i don't know

i'm going to do a couple cracks coming

down here and following this line

and maybe part of the t is like shifting

maybe there are a couple pieces

coming out

that could be exciting like i said i

want this side to be the exciting side

and the other side as you read across

the right side to be the soothing side

there we go the t is um looking a little


maybe the flying saucer is holding it

together i don't know i'll put a couple

stars up here

oh and this could be cool we could


black in the sky behind it that'll look

really cool

i'll put a couple more stars in maybe


sticking up over the edge of that inner

border just a little bit

anything that sticks up over that edge

will sort of

come forward and jump out at you

all right that's cool that also calls

attention to the light line i'm not

going to spend a lot of time blacking


because i will black it when i come in

with my ink

how about a nice little dinosaur monster


let's see coming in on this corner

let's bring in lobster claw style bring

in the top of the head

we'll give it nice big fangs

we'll give it nice big fangs underneath

you can decide if you want that to be a

lobster claw

or a dinosaur head the dinosaur head

either way you're going to want to erase

these lines

right so that that comes in front and

this one goes behind

the dinosaur head is going to have like

a little eye it can look friendly

it can look scary it can look however

you want

friendly and scary it'll maybe have

nostrils here you won't see the other

eye because it's on the other side

if it's a lobster claw it just won't

have the eye and it'll have like a big

arm coming and maybe like

eyes on stalks down here

maybe your dinosaur monster has eyes on

stocks i don't know

i'm going to bring this claw up and grab


edge of the letter

there we go and then i'll erase the

letter here and that that really

it helps the dinosaur look real looks

solid and it helps the letter look solid


let me put a let's put a lobster claw in

here up above

just to practice that i'll use the same

approach i'm going to angle those teeth

of the claw a little bit

then maybe i'll make it segmented on the


put the eyeballs here right so you do a


a circle and a dot that can be the eyes

of the giant crab or whatever it is

grabbing the letter

and maybe this dinosaur like comes


and you get a lashing tail how about

bring that up in front of the letter too

i don't think you can see the legs

because the legs oh let's put the legs

on yeah we'll do it like

sitting on its back put a back leg on


and a claw

there we go oh it's like on its back

grabbing this with all four limbs

i don't think we have to draw i'll draw

the other claw in here grabbing

but i don't think you can see the other

arm i think it's behind the head or

something that would make things a


complicated to do so i'm going to come

in here and just show where the darkness


right in here and here if you want to

have a ton

you can have that tongue come out stick

out in front

of the letter maybe wrap around it or


that looks pretty cool and i'll darken

in here and there could be little faces

or something you can tuck whatever you

want in there

what should we have tucked in here i'm

thinking more stars

i don't want it to be too scary and


i'll just pop a few stars in here

as if they're coming out through the

falling out of the sky

down into this area makes it look a

little sparkly and special too

maybe another star up here sticking in

front of the letter i really like that


you can put little faces on your stars

whatever all right i think maybe here

there's a big spot over here so maybe

here like

a big sun in the sky but you can't see

all of it

now that means we're gonna have to take

this night sky give an

edge maybe put a couple clouds in here

and that'll transition

and we'll darken those clouds nice okay

this is looking nice it's going to be

really full of details look like things

are just flying out through all the


i'm going to put myself down here and

i'm going to draw myself in rabbit form

as i like to do

i don't want my ears to block the

letters so i'm gonna stick them up

across the letters like that but not

make them too big

in fact maybe i'll just do like

a little head with a face smiling

and that will be my self-portrait in


because there is some space under those

letters but if i come up too far into

the letters i'm going to block them

maybe maybe i am holding let's see i'll

give myself an arm

i'll do my three fingers and a

thumb for the hand right that's very


hand it's a right hand so i got the

thumb on this side

and i just do cartoony wise i just do

three fingers usually

and the thumb kind of tucks over them so

it's one two three circles and another

circle for the thumb

boom cartoony hand and let's see let's

put let's make this a pencil we'll just

give ourselves a nice long pencil

with a point not going into my ear but

used to draw with

there we go in front over behind the

tail i don't know

how about in front all right

everything's tying together nicely this

will all be darkened when we

ink that'll look really nice we did that

with our

um toothbrushing alligator the other day

we tucked in the darkness behind it to

bring out the foreground

maybe i'll give myself some hearts and

stars down here i like these

flip these shapes that kind of float

through the picture

and add to the emotion of the picture

what are we going to do maybe like an

eyeball peeking out of

the a oh yeah let's put a couple

eyeballs in here so i'm going to tuck it

behind the a like that

and give it feet like it's sitting here

give it a sparkle in its eye

maybe another eyeball here climbing and

give it a sparkle in its eye

one foot there one foot there maybe it's

that's an adventure eyeball so we'll

give it a

an adventurer's cap like

indiana jones eyeball i don't know there

we go

what else let's see we have um oh i said

i was going to get into trees and

gardens and things over here so maybe

there's like

