PICTURES Against Humanity - Cards Against Humanity Online!

you see a little arrow at the bottom

right no it's text-to-speech yeah of

each card click it what this after the

success of the Doritos Locos flavored

tacos Taco Bell is decided to announce

the rock oh sure flavor bling all right

there you go it's red they'll read it

for us I just did after the success of

the dory do I have to read this one too

the five stages of grief five stages of

the five stages of grief

denial anger bargaining accept blank

acceptance to Lowood blank be a dead

body hanging from the ceiling wearing

nothing but a [ __ ] ring that's not

that's not one of the step [ __ ] you all

mom and do that what I want to laugh

that was a [ __ ] cardem five stages of

grief denial anger bargaining [ __ ]

acceptance for at night for at night for

at night I love this tech I just keep

hitting for tonight blank I choose you

I like this one because it sounds like

it might be a Pokemon well not well now

that I look at it again maybe not


you sleep cause we use drug it's super


and exploding but nope come on look ma

Blanc look my nuts it's not funny

look ma look ma giant powdery man baby

is that allowed all right


city's my hands hurt

give me blank tonight or else someone

write dick I will pick it you swear yes

no we don't swear here cuz we're a

Christian amen

[ __ ] yeah brother I'm gonna pick whoever

has dick so whoever's got the dick I'm

thinking more dick whoa give me dick the

big smart

all right strong start let's skip all

the way to the right give me Italian

sweet Italian is the best for a reason

give me Daffy Duck gun head downhill bro

how do you find this what you search for

that dick season fire all the stops to

get a point all right guys the

conversation was beginning to get dull

until we found a shirt interesting bling

conversation is beginning a dull until

we found our shared interest in number

my [ __ ] hasn't had a carb since 2007

suck up hot dogs through there yeah but

we're trying to make these cards better

than they are try to help no - but stuff

it's like that the vine of the guy

sucking hot dog yeah what are you gonna

do with all that stuff

tell me why you collect pennies the

second plane I'm like all right I'm

gonna breathe heavily into the mic and

say something like blink better try hard


I love you like click to reveal I like

that one



yes nothing says I love you like

pictures against lame not a picture in a

picture he was probably saving it for

next game then I joined Midway he's like

oh [ __ ] I was like I gotta pull up my

big cards can you just give us all blank

cards full rounds of only alright good

start good start see why soon I love

pictures against humanity all right


handy vending machine god damnit Japan

solid start

number three god what they have to have

that force there what did I just what

did I just eat no no what did I just eat

I was I was there when that happened



looks like a large toe that just had

like a pedicure done

I need more me to rub me - oh no love

for you John women get turned on by

blank okay how do you stop Google from

like you know linking images with

google.com bro what's the [ __ ] you need

right click copy image or dress well

it's not giving it to me right now I'll

give it to you later

I used to doubt like those classes for

seniors but maybe we need them I got you

say don't worry thank you - hold I'm -

all right women get turned on by now

1:51 dummy how many pokemons are there

alright next image because that's

please tell me you're recording with

webcam Leggett we could see double

process let me tell you Anthony

she is very gorgeous to me okay yes oh I

am blind know which one we go I am what

is a river right now what is it she is

very gorgeous to me so what's killing my

boner filthy nerd sex no more putting

[ __ ] in my butt

yes I can't wait to play with mini la

chili and Omri I'm gonna get Texas be

sure to read this one such a big boy oh

yeah I love the smell the autopsy

results came in the cause of death was

my wife was rifling through my closet

and found