Wedding Reception Program or Itinerary Tutorial - DJ's Entertainment Perspective


Algie wanna ladies and gentlemen this is

simply Frank with elegante entertainment

and I have a video for you guys that

it's gonna allow you to do your wedding

reception timeline or itinerary and this

is gonna be based on a for our wedding

reception type so the tool that I'm

using here is called Evernote this is

the online version and I believe this

tool allows you to download your app on

your iPad or iPhone or or android phone

any any portable device as well as a

laptop or you can just access the

Evernote website and then use it from

there so let's get rid of this little

thing so it's not in the way so a for

our wedding reception here are some of

the questions you should be asking

yourself first of all what time is

guests arrival and so let's say that

your guests start arriving at 6 o'clock

so 6 o'clock is your guests arrival time

and what you want to ask yourself is

what were your guests

what are your guests gonna be doing at

this time sometimes we have allowed them

time to get their get situated

so let's allow 15 minutes for that so 6

to 6 15 is gonna be your guests arrival

time and at 6:15 we will actually have

the grand introductions so this is where

the bride and groom are introduced and

one of the questions we ask here is do

you guys want to introduce the bridal

party so the bridal party going to be

introduced so that's we have to figure

that out first and if the bridal party

is gonna be introduced you have the

option of having two songs to be

introduced one song option is you play

the same song as the bridal party is

introduced and then you keep playing the

same song once the bride and groom are

introduced or you can do the option of

where you do one song for the bridal

party and then put a question mark here

because this is not

unknown and then one song for the bride

and groom to be introduced so let's put

some here and the next thing we want to

know is how do the budding run bride and

groom want to be introduced it's a mr.

and mrs. you know bride and groom Smith

or just mr. and mrs. Smith or mr. and

mrs. groom Smith so these are the three

options that I normally suggest mr. and

mrs. you know first name both first

names and the last name or just mr. and

mrs. and the groom's last name or mr.