branches coming in front of the letters

and i'll do just dark branches

going down here

maybe a bird sitting up here right so i

can give it a round head

little bent teardrop shape a beak

two legs one dot for an eye maybe i do

the wing

it's a cartoon bird right maybe two

birds so let's do that

bent teardrop two legs about two eyes

and a beak round curve for the wing and

there you go two birds sitting up on

those in the spaces up there

do a couple more branches maybe another

branch coming out between those letters

the more you work at this and sort of

bring things around your

details you know the more the more ideas

you get really

i'm thinking i'm thinking there's a

tentacle coming out of here

for some reason it seems like

that's a place for a tentacle so i'll

just curve it around put the suckers on


i don't know what's back there but it's

hiding in the clouds

there we go

this will all be dark dark i'm going to

leave a little space

here so that i can you know

put a little message or sign it or put

the date or something when i send this

to somebody

if i use this as a printable card

what else was i going to add oh the

flowers right so we'll put a flower

peeking out through the n here

and put another one jumbled tumbled in

front of them

in front of the n in front of that cloud

i'll leave this blank so i can sign it

oh look at this this s should come

down there there we go and here i'm just

going to tuck

flowers behind these letters and that

detail will be the darkness that kind of

brings the letters out um maybe i

maybe that's my final idea i just tuck

all these flowers in here

right because we are at 22 minutes

of drawing here so we are getting there

we want to be done

soon because i said one setting one

sitting let's put some ink on

all right i think this is looking good

just looking around for any spaces where

i've neglected to put things in so we've


some mysterious fantasy stuff some

old friends from eyeball week mysterious


we've got some nice comforting flowers

and trees and we have

um well self-portrait we have rabbit

here with a pencil as if

rabbits just signed here and a little

space where i can sign

so let's just put some ink on we may not

finish the inking entirely

but i'm thinking um if i can rough

out the letters here um

and then go in i'll rough out the

letters with my thick marker

and then i'll go in with my thin pen and

i'll do the fine details behind it

then i'll come back and i'll do the


in the background there so let's see i'm

going to come in here carefully with my

thick marker

like i said this t is going to be a

little crunchy and crumbly here

so we want to reflect that in the line

i am going to

not go over my lobster claw not go over

i go

under all the parts of my dinosaur

that are not

that's a front edge isn't it i have to

make a decision here if i ever

can't decide remember my rule of thumb

oh that looks really nice

that looks really nice when it's shrunk

down like that you get a little distance

from it

and it pops off the page that's

beautiful oh this is going to look so

cool i get so excited about these

pictures when i see them coming out

remember my rule of thumb when i'm

trying to decide between thick lines and

thin lines

is if i'm not sure i'll go with the thin


right i'm not sure what these edges

these front edges on the letters need

but looking at this from a distance i

like the thick lines

so i'm going to stick with that just for

the outline i'll do the inside lines in

thin here i'll show you

i'll do these inside lines in thin and i

can always

thicken them up right

but it's much harder to go back and make

the line thinner

is still possible but a little trickier

and these cracks will be definitely thin


except maybe a couple darkened spots

where it's really falling apart

right maybe that crack isn't quite so


there we go

is it still a t it still looks like a t

i don't want it to

like completely fall apart for your eye

you know

okay the other thing we might want to


doing i haven't decided on this yet is

coming in and doing some

lines to shadow

these bottom sides of the letters you

know to make that a little darker

and if i haven't decided yet i'm going

to wait on that

i can always scan this in get an image

without those lines and add them in


i think my flying saucer will benefit

from a

thick bold outline maybe that front edge

gets bold

too and then all the details will be

thin lines

but like i said i want to do these

letters first so i've decided

front edges and overall shape

thick line in front of that eyeball

and then oop tuck it behind

these stars and then the front edges and

internal lines

will be thin lines those are internal

lines i think

and you know if you notice a spot like

here that seems to be all

one thing and it doesn't have some

detail maybe it could have if you get an

idea like maybe a star

right there we'll go in and add that in

it'll save us a little inking time later


there's a little piece of the tee

falling off

here's the front edge of our h

oh this is going to be so funny can't

wait to

print this up send it around to people

so the reason i was thinking of a

thank you note is because it's been just

such a crazy

summer season like no other comics camp

season i've done where

usually most summers for the past

almost 20 years now um i go around to

libraries and summer camps

and do workshops in person and this year

obviously we've done them all

virtually like this which has its pros

and cons

it's been really fun it's been a

learning curve

i definitely made as many mistakes as

possible to find out

what kinds of things can go wrong here

but it's been really fun to draw with


all summer and i'm thinking i'm going to

send out some

august mailings to some of my patrons on

the patreon

right here's the uh my main site is

merrickbennett.com if you head over to

patreon.com and look me up merrick

bennett um

you'll see there you can support the

comics workshops that we're doing and

i'm getting ready to do

