A look at who writes the messages inside millions of Christmas Cards sent every year

finally tonight made-in-america

christmas and those Hallmark cards did

you ever wonder who actually writes them

Christmas just a few weeks away but for

the tiny towns of Leavenworth Kansas and

Lawrence Kansas they've been getting

ready all year Hallmark headquarters

1,100 workers at two plants bringing the

snowmen to life every Christmas card

written right here and we wanted to meet

the writers first heading into this

Hallmark store not to find the Christmas

cards straight to the Christmas aisle

good to see you happy holidays Hallmark

in business since 1910 co-founder JC

Hall just 18 when he traveled from

Nebraska to Kansas City he gets off the

train with a shoebox full of postcards

that's correct and that was the start

that's the start with the help of his

brother Raleigh they begin making and

selling a new kind of card a greeting

card that you put inside an envelope all

these years later who's writing them and

her Blackbird for eight years now as a

hallmark writer you kind of get into the

spirit of Christmas a lot earlier than

most people here his sister his mother

and father inspiration I love what

Andrew told us yes that it comes from

his parents that's his inspiration

absolutely but unfortunately we're sold

out because it sold so well his parents

yes his parents they deserve the

corporation yes Amy Trowbridge 8 12 and

a half years writing from the writing

that I do to the lettering the

illustration the design it all happens

right here in this building so we have

Amy's card here Amy thanks to you mom I

always know what matters most it's

referring to and Keely chase writing for

17 years now I'm watching movies that

you know that everybody loves to watch

at Christmastime I'm listening to

favorite Christmas songs and after you

open her card and so many others we open

the gifts I gave it and so many of you

sending us your made in America ideas

your one thing this year many wrapped in

Hallmark paper 700 million feet printed

every year all with three words in mind

we love it and we want to know your one

thing made in America under the tree

this year send us your videos at our

Facebook page I'm David Muir goodnight

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