How To Make A Number Cake

Number cakes are very popular for birthdays but instead of the original

version made with sugar cookies I'm going to show you how to use cake! I

started by whipping up a batch of my perfect chocolate cake batter. Of course,

you can use any flavor for these cakes. For two layers of a quarter sheet cake,

which makes two numbers of three layers each, I used enough batter for a six inch

cake. Line your baking pans with parchment paper to give your numbers

more support later in the process. After the cakes cool, chill them for thirty

minutes in the freezer to make them easier to carve into numbers. While the

cakes are chilling, prepare your buttercream. For two numbers for three

layers each you'll need about half a batch of my 4 Minute Buttercream. I'm

using peanut butter buttercream by mixing a quarter of a cup of peanut

butter into my buttercream.Add milk or cream until your frosting is smooth and

easy to stir but still holds its shape. This will pipe perfectly. Fill a piping

bag with frosting. I'm using a round tip but you can play around with different

star or open star tips for a different look.

Now sketch out your numbers. Use a piece of paper the size of your cake pan and

fold it into three parts or however many numbers you're going to cut out of your

sheet cake. Then when you sketch your numbers within the folds of the paper,

you know they'll fit onto your cake. Cut out your numbers and place them on a

chilled cake, cutting around them with a serrated knife. Don't worry about how the

surface of your cake looks because it's going to be covered with frosting soon.

Keeping the number cakes on parchment paper makes them easier to move from the

drying rack to the freezer and from the freezer to your cake board.

Arrange your first layer of each number on a cake board using a few dollops of

frosting to secure them to the board. Now use your piping bag to pipe little

dollops of frosting on each number. It looks best if you align your dollops and

rows but of course if your numbers curve like the top of my 2, you'll need more

dollops on the outer edge of the curve. If your dollops aren't forming nice

clean peaks because the frosting is breaking off before the tip of the

dollop, you'll need to add more liquid to your

frosting. After piping your first layer of dollops, place the second layer of

each number on top. Now pipe on another layer of dollops. If you're finding this

tutorial useful please subscribe to my channel for new cake decorating

tutorials every week! Place your final layers of cake on top.

At this point you can tidy up your cake board by brushing away any crumbs using

a pastry brush. Pipe on your final layer of dollops and then comes the fun part:

decorating! I'm starting by sprinkling on some gold glitter and now I'm adding

every type of peanut butter chocolate I could find with a few fresh flowers to

make the cake more celebratory. It's important to decorate immediately after

piping the dollops, while the frosting is still sticky so the chocolates are easy

to place and they stick to the frosting. I'm finishing with gold sugar balls,

placing them individually because my frosting has already set. Store your cake

in an airtight container like a cake caddy. If you're transporting it I

recommend putting it in the freezer for about an hour first so it's firm for the

drive. And there it is! My finished number cake! This is obviously perfect for a

21st birthday but also as a whimsical idea for someone older who would love to

be 21 again! If you follow this tutorial these tag @britishgirlbakes on social

media so I can see your creation!