and mrs. groom's name and and Lessing so

once you decide on that your next option

your next decision is gonna be are you

gonna walk into your first stance so if

you do walk into your first stance then

obviously we need to know the song so we

can have it cued up and ready and once

you do your first dance you dance around

and you're done with the first dance

then the next question is gonna be do

you want to do a dinner blessing and

it's so who is gonna be doing that

dinner blessing so we need the name of

that person and then you know make sure

that they are ready they know that once

the first dance is over with they're

gonna be leading us in a prayer so once

the blessing is said and done then we

are announced that the dinner will be

served so one thing to note here is how

long from the guests arrival to the

grand introduction and to the dinner

being served this is something that

you're gonna have to calculate

beforehand now did your dinner gonna be


you know 6:30 seems to be a perfect time

for this and let's keep the same formats

as we have so 6:30

we'll be when your dinner is served

excuse me so once the next thing we have

to know is is the dinner gonna be buffet

style or sit-down dinner and the reason

we need to know this is obviously we're

gonna be making an announcement as DJs

you know ladies and gentlemen at this

time your dinner is gonna be served for

a sit-down dinner or ladies and

gentlemen we are gonna start dismissing

tables in just a few moments please be


as your table is called for the buffet

dinner so that's uh you know two

different options to choose from

and we want to make sure that we get the

right announcement for that and then you

know the logistics of how we're gonna

dismiss tables if it's a buffet-style

dinner so at this time you just got to

figure out what's gonna be done at this

time next option for our DJ's we need to

know what what style

styles of music or genres let's just use

genres what genre of music do you want

play during dinner all right so once you

figure that out either be a playlist or

maybe just some name artists a lot of

times some of the popular ones are

Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra if

you're doing a bilingual wedding Spanish

in English then you want to add some

Spanish artists like Luis Miguel seem

Bandera etc so these are some of the

popular more properly the most popular

ones as far as dinner music goes and you

have to plan dinner music for about an

hour or so so this will be about 20

songs that you don't have to choose I

mean you can just do the artist names

and that will get us going or if you do

want to you know if you want some songs

that are maybe not that popular as what

I'm talking about and you want to make

sure you you you get them you hear them

during dinner then you do a playlist you


if it's gonna be an hour then I would do

a playlist about 20 songs playlist 20

songs max Oh max yeah max you knew less

definitely but you know three minutes of

song times 20 songs that's about 60

minutes or an hour so that should be

more than enough to to get some to get

through dinner and you don't have to

choose all the songs that DJ should be

able to you know take five songs and

then go with it and add them to his

regular playlist so alright so once

dinner is done the next thing that you

want to do is most of the time we have

the toast and the toast is usually done

by the best man maid of honor so we are

gonna need their names and in the order

that you want them to do the toast so

let's say you have you know there's

really no order I mean I'm sure at some

time there was a you know gentlemen's

code ladies first or you know whatever

but right now nowadays there's no

particular order so what I talked

typically recommend is to do the person

that has the best speaking abilities to

goal ask and the reason for that is you

don't want the first person to be the

one that's gonna you know make everybody

laugh put everybody tears whatever that

they have this amazing ability to be

able to grab a microphone and just speak

you want them to go last that way the

person that's gonna follow them you know

doesn't feel like oh my god now I have

to top that and you know you already got

a already starting on a negative thought

so you want to organize it to where the

person with the best speaking abilities

goes last and that's that's my general

rule of thumb and that's what i always

recommend and it works out really really

good you know because you end on a very

high energy high positive note and

everybody has a good time has fun and

that nobody else has to follow that one

of the things that i do allow for

is for the bride and groom to be able to

say thank you or you know just address

the crowd so this would be a perfect

time to do that some bride and groom

speech I could be just the groom it

could be just the bride it could be both

so we put speeches so this is another

question mark that we want to fill out

eventually and after the speeches one

thing that I've seen done that looks

really good

as far as organizing the timeline is to

do the cake-cutting here you all some

people want to do it way later there's

the stigma that people are gonna leave

once the cake is cut I really don't see

that too much so and remember this is

just gonna be the picture portion I'm

cutting the cake so the photographer is

gonna come in you guys are gonna cut the

cake and they're gonna get their

pictures so it doesn't mean that they're

actually gonna you don't have to

actually cut the cake at that time you

can just do the cake cutting pictures or

cake cutting ceremony and if we do it at

this time we're also gonna need a song

for you guys to place so what song you

know just something background almost

the time I if there's no suggestions I

can play something like sugar by Maroon

5 or sugar sugar by the Archies or

something fun upbeat and and that kind

of goes with the theme of the cake

cutting all right so once we're done

with the cake cutting we have a big if

coming up so if you did not do your

first dance after you did your grand

introductions back over here then we're

gonna put it over here so if if first

dance it's not done yet so we're just

put if then we're gonna put first dance

it doesn't make sense I know writing it


but so you're only gonna have it here or

here either one so some people want to

do it right when they walk in other

people want to do it later after the

dinner and this would be the the my

recommendation after the cake-cutting

and bride and groom or you know the

speeches then we go into the formal

dances so after that we're gonna do the

first dance and then usually I like to

follow with the bra bride oh I see

father and daughter dance or bride

father and bride dance and we also need

a song for that so we need a song oh we

also want to know if they're gonna be

doing a father and daughter bride or is

gonna be brother and and bride it's

gonna be on uncle

or maybe just mother and bride anything

so it doesn't have to be a particularly

father/daughter but the bride is gonna

have the opportunity to dance with a

family member and or or not it could be

no dance for this and but there if there

is then we need a song for that so so we

got the song selection and then after

that we're gonna have the groom groom

dancing with again it could be mother

typically it's just groom and mother so

let's just do the typical dance but it

doesn't have to be grooming and mom

dance it could be grooming and sister

