Mirror Calligraphy I : What marker you should use to Write on Mirrors?



mirrors are sharp be shocked the oil

base oil based markers and the other one

we have is painters it's opaque paint ok

so the main difference between these two

guys guys is that painters biomes is

acrylic paint and sharply eats old with

oil-based so we're gonna see actually

how with system they are okay so let's

go with the sharpie this is just one


and this is the painters

okay so this one is already dry I always

want to make sure just I always make

quick super they dry superfast but I

always like I just prefer to let them

dry more time just in case you know this

one takes a little bit more time to dry

I think that you can see it just went

over with my finger one of the big

difference between the sharpie and the

painter is a painter

remember that this is acrylics so when

you try to go over like to apply a

second coat of the paint your first coat

should start to go off with in the

meantime when you are applying that the

second coat so you got like this finish

and I actually I personally I don't like

it for mirrors remember that this is

probably these markers are great and

another surface on the other hand the

sharpie remember this one is oil-based

and it's better it's so much better you

only need to have control of your lines

and of the paint flow so that you don't

get this like different lines but it's

it's super smooth is it's wonderful I

actually like it it doesn't go off

when you're applying it and it has a

shiny finish the difference between this

one also is more opaque easy as they

said that they are water resistant the

Sharpie one is actually really resistant

the paint is only going off after after

I scrubbed it a lot so I think this is


on the other hand the painters one yeah

they actually they're not that water

resistant they the paint goes off at the

minimal touch of the water I saw the

final test for this two pens all mirrors

is the clean up when you're working with

mirrors even if you're the most

meticulous person on earth you're going

to get all this you know turd and

fingerprints and all that stuff and

actually you want your final piece to

look pretty neat it's like clean super

clean so you need to use a marker that

allows you to clean it up without going

off so that's why we're gonna try out

with these two little guys



when with the mirrors I for me the

Sharpie is the winner because of the I

can actually put two coats of paint it's

easier to clean and it gets me gives me

that shiny look like it's an embossing

design or something like that so cool

this actually you can remove it with

your nail let's figure out this one

mail test ha the Sharpie beat the mail

test great

the painters oil-base for mirrors

probably I'm gonna try this one in other

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