How to Write the Perfect Holiday Card

tis the season for holiday cards and in

many cases the creation of that holiday

letter here darkness and coming up with

one that finds the right tone and by

that I don't mean that doesn't sound too

braggy or makes it seem like your life

is perfect but still has you're sharing

information that people are genuinely

interested in is is Jodi RR Smith thank

you so much for being with us

expert and founder of Manor Smith but

yeah this is a difficult balance because

you know we've all gotten those holiday

letters that may be our five pages long

really detail I'd read them yes this is

not a regurgitation of your diary you

should not be going month by month


one page maximum with a font that we can

read not an 8-point font to try to fit

it all in make it fun interesting so

that people want to find out more about

what you've been doing for the year okay

so it's got to be like I'm with that one

page or less it's like a resume yes get

it all on there in one page the less yes

you mean so many people just do cards do

you have a preference of should you be

sending a letter or just do a card I

happen to really like the letter you

tell Facebook friends with everybody I

want to hear how people are doing a card

it's fun to see them but I want to hear

how old is a kid what's their dog up to

where have they traveled I really do

want to hear a little bit more and it

should not be the same stuff you're

putting on Facebook anyway this should

really be and I look back a year in

review of the highlights of things that

have gone well for you and your family

what about things that have not gone so

well yeah I don't want to come across as

to brag II do you indicate like oh

so-and-so didn't get the job this year

but she's still looking and you know

whatever no so you want to be careful so

you can have negative information if

it's something that people are already

aware of so like a health problem if I

had been undergoing health problems for

the past three years and you can say

Jody is now in remission that's

something to say or Jody needed to go

through some treatments in July but

all's looking well

we don't need any doctor reports we

don't need to know what medications I'm

on and if something really is wrong the

holiday card is not the time to

disseminate that news something I should

not get a card with my smiling family

open it up and real that I'm

I read that I'm critically ill that's

not the Tibet it's not the place okay

let's talk about before you put your

card out to the world I know every year

sometimes you cringe because someone has

a grammatical error or a spelling

mistake if they do the apostrophe s

since that you know instead of just the

S you're like I mean should you make

sure what do you do to make sure people

don't make those mistakes so what

happens is people are in doing these at

two o'clock in the morning I have to get

it out I have to get it out do it in

advance make sure that you have the time

to put it aside to reread it and

everybody has a friend that is a grammar

guru who loves to nitpick send your

draft to them proof it for you they will

send it back and then you can print it

out what I love is my grandmother used

to redline it and send it back she was

quite the woman she was quite the woman

send it again a programmer a lot of my

family members are Jewish I want to buy

one holiday card yeah and I want to I'm

Catholic I want to express my sentiment

my spirituality is it okay to send a

spiritual message to a non-christian

person it's well there's all sorts of

religions with all sorts of spiritual

messages that have holidays during the

the December holiday break time and what

I encourage you to do is to be sensitive

so as the recipient I am happy to get

blessings from any and all religion

because I could use all the blessings

that I can get right okay as the sender

I also want to be sensitive so if I can

buy two different sets of cards or if I

can buy something that is more of a

global message of peace and love

I'm going to opt for that instead but

maybe okay this and say send Merry

Christmas to someone who doesn't

celebrate verses a biblical message

right so you there are gradations here

and there are so many cards on the

market that I encourage you get a couple

of each and when you don't know send

something just a little bit more on the

generic side when in doubt so what about

when you're having this wonderful time

you're sending your holiday letter about

all the great things but you know that

this person that you're sending it to is

having a really tough time they had a

death in the family they lost their job

like should you send something that's

talking about all your happiness to

someone who's having a hard time or

maybe does that lift their spirits I'd

be careful about

sending it because then I bump into one

of the our mutual friends in the grocery

store and say oh I got Kara's letter and

she goes I didn't get it she didn't I

must have gotten dropped from review in

there exactly personalize it at the

bottom of the letter say dear Beth I

look forward to getting together with

you for coffee in the New Year a little

something or I'm thinking of you during

the holidays I know this might be a

tough time for you big big proponent of

signing each Christmas card yes so even

if you're printing out the night but

people don't real signature like if

you're getting the picture cards and you

say from the house family then you do

where you're going to sign them you

can't sign in the picture cards or a ho

ho ho Scott yeah because you do like a

regular card but if you're doing a

picture card and it says from all the

names of the house family should you

still sign it well that's why you add

the holiday letter into the picture card

even though I know what you're doing

every minute of the day that's right but

don't have your dog write the letter I

tried to get cutesy no don't talk about

yourself in the third person don't have

your dog write the letter don't write it

from the point of view of your Christmas

tree really just write the letter unless

you're a professional comedian just

write the letter one last question if we

don't get the Christmas card from the

same person that we've been sending it

to for three to four years now is it

okay to take them off the list yes after

five years of you sending and then not

sending back absolutely you can take

them off they'll take them off the

lesson not be worried about there okay

what if you get one and you hadn't send

one do I know in our house and as we

save the address let me immediately send

them on to we should we do that you can

do that but you keep track of who you're

sending them to and that way you you're

not doing that every single year to that

same person okay and make sure you make

those label changes when people's get

divorced yes you don't put that label on

there yes

all right Thank You Jodi appreciate it

happy holidays for more edit advice from

Jodi be sure to check out a website it's

Manor smith.com