Husband Gives Wife On Birthday The Saddest Gift Ever | Dhar Mann

oh honey I love this gift for my


let me guess one of these has Disneyland

ticket find out rent

I don't get it what's this who you think

paid for the rent the entire year so

happy birthday you have a roof over your

head okay thank you huh

this one is the one with the Disney

Latika groceries I don't understand

what's there not to understand who do

you think pays for groceries the entire

year so happy birthday you have a

refrigerator full of groceries

you got me groceries for my birthday

what that doesn't cost money you know

it's about time that you start

appreciating these things

wedding ring I don't get it you got me

note cards for my birthday no cards did

I not get you a wedding ring earlier

this year you don't think about all the

things I do for you all year long huh

but it's my birthday so I thought I

don't know maybe you do something

special something special so paying for

rent buying groceries and getting you

that wedding ring that's not special oh

my phone

how are you still unappreciative

macho you're going man I'm so sorry I

got distracted with all these presents

it's my wife's birthday and I'm on my

way to surprise her all those gifts are

for your wife don't you do enough for

her already all your long sorry I'm I

don't know what you mean don't you pay

rent buy groceries and I'm sure you got

her a wedding ring too right

yeah I I got her all those things so

isn't that enough why'd you need to do

something special for her birthday I

think he got it all wrong now you see I

may pay the rent for the house we live

in but she's the one who turns our house

into a home she takes care of all the

laundry keeps our house clean and gives

me a place to look forward to come home

every day and I may pay for the

groceries yes but she's the one who

turns those groceries into hot meals no

matter how tired she is she'll always

make me my favorite meal every single

day and yes I may have bought her a

wedding ring but she's the one who turns

that wedding ring into a happy marriage

she's the most loving caring and loyal

person I have ever met so yes I take

care of the rent and I pay for the

groceries and I bought her the wedding

ring too but she does a lot to men so

she still deserves presents on her


I guess I just looked at it from my

perspective I never realized that she

does a lot for me hey I'm sorry for

lashing out the way that I did

a man forget about it we've all been

there right

you're gonna figure it out I know you

hey honey can you come down here please


what's going on I'm sorry for earlier

nevertheless I was looking at things

just from my point of view

and I'm the one who's being


with more note cards just open it

and Mickey Mouse turret well but with

only one condition what is that that you

were this Minnie Mouse ears for the rest

of the day happy birthday baby


sometimes in relationships we think

we're doing all of the work but we're

only seeing half of the picture we

should always try to see things from our

partners perspective one person may be

paying the rent but the other person may

be managing the home one person may be

buying the groceries but the other

person may be making all the meals and

one person may be spending the money but

the other person may be doing a lot of

the work so it should always appreciate

our partner because most of the time

showing appreciation is the greatest

gift of all

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