TIPS | What Teachers Really Want for End of Year Gifts!

hi you guys I'm so excited to have

Presley's preschool teacher Miss Terry

here I'm a little nervous actually I'm a

little nervous too Presley was like Miss

Terry's not coming over

you're kidding mom you're kidding miss

Terry's coming over

no I'm not kidding she's sleeping right

now this is like earlier than I've ever

filmed it she's gonna freak out if she

sees me

so Miss Terry any favorite and of your


honestly when it comes down to it

anything is really nice but I'd have to

say my absolute favorite was a

compilation of brothers Grimm's fairy

tales any odd or weird gifts bottles of

olive oil and things of sea salt so I

asked our viewers on Facebook thank you

for all your responses with their

favorite things were the teachers and so

number one was heartfelt notes always

nice it's always nice but you know

Presley can't write yet so let's move on

to most popular gift cards gift cards

you will never go wrong with gift cards

are good I mean let's face it we're

teachers were poor you should be yeah

people said the more generic the better

stay away maybe from coffee just in case

and then maybe not restaurant oh and

this is funny someone said movie theater

because at the end of the school year I

just want to sit in a dark room and have

no one talked is actually really funny

but also slightly true a book a beach

towel sunscreen and a bottle of wine um

well I don't drink wine but I can say

for many of my co-workers that that

would be a good one

personalized tote bag or do you have

enough eyes Rick did an amazing DIY

about this by the way oh really

I like tote bags okay I have a lot of

like reusable shopping bags and I like

them like you know I wouldn't say just

put a gift card in the tote bag okay

stick that right in up right inside

potted plants be honest this is what

you're here gonna die they're gonna die

it's kind of cute you helped me grow

that is vitam you thanks a lot a really

cute like a personal note which you save

something like this I would yeah I got

that thank you something like that yeah

what about like other crafts I mean it

piles up a lot like I've I've tried

because they are they're precious to me

like and I love those kids and it's

something I want to keep and remember

but it piles up don't worry Presley and

I didn't make anything do you appreciate

like Pinterest type level it's cute but

hey if you take those Pinterest things

and just add a gift gravy to do it it

would be great and we really love it

look how cute this one is it's a bunch

of lotto tickets yeah it's fun

okay so here are the things we heard

that teachers do not want okay coffee

mugs yeah I have a lot of colleagues I

they they go in the donations and

sometimes homemade baked goods I'd have

to agree with that we get a lot of

sweets during the year birthdays parties

scented lotions those are nice I've used

everything that I've been given even the

olive oil and salt some good shampoo I

don't know if they were hinting at

something but yeah oh that's so funny

and then finally I know that Presley is

really quiet in school but she talks

about you all the time at home so I

caught it on tape yesterday and was your

favorite thing about Miss Terry

reading books and what is one thing you

want to say to miss Terry to end the

school year I love the team so much oh

so you've just done in tomorrow he's

actually really sweet oh that did make

my day oh my gosh I'm gonna miss you

having us your teachers so much all the

teachers watching you guys have so much

patience and energy and I don't know how

you do it every day and we just really

appreciate you guys so thank you for

what you do

thank you so much I will see you next

week bye