hey everybody its Tamika I am here with

some quick gift inspiration it's that

time of year where we're starting to

think about handmade things we're making

for teachers or co-workers or family

members things like that so to get a

jump start on it I want to share this

with you guys today I received an order

from someone online email and she wanted

me to make 12 different gifts for her

kids teachers so there's three sets of

four things that I made so we went back

and forth as to what she wanted and this

is what we came up with so I'm going to

get ready to ship this off soon but I

wanted to first share with you guys to

refresh your memory for videos that I

made in the past and maybe get your

wheels turning to start getting those

handmade gifts cranked out for this

holiday season so the first thing I made

were it's like a spa gift set and I used

some twelve by twelve paper I handmade

the box

I love hand making the box because you

can tailor it to whatever size your

items are so I just got the start

measuring after I laid it out measure

how big it was and made my box super


so this paper is from Hobby Lobby and

it's a twelve by twelve it's

double-sided I absolutely love it I

found some sheets in there and I thought

it would be really cute for cover and I

have a little acetate piece to make a

little window so I have four three here

and this is how I packaged it up I

stamped made with love on the opposite

side of the paper so this negative you

know cuts out in this shape you'll see

in a second and then I just shrunk it

down and made a smaller die cut with

that negative image and just stamped

made with love and then I use another

little die to stamp to from on here just

some satin ribbon and some twine it's

really cute the bottom of the box is

white so that's that so those are those

three and then here is what it looks

like not wrapped so this is what I was

telling you about the shape well let's

turn around the right way really cute

this box is approximately five and a

quarter square

so really really cute and then that's

the inside love that paper and so this

is what I have

I made some rosemary and mint bath socks

and I put them in this cute little jar

from I was little mug so adorable kyla

actually picked these out from the

Dollar Tree and it has a little lid on

it some of them have holes in it some of

them don't

so the ones that I just cover them all

the same but the ones that had hose I

want to make sure that the salts

wouldn't fall out and then the whole

package wouldn't you reek of the sense

you know overwhelming you know sitting

there while it's shipping so I put a

just a circle chip goodness grief circle

piece of cardstock on the top and the

underneath and again this is rosemary

mint and then added a little bit of the

non-toxic food coloring to give it a

pink a pink feel so really really cute

so that's one of the items so it's like

a like I said a spa then I wrapped up a

towel it's a full face towel then I made

this cute little bath bomb and I

packaged it up in some shrink wrap so

the recipient can open it up and it's

grapefruit and lemon smells so good and

then finally I wrapped up this little

face mask they can use you know in the

tub or while they're sleeping or


the whole idea is like to make a little

spa thing so that's my idea and then I

put this inside of a cupcake wrapper I

don't know why I just thought it was so

cute just you know I don't know it just

thought it was cute so I had that there

and then I just have my salts there and

really really pretty and then I have

some fun shred underneath so that top

goes on top and then I'll just wrap it

up with my ribbon and twine and then my


sentiments so that's done all right I'm

gonna put this away and then go get the

next item the next thing I created were

these gorgeous candy jars I love them

they're reusable number one so

absolutely love them and they're glass

so you could you don't put whatever you

want in them so I made to each of the

same kind so I only had so much ribbon

that I wanted and I really love this

wide stripe cotton ribbon is so pretty

so got the glass jars and then I filled

a little bit of shred down there and

then there's three packs of Hershey

Kisses in there so it's filled that way

and then I stamped again mate with love

on the little top no piece and then tied

the ribbon around the edges and then on

top I just added some pattern paper and

then another little ticket that says to

fun with the little pearl because of the

tag so I just hit the little hole with

the pearl on top so really simple and I

love them so those are the blue ones and

then here are the pink ones look at the

fun shred underneath I just love it

this has pink and purple and gold and

then there's the kisses and then again

same thing I use pink polka dot

grosgrain ribbon here and then I used a

little bit of Havana paper this is the

some indigo blue paper and this is some

havana by Prima and I did the same thing

with two from and a little pearl on the

top really pretty

so those candy jars are the next set so

I'm gonna put this away and show you the

last set all right this is the last set

of four items that I created and I love

these they start out so cute I used some

paper from Louis's shop who was KSP by

Louisa she has a digital file it's a

coffee file I'll put the link down below

and then I use another file just for my

Silhouette Cameo to make this box back

all the stuff that I mentioning this

tutorials think that I've done I'll put

them down below in the description

so really really cute I made a handmade

bowl and then I just stamped just for

you on the front and then I tied some

ribbon not tight I put ribbon around the

border here and then the paper Bowl in

the front so really fun I punched out

two stars with the punch and then I just

hand wrote to and from and they're

hanging on some black and white twine I

thought that was fun as little movement

to the package and then I used the same

ribbon that I'm twirled around the box

to organize organized to what am I

trying to say

decorate the top of the bag and then I

just cut use some plastic wrap not

plastic wrap what do you call this is in

the role in the wrapping paper

cellophane wrap for to wrap the whole

thing in it's super cute the box has

chipboard at the bottom of it wrapped

around it's really pretty

so let me show you what's inside here

these are it's coffee themed so coffee

and chocolate I think they go together

great so I stuffed the inside with

shredded in a cream and black to match

the paper that I have again that's just

for you that I scallop circle and then a

regular circle that's punched on the

inside there's the bull wrapped all

around the box is the fabric and then

underside is done too so on the inside

here I have just two instant coffees I

have Taster's Choice and then there's

some Ghirardelli milk chocolate squares

got to have coffee and chocolate and

then for the tea lover so if you're just

caffeine all together I mean you can't

go wrong with sweet and iced tea

sweetened instant ice tea from Starbucks

and then there's a little Special K

protein snack snack its chocolate cherry

and nut this is really good and then I

have some cashews

and then some double-chocolate

Ghirardelli hot chocolate so that's all

the stuff that's inside there that's the

filling really fun so that's it that's

my 12 gifts I hope she likes what I

created and yeah hopefully it inspires

you guys to start your Christmas gifts

or whatever gifts you're going to give

to whoever you gonna give it to and I

will talk to you guys later like the

video if you liked it check the links in

the description box for all the videos

that I mentioned alright bye