How To Make Floral Letters Featuring Roses Freesia And Tulips

hello welcome to florges my name is John

McDonald and today I'm going to talk you

through how to make Abby's floral

tributes so what we're going to be doing

today is we're going to be making mum

tribute and you can buy these frames

pre-made so they basically come from a

company called Oasis other ones are

available but this is the one that we've

got 2d so they come wrapped like this

and what you find at the back is you've

got two feet so this is the the legs

that will go on the end and basically

this is a complete unit so there's

nothing you need to do this we're going

to soak the frame so I've got one that

I've already soaked so just looking at

the legs here we can add these legs like

this or we can actually add them the

other way and you'll get a different

height so you can either have it low or

you can put them like this

and you can have the item set high it's

up to you what you do obviously if it

lies low it's more stable for transport

but if it sits high it's more visible if

it's going to be high up so either see

what I've done is I've sought the frame

already and what we need to do is we

need to add our ribbon now on one of our

previous videos we showed you how to

pleat the ribbon and this has basically

done just with a stapler so it's very

very easy so essentially with pre pre

pleated our ribbon and now we can just

add this into our item so what we're

going to use to secure this are what we

call German pins so what I'm looking to

do is basically at the end take a full

pleat that just sits at the end and then

we're using this pin really just to

secure our ribbon into the frame so

essentially you're going to set the edge

of the ribbon on to the age of the

pre-made frame and we're just gonna work

our way around that


okay so what we've done is we've put a

ribbon right Randy age and we've made

sure that it's all secure it doesn't

matter if you've got it upside down oh

you've got it the right way up because

it's pleated it's the same both ways and

what I want to do on this is do a little

detail with some roses so what we're

going to do is we're going to add some

little rose heads and just put them deep

into the actual form so basically cut

them short I use a knife and we're going

to work it like this now with a an item

like this you can do placements so what

we're looking to do is we're looking to

leave some spaces so I would leave a

space here I would leave a space here

and I would leave a space here now you

can mount another piece of floral foam

on there if you want to have a little

bit more Fullman to work with personally

it depends on the value that you're

doing or how you want to do it but I

think you king that we can do without we

don't need to worry about it so

essentially we're going to do this kind

of detail onto each later and then we're

going to use double croissants really

just to biess the rest of it so let's

get going


okay so we've got our tribute beast and

now we've based it with the roses as a

can focal points and the croissants

really just to fill in so we've got

really quite a lot of interest going

here what we need to do now is work on

our placement so this is going to be an

area that's a little bit more special so

what we want to do is because this is

very white it's just add a little bit

foliage to create that kind of mini

arrangement so I've got some soil and

we're just going to use a few little

bits image so we don't need a lot of

anything but what we want is just to

split this down and get our little

leaves because really if we just put

white flowers in with the other white

flowers we're not going to see them so

this is going to give us a little bit of

a definition with our highlighted

placement and our main flourish right

here are going to be freesia and chips

so a little bit ruscus

now with the ruscus we can split that

down into little sections

now I'm trying not to cover my form so

that I've still got a clear access to

put my flowers in so our flowers are

firstly these tulips now because these

are quite fleshy we don't want this fool

off full of greenery that we're not

gonna be able to access or form so I

want to put these in and make sure that

they're quite well secured into our form

and we really want to just do kind of

like a little posy style placement see

at these points so if you feel that

something's gone in and it's not secure

then that's your time to reset it and do

something different

sorry let's go in quite easy now a lot

of people find that tulips will grow so

if this is for the next day there's a

couple of ways you can deal with that

you can put it somewhere dark that'll

stop them growing or you can put it so

that the do grow that grew towards the

direction that you want so you need to

just think about where your window is or

where the light source is that you've

actually placed your flowers so we're

going to add a little bit of tips-off

flow as well and this is really just to

create a little bit of texture and again

a little bit definition

and with the software we can break that

down into little bits and actually that

white is quite nice as a contrast to

these creamy flowers so really we've got

white roses we've got white chillip but

they're not a true white so actually

this is whiter and is giving us a little

bit of that white so the other thing

that we need to put in here is our

freesia so I'm looking at this beautiful

freesia and looking for the best way to

show it

so remember actually when we show our

arrangement people will be looking down

on it so actually you want definitely

for the tops of each of these to look

really really good

the freesia actually has a lovely sheep

for just filling in and for curving

rings on those little arrangements so

this is a good place for if you want it

to put a card on to the arrangement the

cards can go where the placements are

and we can actually even bring a stain

or two just out a little so it's not

totally flat so this is quite pretty I'm

thinking we'll just add a little bit

steel grass now on another of our videos

we linked the units but what we're going

to do is just do a few loops here just

to create a little bit of a difference

and it's just little details that make

it a little bit more special

I'll just do a couple of my lips

in this one as well

so the still grass is perfect for adding

that little detail and just to finish I

want to use a little bit of asparagus

fern just to create a little bit texture

to overlay on our roses


so here we have our finished tribute so

what we need to do just to finish off is

to add our feet name as I see it depends

how you do it if you do it that way

they're going to be lower and actually

that's the way I quake before because

then I know it's totally stable so you

just really lift it up line up the holes

make sure they're secure and it's as

simple as that so essentially we have a

beautiful mum tributes based in double

croissants with roses as a feature and

with placements of freesia and chillip

so something really really special and I

hope you've enjoyed today's video if

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and thank you for watching