How to create Happy Birthday card in Microsoft Word (Tutorial - When Life Gives You Lemons)

hey welcome to girl today I will show

you how to create the school looking

happy birthday card inside Microsoft

Word and you can imagine that this is

like the folded card when this is the

first page this is the inner part of the

card and this on the left is the back

page and there is this little gray text

down here which says just where I did

get this image from and the icons from

but don't worry I will put the links in

the description now the idea for this

card actually started this photograph

from Texas done with Dominica rose by

area like this photo and I thought about

this saying you know when life gives you

lemons if you just put this into Google

Images you will get like a dozen of

images with different endings you know

some funny ones some cliche ones so you

can spend some time in there trying to

find something which suits your needs

maybe not as cliche as I have used in my

in my you know card so with that said

let's just jump into blank document and

start creating the card so I will start

in blank document and I will change in

the layout I will change the orientation

from portrait to landscape and I will

also change of file or paper size to

letter which is the US version of the a4

which is 8 and 1/2 by 11 inches I want

two columns so I'll select two columns

and I will probably add few more line

stops now I want to have some kind of

separator or some guideline where it's

the half of the page and I can probably

draw a new line so insert shapes line

wait until the menu is loaded I will

draw it with the shift key being pressed

like so and I want to position it around

the middle of the page now if I do it

like so it will be quite hard to work

with because it may be moved with the

content and I have to copy it for every

single page so instead I will just cut

this into clipboard so ctrl X to put it

in to clipboard and I will double click

around here to jump into the header and

footer section now I will paste it move

it around the middle of the page

right-click and select format layout

options and set this to be five and half

inches based on the page because the

page is 11 inches wide and 0 inches

based on the page as well so now it's

exactly in the middle

I can change in the form

a ribbon I can change the outline to be

some darker gray color and I can double

click in around the middle of the page

to jump outside of the header and footer

now the advantage of doing it like this

is I can jump into the next page and you

will see that immediately I do have this

line in here as well and it

I cannot accidentally just select it or

move it or delete it so that's great so

the next step is to insert this

photograph I'll open my browser directly

this photo and set the copy image I can

of course as well said you know say it

will do free download this image in the

high-resolution if I want jump into my

document and just paste it in here set

the layout options to be behind the text

and just position it on the right side

of the page like so like this okay maybe

make it just a little bit bigger like so

okay kind of like it now we need text so

I will insert a new text box insert

shapes and it will be a text box I will

draw it like this and of course right in

when life gives you lemons I have to

change the language that only happens to

me because I'm using a Czech version of

worked and I will increase the font size

to some much much bigger size now for

the actual font used I will use font

called a sensor from font fabric which

is a paid fund but they offer a limited

version of the font for free so you can

just click download for free it don't

doesn't have all the characters but it's

perfectly fine for our use case so I

will change the font to sensor like so

and maybe increases file sizes just a

little bit more like so now for the text

box I'll open the format pane or form a

label and change the fill to no fill and

the outline to no outline and for the

text itself negative Center aligned and

maybe decrease the spacing little bit so

I'll open the line spacing options set

to no no spacing before or after and the

line spacing should be multiples of

maybe 0.7 or 0.8 now just to make this

aligned in the middle I will open the

format ribbon

and in the aligned textile said is to be

aligned to the middle okay and I'm very

happy with the result I kind of like it

so this will be our first page I can

copy this text box in the clipboard

control C and just paste it in here and

then here I'll of course writing add

vodka I have to start writing from the

middle of the text box add vodka and

enjoy your birthday okay and I will

decrease the font styles just so I can

see everything like so add vodka and

enjoy your birthday hopefully there's no

journal typos in here okay now what's


compared to our my original card is

there was this icon with the with the

glass of vodka so I will jump to my

browser I have this icon opened its from

the flat icon website and it's this one

and I can download it in here PNG or SVG

file now the PNG file is fine but it

wouldn't be it wouldn't allow us to

change color so it's much better idea to

download it as SVG file so I will just

download it and inside Microsoft Word I

will select insert new picture and I

have it in my pictures and this is this

glass of water with a service whatever

so I'll insert this SVG file and I will

change this layout to be behind the text

and make it just a little bit smaller

now because this is an SVG file it's a

vector file I can scale it to any size

and it will be still crisp and ER

advantages I can change the color

because you know it's just a vector I

probably will not change the color but

you can still open the format ribbon and

if you want you can send the graphic

file to some different color if you wish

to I will probably keep it black for

this case okay so what was in my

original card was also a different kind

of background and that's only done with

the rectangular so I'll insert shapes

being the rectangle so this is very

tangle I will just grow it much bigger

than anything else send this to back

behind everything actually I need to

send this behind text

and align it properly and for the right

one I've used some very light gray color

so the outline is involved line and the

fill should be very light gray maybe

this one I will copy it and paste it one

more time with to the left and for the

left I've used some kind of yellow or

something in between yellow and orange


if I open beam or fill colors the RGB

values are 255 215 and 103 I've probably

start with this color and maybe make it

a little bit more to the yellow here

like so like this so it kind of matches

the photograph on the left side so the

very last piece which is missing is this

kind of lemon pattern overlaid on the

left side of the inner part of D of the

card and for this one I've also used a

different icon which is this very simple

lemon icon from the flat icon so I will

as well download the SVG file and in my

document I will insert it so insert

pictures in my pictures I have this icon

which is just called icon SVG and what I

will do is I will change the layout to

be behind the text zoom in a little bit

just so I can see it there and I will

rotate it by 45 degrees by holding the

shift key on my keyboard like so then I

will draw a new rectangle and the

rectangle is important just because I

want to have some spacing around this

shape so I will draw a new rectangle

like so like this but for the rectangle

also the fill to no fill and outline to

no outside so I only only sets the size

of our pattern I will open the selection

paints of home select and selection pane

and I will select this rectangle

together with this graphics which is

this one

I'm a group it so it's easier to work

with so I'll group it into one group and

just copy this into clipboard holding

the ctrl C or just copying it with this

button copy and I can hide it because I

don't I don't need it maybe before I do

it I will probably change the fill color

for Lemon to some different ones so I

will change the fill color to maybe this

orange and just in case copied into

clipboard one more time so now this

image is copied into clipboard

I can zoom out hide this group and over

the this left part of the inner part I

will draw a new rectangle one more

rectangle so insert shapes rectangle and

that will grow pretty big right click

and select format shape and for the line

a low set of course no line because I

don't want any line and for the fill I

will use a picture fill and you know

it's already predefined from my previous

session but I will click insert from

clipboard then I will say I want to tile

a picture as texture which will just you

know tile it and by default the

mirroring is set to none so it's just

like this but I've used the murder type

to be both which creates those more

interesting pattern I guess so this is

similar what was used may be a for this

case I like none just so it's it's


it fits the theme better okay so I will

close all those paints so they are not

distracting maybe position this pattern

a little bit more to the center and zoom

out just so we can see both pages and

that's it that's how you create a nice

looking at the birthday card inside

Microsoft Word in almost no time thanks

for watching