a fall series like this

you know it's going to kind of continue

the summer it's going to be a little

different i'm setting up a different


and i just want to first tell patrons

hey thanks for

thanks for back in the summer camps

stick around

got a lot coming up in the fall actually

i did a little card about that

so fall workshops comics workshops for

fall 2020 we're getting ready to do

oh wait a minute sorry lettering issue

um so the front edge of this a

i think even though it's internal needs

to be

bold like that otherwise it won't really

look like a hole through the a

but that sitting back sitting back from

the page a little that there i can see

the hole in the a

good let me come in with the thin lines

and check that

i think one of the things i want to do

for the fall

now is a good time you know to

reevaluate and who knows what the fall

is going to be like right everyone's

going back to school and stuff

i'm not going to do any school visits

i'm gonna focus on

uh various books that i'm putting

together a couple graphic novels we'll

have in kickstarter and stuff like that

um that looks okay there again that

might be a place where we wanna

shade in there just to bring out the

hole in the a

okay this is how the summer is gone so

many things going on at once

in a good way

so i'm not doing any school visits um

this fall but i will do

regular probably pretty much weekly

couple times a week i hope um live draws

of whatever i'm working on

summer has been interesting doing a


theme every week i'm really looking

forward this

fall to just really uh

i have a bunch of projects i have like

freeman freemancolbyvolume3 i'm just

going to knuckle down

set a page goal per day and

it's kind of fun maybe i'll just come on

and share what i'm working on

as i'm working if i have something that

i want to show you

and that'll be part of making a graphic

novel page by page

all drawn from historical documents

um so that'll be fun to share

and then um i'm also putting together

our loon tunes

project from this summer in a

lead pollution awareness how to draw


and we have a couple projects like that

coming together

and what else do oh we have the jeremiah

crocker project which is a bunch of mini


and that's really cool that's i'm going

to be just posting episodes from that

all fall as i

investigate the history of slavery here

in the north in new england that has


an eye-opening project to be involved in

and there's lots to come on that

i'm doing the thin lines now the

internal lines on these letter forms

and i keep looking up at my screen and

looking at this

as you know from a little ways away as a

smaller image

because that really helps me make sure

the letters are coming out of the paper

um are visible or popping right

are um gonna catch your eye and be easy

to read and this k i'm a little

concerned about but this

also might be a way because there's so

many little lines in here it can kind of

confound and confuse the eye right but


also might be a place to come in

and do more of that shading wherever the

letters kind of

tuck in like that and that hopefully

will help bring out the lighter the the

brighter lighter front of the letter

which is really what you need to see

in order to recognize it's a k and not a

bunch of boxes jumbled together

that's looking okay

yep so freeman colby volume three

elune's book jeremiah crocker

episodes and a couple new graphic novel

projects coming together so i'm

thinking a lot about the fall and what's

sustainable and how to do it

and it'll be run through i'll do as much

as i can

publicly but it will be run through the


so that's patreon.combennett

and that'll have all the updates all the


and advance releases of stuff so that's

been really fun to do

this summer all right i'm going back in

maybe what do you think

thick line or thin line for the outside

border um if i can't decide

i will always do thin line because i can

go back later and make it thick right

so i'll tuck this line behind my

bump out features in front of the sun

those birds could have bumped out a

little bit that's all right

come down here there it is there it is

come down here oh we could put another

i just had an idea of where could it go

maybe another claw just sticking over

right here like there's many monsters i

guess we need like a little

eye or something

there we go oh it's a little mystery

demon monster

climbing up all right sometimes you're

drawing and these things just need to

peek over the edge right

um let's see i'm going to change these

eyes a little bit

because i notice that black pupil

against a black background will not be


so i'm going to bring the pupil into the

middle of the eye so it's like

looking at us there we go

the monster lobster claw

you know what the live draws will be

this fall um they may be

more like pages that i'm working on for

the graphic novels for freeman colby

volume three

a bunch of story lines there that are


really interesting and challenging and

fun and i'm looking forward to sharing

them with you

um or we could also do like

a little series on monsters or something

fun that's kind of like this a

side project

i'll also take patron suggestions too

has anyone really been even as decided

as i don't know

we're getting some comments there i'm

not sure try typing it again

see if i can answer your comment


you um something something you also it's

hard to plan for these

upcoming seasons because if something

really grabs you

as you're working on it sort of like the

jeremiah crocker project has

then you just have to work on it that's

part of how this

this work goes it's creative work

when the inspiration hits you gotta you

gotta pour your all into it so

that's what i'm going to do this fall go

from project to project

work on each a little bit each day and


every now and then come on and share

what i'm working on

i feel like in the summer season

now i'm just sort of thinking and inking

at the same time

i feel like in the summer season boy

