hi everyone welcome back to my channel I

am going to be going over my bridesmaids

proposals that I made I am gonna go over

everything that I bought and how I got

everything for each bridesmaid to be

about $10 each let's get started the

first thing I bought is this set of 80

envelopes I bought this for $5 at

Michael's I chose this color I wrote on

all of my cards for the envelopes what I

did use is the water-based paint sharpie

I think ended up being about like 2:15

the next thing that I bought was this

pack of boxes I bought this off of

Amazon and for 12 boxes it was $12.99 so

it came out to about a dollar each and I

plan to use the rest of the boxes for

other gifts these boxes are eight by

eight by four and what I really liked

about them is number one that they're

white I like the size these are really

easy to use so they come in the package

like this and literally all you have to

do is open it and it is so easy it'll

just form its shape on its own and on

each of the boxes I did the same thing I

wrote all of their names in the gold

Sharpie paint pen it's really important

to have some sort of filler I just got a

bunch of white printer paper and I

shredded the paper and tossed it inside

of the boxes I just use one sheet of

tissue paper just to hold all of the

shredded pieces together next thing I

bought were these scrunchies

these are Kish program cheese and I got

these from Ulta they're eight dollars

for a pack of five


next thing that I bought was a pop-up

Ferrero Rocher I bought the 12-pack I

gave two pieces to each bridesmaid and

two for me I bought that at Target and

it was like five dollars so I'm actually

gonna choose from base I'm gonna pick

five for the girls

I want these hand sanitizers from Bath &

Body Works and it was perfect because I

have five bridesmaids and their deal is

five for six dollars and then I also had

an email from Bath and Body Works that

gave me an extra 20% off this is what

the poles look like before and then I

just outlined everything a pencil and

I'm gonna go every go over everything

with cords

I bought the bowls at Big Lots the

little bowls that I bought were

originally one twenty each Bowl but they

had a buy one get one half off sale

going on for the day that I was there if

you gave them your phone number and like

email or something and signed up for the

rewards program they gave you an extra

twenty percent off that day for each

bull it came out to about eighty cents

each last one at least I went to total

line and I got some celebratory drinks I

have five bridesmaids but one of them is

under 21 so I didn't get her alcohol so

what I did was I got my sister a $5

Starbucks gift card these are all that

drink when I totaled all the drinks

together including the gift card from

Starbucks it came out to 20 bucks so it

was like average five dollars each for

the drinks and the gift card all in all

everything came out to about fifty bucks

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Kay Lucero's thank you guys for watching

I'll see you guys next time bye