DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas | Cricut Bride

how are you gonna propose to your

bridesmaids without boiling your entire

wedding budget I'm Alex fan / with

divine design crafts and I'm here to

show you how first I'm going to start by

giving you some tips and then I'm gonna

give you some ideas on how to put

together gorgeous

cheap easy DIY bridesmaid gifts my first

tip is to buy with your bridesmaids in

mind it's tempting to scour Pinterest

for the perfect bridesmaid proposal box

but if none of the things in the box are

based on your bridesmaids or what they


then you've kind of lost touch with

what's important I recommend buying

things for your bridesmaids that you

know they're actually going to love

remember it's about asking them to do

something really important but it is a

big commitment and it's gonna cost them

a lot of money too so you want your gift

to be thoughtful and fun but it doesn't

have to be over-the-top

my second tip for you is to have a theme

in mind when you're buying gifts for

your bridesmaids if you can tie

everything together with a theme it will

keep the gift cohesive and it will stop

you from buying everything in the store

that you know they would love I also

recommend that you have a budget per box

just because when you're buying gifts

for your friends it can be easy to

overspend if you decide on a bridesmaid

theme just because you pick a theme for

one girl doesn't mean you have to use

the same theme for everybody in your

wedding party so if you have to pick

different themes

I do recommend spending the same amount

of money on each gift that way nobody

feels like they got less than the other

people in your bridal party my third tip

is to keep it simple you're probably

asking your closest friends to do

something they've been waiting to do for

you for a really really long time so if

you keep the gift simple and thoughtful

that's gonna ask them to be your rides

maid in a really special way and make

them feel special as well without

breaking the bank

another reason I think it's great to

keep it simple is because I think it's

more important to spend money on the

gift for the day of the wedding rather

than the bridesmaid proposal gift my

fourth tip for you before we get to the

good stuff is that I don't recommend you

giving anything to your bridesmaids in

their proposal that they're gonna have

to have on your wedding day if you have

the average nine month to one-year

engagement that's a really long time for

your bridesmaids to keep up with

something save those gifts for right

before the wedding and just give them

fun things to celebrate being your

bridesmaids now it's time to get to the

ideas I'm gonna start by showing you

three different themes that I think make

the perfect

easy DIY proposal gift so our first

theme for the bride's name proposal

boxes is the pop the question box so in

the lid of the box I use my Cricut to

write it's my turn to pop the question

and there's a safety pin taped inside

the lid to pop the balloon then there's

a balloon inside the box and inside that

will pop it in just a moment it says

would you be my bridesmaid and then I

also included this cute little tie the

knot bracelet and I just think it's a

really cute fun little extra and then of

course the most important part is I

included a little custom stationery card

inside this is the most important

because Rena brides mean to someone is

just sentimental thing so it doesn't

have to be complicated or expensive to

ask your bridesmaids to be in your

wedding it just needs to be sweet and

thoughtful so let's go ahead and pop the

balloon and I'll show you what's inside

so you do have to rip the tape up a

little bit the other way that you could

attach your safety pin to your box is to

put it on the end of your balloon string

if you decide to use a string on your

balloon I don't think that's quite as

easy to see in the box and so that's why

I decided to tape it to the top but

that's another option that you have

so before I pop the balloon I want to

tell you about how cheap this box was

for me to build so I've used a photo box

from Michaels and it cost me three


I bought a pack of balloons the paper

shreds inside and the balloon strings

all at the dollar store

then I bought this custom stationery at

the target dollar spot when they had a

monogram for my new last name and I

bought these not bracelets on Amazon

I'll link them below because I don't

remember exactly how much they cost but

I would say on average each box cost

less than $10 so this is a great really

cheap way to propose to your bridesmaids

let's pop the balloon to see what's

inside ready

so inside I had rolled up I proposed to

myself Alex will you be my bridesmaid

this is just cardstock and I used my

Cricut to write out the question but a

little tip if you're gonna do this as I

found that it's easier to roll the card

stock up really really tight and

actually put this down inside the

balloon before you blow it up so that's

just a little tip if you decide to use

this method but it's really cute really

simple and very very affordable

especially if you have a large bridal

party our next theme of bridesmaid

proposal boxes is the pampering box so

as you can see in the lid I use

cardstock again I just cut out a

different shape and I wrote I can't say

I do without you you could also put in

here like will you be my bridesmaid will

you be my maid of honor I found my

mister now I need my sister all those

cute little sayings can be written out

with your Cricut and taped into the lid

of the box this is another photo box for

Michaels this one's a floral pattern but

it cost me three dollars so here's the

pampering box up close I just did a

variety of different mini items in this

box because I think it's great to add a

lot of variety and a lot of small items

but the mini items help keep the cost

under control instead of buying

everything full size especially if you

have a large bridal party so I have a

mini body spray that I thought smelled

really nice and then a matching hand

lotion a bath balm three different

colors of some really tinted lip gloss

one of those nail buffer things I bought

this at Walmart for like a dollar so

these are perfect and super easy and I

got the bath products from Walmart as

well but you could go to Bath & Body

Works if you have one of those near you

