hey guys welcome back to my channel so

I'm actually filming on my phone because

my camera is dead and I didn't know it

so I just wanted to film the video

talking about my bridesmaids because I

asked them all and I have little clips

of me asking them but I wanted to kind

of talk about each one before I insert

their clip and just so you guys can kind

of get to know them and yeah it was

super fun and asking them I did my

bridesmaids boxes and little boxes with

stuff in them and to ask them and it was

so much fun putting those together and a

lot of it I got from like Amazon and all

that ideas from Pinterest so I actually

made a blog post about what I put in

them and like link to everything that I

put in them so I will link the blog post

down below if you want to check that out

though the first two that I asked were

my sorority little which is Macy and one

of my best friends from colleges which

is Breanna and so my little I met my

sophomore year of college during the

recruitment it was seriously like we

were literally the same exact person

like you're talking during recruitment

and we just liked all the same things

like we were we're just so similar in

the way like we talked and like what we

like and what we like to do and so we it

pretty much instantly became best

friends and I love her so much I'm so

happy that I got her as my little

because I seriously can't imagine

anybody else being my little and I just

love that we've become so close because

that doesn't always happen with like

bigs and littles so I'm really really

fortunate that I have such a close

relationship with her and that she's

gonna be in my wedding and then next up

is Breanna so R and it's kind of a funny

story because we didn't become friends

to like towards the like second half of

college when I joined the sort it was

like super

social I kind of already had like my

group of friends from high school and I

just didn't really like open up to those

people in sorority so it took me a while

to make more friends in the soar team

but it was funny because like Breanna

and Courtney are today or to my friends

from college and they thought I hated

everyone at first like they were like

you dude we would say hi and you

wouldn't say hi back and it's like

happening I really don't I think I just

didn't see them because I have really

bad eyes on campus so I don't know but

anyways we ended up becoming friends and

I seriously love her like they're just

so fun and like they're just the friends

that like even if you don't talk for a

little while like you can still just

hang out with and have fun with and

she's just great and I love her I also

love Courtney but Courtney is going to

be in Cambodia with the Peace Corps

that's how you say it um so she can't be

in the wedding

cuz she'll be there for two years but I

love her and I would have had her in it

if she wasn't leaving but yeah

so I love love love love Breanna

it was fun because I got to ask me see

and Breanna together because they're

also like we're all friends and they

were both still in Spokane because they

were Breanna just graduated from Eastern

and then my little is still going to

school for dental hygiene so they're

both still there I asked them both but

before Breanna graduated so I got to ask

them together and it was super fun I we

went into this little briefing or offi

called a brewery yeah one tree cider

downtown Spokane they saw and took the

insert the clip of me asking them

I propose doing

what if I grabbed the wrong boxes like I

don't know


Oh No I know it's like I was like

someone like No

today I do Briana said yeah and you

didn't she still didn't say yes or no

she's scared she's like I'm thinking

about it are you gonna say yes or no so

next I asked my maid of honor which is

the Libya it was fun cuz it was her

birthday when I asked her well it was

her birthday the next day so she

literally thought it was a birthday gift

she was like cause like ask your

birthday gift and she's like oh cool

so like because everyone else like I

think Breanna and my little like when

they got the boxes they're like yeah

okay I don't know this but her I told

her it was her birthday gift she was

like super confused at first it was

really funny but um so I asked her I got

to go home for the weekend so I asked

Brianna in Kourtney the beginning of the

week and then I was going home that

weekend so that I could ask Olivia my

maid of honor and so I Olivia and I were


we were pretty we were friends and cheer

when we cheered together in high school

but we definitely became closer like

towards the end / like beginning of

college yeah I just love that we have

like the same exact style like I can't

tell you how many clothing items we have

of the same thing like we always have

the same shoes or the same clothes it's

kind of funny actually but we've just

gotten so much closer throughout the

years and I just love her like she's

someone who I know like we'll stay in

contact with me and like we'll make the

effort else the same time I could be

like I don't it's not just me that has

to do it which I love and it's kind of

funny because we we like the same things

like we're very very similar and then we

also just both moved like she moved to

Arizona like a like Wednesday or

Thursday of the week and Jake and I came

to Denver on that a Saturday so we were

moving the same week to different states

like neither of us had ever looked out

of Washington

so it's kind of crazy but um it sucks

too because we don't live near each

other but we still talk like all the

time and I just love her so right here I

do oh my gosh

I'm so excited I'm sure I'm gonna be

great next up is my little sister Bailey

so I asked her the same day asked Olivia

to be a maid of honor

so I asked my sister that same day yeah

she's just she's my little sister I love

her we've definitely we definitely

thought a lot we were younger she's

always take my clothes and all that good

stuff so we used to fight a lot more but

I think as we get older like we fight a

lot less and she's just grown into like

such a awesome person like I just love


and I cannot believe she's so old now

like she's gonna graduate high school

like a year which is crazy to me but um

yeah I'm just excited to have her in my

wedding obviously I would not want to

get married without her by my side she's

my little sister so yeah I'll insert the

video of me asking her anyway I should

have done it this way I'm you open it

backwards it's calligraphy I'm a clicker

fist she said yes Lucy do you want to be

a bridesmaid oh yes you didn't even look

at the stuff in it the color no it's

actually not


so next up is Skyler Skyler is another

one of my best friends from high school

so me Olivia and Skyler all good friends

in high school another one like I just

love that I've stayed so close to her

and Olivia like even though I was over

and it's okay I'm going to college but

like last four years and they were in

Vancouver for the most part like I

stayed close to them and I just loved

that it's like every time I come home

like they always made efforts to see me

and hang out with me

and I love that Skyler I just love that

she's always like super supportive and

has always just been like honest and

it's just a good friend to have

I think her Olivia and I all have like

are different like personalities that we

like bring together and our little fun

group just funny but uh yeah I just love

them both so with Skyler I she can't her

and Bailey which is Jake's brother there

she's dating to expire Bailey um not my

sister Bailey to explode baby

and they came so can like right before

we moved here so I got to ask her then

which was super fun because I wasn't

gonna be a blaster in person if they

didn't come to visit so I'm really glad

that they came because I got to ask her

in person which is fun and then we got

to like go out and she me that night and

it was super fun so here's a video of me

asking her right now yeah good I'm so

picky with pictures matched


yes woody thank you and then the last

person I asked actually didn't get it on

the video which I'm really sad about

it's Jake's sister Kendall so my future

sister-in-law I asked her the weekend we

were we went home right before we moved

to Denver it was literally like a week

before we're moving to Denver so a video

taping just wasn't really on my mind

we just really enjoying the same family

we had like a family get-together and I

just loved that I got to see everyone so

I wasn't focused on filming but I'm so

excited to have her in the wedding I

can't imagine not having my new little

sister in-law and the wedding is she is

so fun and I love her so I'm so excited

to have her by my side too and I'm so

sad I didn't get a video but I will have

her in many more videos of all this

wedding stuff that I'll be recording so

you'll see more of her and yeah that is

all my bridesmaids that I've asked so

far so I hope you guys enjoyed this

video I'm so excited for the wedding

there's just so much fun stuff going on

as well as like stressful stuff but this

is one of the like fun things that I got

to do which I love to doing so I hope

you enjoyed this video and don't forget

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more videos and I'll see you next time