How to Draw a Bookmark Easy | Cute Back to School Supplies

hi guys when you're here today we're

going to draw a bookmark so let's get

started to draw this book right we're

gonna first start by drawing a straight

line so if you're using a pencil just go

ahead and draw the top of your bookmark

as wide as you want it to be but because

I'm using a sharpie I'm going to draw a

little dip right here for the ribbon

that I'm going to put on this bookmark

and I don't want it I can't erase I'm

just gonna draw a little dip like this

come back up and continue my straight

line across sometimes centering this

little dip right there so about that

much and from there I'm going to start

to bring down my bookmark so I'm going

to come right here and draw straight

line down if you need to turn your paper

to make it easier for you to draw a

straight line definitely do that

okay so from there I'm going to drag it

on the other side coming down go up and

coming into lunch and I'm starting to

wobble okay so let's see here on my

bookmark about that long and I'll

connect it at the bottom okay they're a

little bit wobbly but it's okay right

so then I'm gonna come up here I'm just

gonna work on the ribbon first so when

you come in this area and just try look

curve right on top and just gonna give

it some detail here and then draw

another curve right on top there and

then from there I'm going to draw the

ribbon tail somewhere come in this area

and just a curve out however you like it

just have fun with this part and they're

gonna come cut it off and bring it right

back down I'm just gonna follow my curve

right back down

and then on this side I'm just gonna

tuck it in let's see here I fell right

here just tuck it in about right there

and cut it off bring it right back and

so if you want to make it fancier you

can come in here and just continue this

curve it down a little bit and bring in

an angle so same thing over here just

curve it down and tuck it in it just

gives it some more dimension a bit more

loop to it there so we got our ribbon in

and then from there I'm going to draw

I'm going to attempt to give this

bookmark a little border so you can

decorate it book my heart ever you like

here we go go straight down so notice

I'm just slowly dragging my hand so it's

a little bit more steady so if you ever

need to draw really straight long lines

just drag your hand down oh my gosh and

then connected okay and then from there

let's bring this cute little bookmark to

life so I'm going to come into this area

on the bottom and draw a circle for the

eyes there's some draw secure eyes just

to make it extra cute right so come in

here towards the edge draw another

circle and I'm going to make them draw

such Qi so two small circles inside and

an angle and a curved line the bottom

and shade and

and the lines at the bottom and same

thing on this side


and lines at the bottom okay so then I'm

going to come up here just draw a little

curve on top of each eye and then in

between a little smile and then you can

add some chicks in here when you're

coloring in and so then that's um oh my

gosh I totally forgot you're like what

is this right okay

so totally forgot about this circle that

this ribbon comes through so in this

area right here we're going to draw a

circle so that's where the ribbon comes

from now it makes sense right okay so

then let's decorate our bookmark right

here and I'm just going to add a heart a

whimsical heart no tail to give it some

movement and connect it

there and then you can write whatever

you want on this bookmark I just found

something really easy to rice I'm gonna

write it right here hopefully you can

see what I'm writing let's see if you

can guess so I'm going to start but

right here it's just two words see let's

see who guesses it first age and

hopefully I can fit this in here oh oh

oh oh yes II okay I made it

everything's got squeeze to the Ritz ten

but it's okay so choose what do you

think it's we're gonna choose here okay

let me come here first letter is that's

nice make this one bigger H so I think

by now you guys figured out what I'm

writing right so hopefully you guys

always choose happy okay so I just put a

big old Y here and drag it down and then

you can fancy up your calligraphy

however you like I'm just gonna add some


points at the ends of each of these



but this inspires you to draw your own

and then you put your favorite coat

right here thanks so much for watching

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