and these lip glosses do happen to be

Clinique but you don't necessarily need

to go all the way to Clinique for some

fun bright colored lip gloss I added a

compact mirror I found this plain

compact mirror on sale for $1 at Ulta

but this is another thing that if you

wanted to DIY you could add a

gram and then I did a couple of colors

of SC nail polish so lots of lots of fun

things that you could add to this box I

also I couldn't fit it in the box but I

also have a really cute little makeup

bag that you can add to the box I really

like this theme of box because I think

it's perfect if you have if you're

asking women to be in your wedding that

have a lot of different interests

because everybody loves paper and

products this theme is the least DIY of

all the themes that I'm going to show

you but you do have to be careful here

because the cost can climb a little bit

if you start adding a bunch of these

products especially items like nail

polish if you decide to buy name brands

like Essie things can get a little bit

more expensive so just be sure that

you're that you're paying attention to

what you're spending on each box and

making sure that you're staying within

your budget my third and last idea for

bridesmaid proposal boxes is the box of

whatever she loves this is great if

you've been friends a really long time

it's easy to throw a bunch of different

things that your friend loves a lot in a

box but this is also great if you don't

know one of the ladies you're asking to

be in your wedding very well so for

instance if you have a future

sister-in-law that you don't have a

great relationship with this is a great

box to put together for her because all

you need is one fact about her and you

can you can make the whole box around it

so in this box I decided to propose to a

bridesmaid whose favorite color is

purple so it's easy you could use her

favorite animal or favorite sports team

her favorite color anything to make a

box around the girl so first I used a

clear glass coffee mug and I wrote

bridesmaid on the front of it so you

this is an easy way I bought these mugs

at the target dollar spot but you can

easily pick up a mug from the dollar

store and write anything you want on it

with vinyl that's a super cheap easy DIY

to add into any of your bridesmaids

boxes I also monogrammed internal I

found this journal at Walmart for maybe

$3 and then I added a monogram to the

front of it to make it a little bit more

personal I also added some purple pens

to go along with the journal and I found

some of these planner stickers and I

thought these were really fun there's

four sheets of stickers in each and they

were only 88 cents apiece so that's

super cost-effective and if you're

giving a girl a notebook these are a

great thing to put inside to help her

stay organized

or decorate a little bit you'll

recognize some of the rest of these

items from my other themes because I

think they fit here as well here's some

washi tape I know a lot of people like

to decorate their notebooks with washi

tape so I want to say this pack of five

was maybe 288 this was in the Walmart

school supplies aisle as well this time

I added some purple nail polish and I

kept the nail buffing block because it

has a purple side on one side i catched

the bath bomb as well as the two little

mini toiletry items because they smell

great and they're both purple I don't

know about you but sometimes when I buy

a gift for someone I get a little bit

insecure I didn't quite put enough in

their gift so I want to talk to you guys

about some different extras that you can

add into any of your bridesmaid proposal

boxes also we talked about in the

beginning how you don't necessarily have

to use the same frightening proposal

gift for every single bridesmaid so if

you decide to mix it up and do some

different gifts you could add some of

these extras to unify all the gifts so

that everybody gets a couple of common

things that are the same the first one

is this little knot bracelet that I

showed you guys and the pop the question


everybody could wear it to all of the

events that you have while you're

engaged before your wedding so I'll be

sure to link those below really like the

idea of monogramming a journal for every

girl everybody always loves tumblers so

I think that a custom tumbler for each

girl would be really nice I wrote

bridesmaid down the sign of mine but you

could also decide to write their name

instead if you didn't want to use

bridesmaid but I love the tall skinny

tumblers you can find these on save a

cup com another idea I had is to put

vinyl on a picture frame this is the

dollar store picture frame you could

even spray-paint it gold or a wedding

color if you wanted to but I added vinyl

to the front of the glass around the

area where the picture looks like it's

matted because that way after the

wedding your bridesmaid could add a

picture of the two of you or one of her

favorite memories from the night so it's

fun it's memorable and it's super cheap

I also like the idea of adding a

calendar into every girl's gift because

then they can use this to mark all of

the important occasions that are coming

up during your engagement if you already

know what those dates are going to be

for any of your events you

add it in before you give it to your

bridesmaid I bought this calendar at the

target dollar spot for $3

I also added bridesmaid to a clear glass

coffee mug and a wine glass as you're

counting down the days to your wedding

you could count down the days to your

bridesmaid with a coffee date or a wine

night or both

you won't hear any judgment from me but

I think everybody loves gifts like this

and I only added the paper shavings

inside the mugs just so you could read

the bridesmaid in the really bright

lights another minion that I don't have

in front of me is a mini bottle of

champagne or just a mini bottle of wine

that makes a great extra for any rides

made gift if you already proposed to

your bridesmaids make sure to post in

the comments below what you propose to

them with I'd love to hear your ideas

and I'm sure the other Brides would as

well if you have a DIY wedding project

that you'd like some help with or a

tutorial that you'd like to see from me

please be sure to post that in the

comments I'd love to hear what you guys

are looking for if you like these ideas

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