Business Writing Tips : How to Write Performance Reviews for Employees

hi my name is Mark and we're going to

look at how you can write an employee

performance review now the purpose of

this is from the organization's perspect

you employ a number of people and it has

come to that period of time where you

have to review your employees work load

work rate now this could be done

quarterly half yearly annually for two

reasons one obviously you want to make

sure that you're getting the best out of

your employee over that period of time

they're working for you in a productive

way which is good for your business and

from their perspective obviously they

want to know that they're doing well

they are working to their potential and

everyone's happy with what they're doing

both parties need to feel good about

this so in this state from your

perspective there are a number of issues

that you want to consider when looking

at this particular employee one their

actual functional functional job are

they performing that in a comparable way

to the previous period or even better

than the previous period to time keeping

are they there are they working on time

they work into time schedules that you

need periods are they acting in a way

that's good in terms of representing

your your organization are they

interacting internally and externally in

a positive way for in terms of the

attitude towards the job itself do they

obviously look like they're doing

something positive or are they just

going through the motions you need to

think these things through now if it

seems to you that the company is

benefiting by having them within the

organization and they are adding value

to your business if you're aware of it

they for sure will be aware of it and

therefore it is important that you then

do something for them that is positive

and motivational that could be financial

it could be bonus related in that regard

it could be that you give them use of a

company car

for example or extra holiday period or

something to reward their time because

obviously the more motivates they are

the better your company is going to