groom and you know any anybody that

makes a difference in this life and and

and you know if mom is not around and

they want to dance with somebody else so

and we also going to need a song for

that and after that it's actually when

we open up the dance floor so if you

notice we don't actually have times on

this even though it's a timeline it's

more of an order of events the only

thing that's gonna be very strict is

when dinner is served because the

catering staff is gonna want to make

sure that they you know have the dinner

ready by that time and then start

serving so

if you tell the the catering staff that

you want dinner at 6:00 you know they're

gonna be ready at 6:00 and if you're not

ready you know your foods gonna start

getting cold and it's gonna throw their

schedule back 30 minutes so the dinner

is a big thing that you want to keep a

knife out on what do you want to do you

know if you're getting there if you

start at 6:00 and you get started

writing at 6:00 then you want to push

dinner - maybe 6:30 but if you're if you

start at 6:00

you know quote-unquote yeah but you're

getting started writing it you know 5:30

to 6:00 then you can start dinner at

6:00 but then you run into another

problem because you're getting your

vendors are gonna be thinking that

they're gonna be ready yet at 6:00 when

in reality they should start either

should have been ready by 5:30 so you

know keep in mind balance those two

things out that way you know your guests

start arriving and you know the vendors

aren't ready because they were expecting

to be done you know the guests to start

over I mean at 6:00 all right let's keep

going with that timeline so open dancing

for open dancing normally I like to do

maybe about you know 30 minutes to an

hour to an hour of of dancing and during

this time you know we're gonna play a

little bit of everything obviously it's

you know it's breaking trying to break

the ice trying to get people on the

dance floor so we're gonna probably play

more the popular song some more of maybe

some line dance it's anything that's

gonna get people dancing and you know

get them on the dance floor because at

the beginning it it's a little bit

harder to get people on the dance floor

because nobody wants to be the first one

and nobody wants to be out on the dance

floor by themselves mm-hmm so open

dancing music here can be DJ's choice or

if if you have a song that that you want

to start the dance floor with then you

can add that on there so DJ choice or

particular song next thing we have is

after the dancing whether it's 30

minutes or an hour then we're gonna do

the rest of the formalities which is

going to be the bouquet toss

bouquet toss and for that we are gonna

need a song let's take away the

parentheses and then we're gonna have

the guard garter removal so we can do a

song for this and garter toss so we can

also do another different song for this

so for the Garter removal is when the

groom actually gets down and and removes

the Garter so you know it's two

different things so that so we can have

maybe more of a slow you know Marvin

Gaye type song or you know something

maybe more a little bit more you know so

you can dance and before he takes off

the guard around something fun and for

the garter toss that's when the guys

come up so we have a background song for

that as well and we can you know it can

be two different songs so or it can be

the same song it really doesn't matter

it's your choice I prefer I think it

looks better when you have you know one

song for the Garter removal and then

another song to get the guys up and do

the garter toss and the same thing with

the bouquet toss is just the background

song while the ladies are making their

way to the dance floor and right before

the bride tosses the okay alright so

this is probably gonna take you know all

of 15 minutes at the most

and then any other formalities that

might be missing maybe like a $1 dance

and you know in Spanish or bilingual

weddings we have something called la

vivo de and it's pretty popular a lot of

the cultures a lot of the you know make

Mexican culture and mainly to do lobby

what either that matter so if you're of

a of Mexican you know heritage you might

want to ask your parents about Lobby

what a llama because it's something that

they probably did back in their days

when they got married or you know went

to parties during their younger years

and they did they leave a llama it's

pretty fun I mean it does take a little

bit of time but it's pretty fun so once

we're done with all the formalities then

we open up the dance tour again open


and and then we last thing we have the

last dance and this is optional not

everybody does the last dance and then

we also have a send-off so Queenie we

are all we need to know it so it's gonna

be sparkler exit rose petals bubbles so

anything like that and this is just

mainly to let the guests know what's

going on so on a for our wedding then I

mean it's at 10:00 p.m. we're doing the

exit so this can be adjusted some people

have a sick 5 our wedding reception

other people have a 6-hour 7 our wedding

reception so this can be edited or moved

around as needed so the reason I don't

put times on my timeline is because I

mean obviously I've done this plenty of

times and I really I can do it without

the timeline that a lot of times the

times a lot of the times the times a lot

of the times

everything gets moved back a little bit

anywhere around here you know maybe the

bride and groom are not ready to do the

grand entrance so they got to push it

back 5 minutes etc so that's the reason

I don't put timelines the one that is

very important it's like a fare earlier

is dinner make sure you know what time

dinner is gonna be started so we can

plan around that everything after this

the the only thing we have to keep in

mind is what time the photographers and

videographers are gonna be leaving so we

can get everything that you want on

video and and pictures to be done before

they only before there they leave so I

think I'll be leaving early you know

maybe you want to do only 30 minutes of

dancing here and then start the bouquet

toss garter removal garter toss you know

a dollar dance or anything else that

you're going to be doing and this is

normally how I plan most wedding

receptions it's not perfect but it will

get the job done and if you follow this

sample it'll get you started so you know

don't like I said the only thing you

want to know is what time

do you expect your guests to be arriving

and then what time you expect dinner to

start and everything else should just

kind of fall in you can move anything

around up back and forth you know first

dance you want to move it over here like

I said you're only gonna do one first

dance and anything after that it should

be pretty straightforward I mean I'm

pretty sure there's gonna be questions

that you're gonna have so feel free to

write them in the comments and you know

I'll make sure to answer any questions

you may have most of times when I sit

down with my clients this is exactly how

we plan out the wedding reception and

this is as DJs this is what is going to

allow us to help you all better so all

right this is this this should be

wrapping it up this video is already

gonna be around 20 20 minute mark so

that's plenty of time for you guys the

rest thing the rest I can answer via

questions so make sure you like this

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