it's the end of

august and i'm about where i wanted to

be in terms of this work

by the end of july right so i'm about a

month behind so

my solution is well you know i'll just

bring this work

into the into september we'll be making

graphic novels in september i'll just

share some parts of that

putting together some more stuff from

the summer

like this thank you card i can send

around to patrons

with maybe the new jeremiah crocker

16 page mini you know that shares some

of that project

or i have a bunch of minis i have like

my um

the cuss bluey well that gives away the

story the true tales story

um that i have to fold up and make into

an eight-page mini you know and i'll

send those around

include a thanks card once it's done

i think you can see how this is turning


that star just hopped in front of this

cloud here

let's try blacking in the flying saucer


and then that might be it for now and i

will finish

inking this i have to go soon but i will

finish inking this and post it

over on the patreon post it as a

printable for people to see

so let's just make sure proof of concept

let's make sure this

blacking here is going to bring out

our letter shapes and help us see it so

we'll go in here with the marker

if there's a tiny little space the

marker can't get into i will go back to

the pen

and use that thin line but i think if

i'm real careful

the chisel tip of this water-based


should should should be okay now notice

this ink is bleeding through here so

when i'm inking like this

i even put down some scrap paper to

guard my clipboard

i'm when i'm inking like this i'm only

going to use one side of the paper

when i print this as a printable over at

the copy shop up in town or

off a printer the library is opening up

um i can print this i can print it and

the ink of the printer won't run through

the copy

so then i'll use the side to do

um to do letter writing i'll write a

little note hey

thanks for the book for someone who sent

me a book or

thanks for drawing with comics camp

looking forward to the fall something

like that you know i can write a little

caption on the back

do a little doodle there and then this

is like this

this just like i said earlier having a

card like this

encourages me to send more letters

and now is a really nice time to be

sending letters i've gotten some really

nice cards in the mail recently

um and i've seen some nice artwork

people are working on

and especially for patrons who are

joining on the patreon watching this

after they're filmed and joining in

in the archived videos using the


anything like that and when i send out

my graphic novels in the mail to patrons

i'll slip one of these in oh that'll be

nice it's like a

bookmark now i'm thinking this

because i did it nice and big i can

shrink down

and it should shrink down to let's see

if we take a

similar size piece of paper fold it in

half and in half

so that it's sure it's half as tall half

as wide

that will be the 50 percent size so this

this whole page will shrink down to this

size it'll say thanks it'll have these

nice tiny little details

in there and then they could i could cut

up the page so they can

open it and have a nice little note or

something so it could be an opening card


i haven't gotten that far and planning

it first i want to see how this

turns out and i like how this is turning


with the black sky look at that oh my


yes i love the the way the letters kind


pop out of the black night sky there and

over here remember it won't be sort of

popping out of black it'll be popping

out of

detailed leafy vegetation so it'll be a

different kind of a feel

oh this is so cool i'm glad we could

draw this together

i think this works let's just get the

rest of this night sky

in here and then we'll call it a live


and you can go do your inking and i'll

do my inking i actually have to write up

to the post office again mail out some


and doing a special class this afternoon

we've been

every wednesday i've been doing a class

at a

local youth services center by zoom

and thanks to kimball jenkins school of

art for supporting that

making it possible it's really cool to

work with those

teenage artists so maybe i'll bring this

in and

show them this if they think that could

be useful to them they're all doing

stories and mini comics so we'll see

what they've been up to

that'll be this afternoon and tonight

i'm i'm gonna

pop back in sometime soon because i have

the um

we have to do some more coloring on the

freeman colby poster right so i'll

pop that in sometime soon and we'll

bring out the crayons and we'll do a

little more

color building there that'll be fun

let's see where do i end here i have to

find a good stopping place

i'll finish these areas right up to the


this will keep being black in there

right up to the pencil just to make sure

that doesn't

get lost there we go all right i have to

stop oh look at rabbit's face

that's so common i think you just see

your characters with their faces on so

you don't always realize

you forgot to ink their faces

and are we missing anything oh yeah a

little bit of a star there

okay all we have to do now is finish i

think this will be fine line inking the


the trees the flowers and then and the

eyeballs of course and everything

then i'll come in and erase right clean

that up

then i can scan it just like we've been

doing scan it to a black and white


and it can be a coloring page it can be

a printable card

however i want to use it i have a lot of

details to ink here


well i will do that


it's so hard to start some days you have

it's hard to get started you know

some days it's just so hard to stop but

i'm going to call it

pause for now thank you for drawing with

us thanks patrons

wonderful to um be drawing all summer

and i'm looking forward to

the fall 2020 season coming up over at

the patreon

and here on facebook and elsewhere um

good luck with your thanks card

good luck with your mini comics and all

your projects

and we'll see you again soon