everyone and welcome back to my channel

on today's video I really wanted to

share with you guys my save the date

cards because they were so much fun to


I really wanted to share it with you

because I know it's very important to

like learn how to save money in some

areas of your wedding just because

weddings are very pricey and I have I

have most definitely learned that just

like while planning one because I don't

have a wedding planner or anything so

I'm just like who it's a lot it's a lot

of work I'm still not even done with my

save the date cards so it's it's just

kinda stressful but I'm getting through


my theme is more of a like modern or

farm theme to but if you are getting

married in a barn

I'm writing as sheriff and supposed to

even tell you guys that I don't know if

I supposed to even be a seeker but to be

honest I don't care so we are getting

married in a barn so I wanted to keep it

everything else I just wanted to keep

classy because everything else is gonna

be wood so why not make everything else

classy pop out stand out like I don't

want to have a lot of wood decorations

but oh my save the date cards I'm making

them like let me grab one real quick

okay so here are my save the date cards

I really really love them I'm so proud

of myself

you have no idea I mean I'm just gonna

show you up close but then after I stop

talking how I'm going to show you how I

made this I just love it so much so here

it is up close I mean you can kind of

tell that I mean you can tell that I

made these and that's okay because I

want people to know that I put in some

hard work all these things and I didn't

just go and buy save the date cards and

write a name on it and send it off

of course my invitations are probably

going to be like that just because these

were a lot of work but they were fun and

creative and I really enjoyed it I

actually got a little

of this idea from the sorry girls I'm

pretty sure that's what their names are

I'll link that their video down below

just so you can watch it as well

they're save the date cards are a little

different than mine but my okay live

real quick so here it is right here I

love it

and then eucalyptus isn't like the

flower that we are definitely going to

be having and then on there it's just so

pretty that says save the date under

here I'll put the wedding date on there

which I really don't want to show

anybody just miss but people do know

that it's in April so that's okay I put

our initials in the middle with like

some like greenery around it and then I

did this burlap string or this rope type

string and tied a knot and then that way

underneath it it goes with the sink tie

the knot with us I should really love

this it's so cute and simple and the

envelopes are the same color that I did

with this all we did to top it off was I

did a little bit of this from the bottom

of the envelope back of the envelope I

just stuck a sticker that's similar to

this but it just has AC on there for our

last name


so here is everything I use to make my

say the date cards


so of course we have some envelopes and

then some burlap string that's just what

I call it I really have no clue what the

name of this string is but yes and then

I picked up some watercolor paper at

Hobby Lobby and it came in a book but

then I cut the paper to fit the

envelopes and then also we have a

calligraphy pen which is what I use to

write and decorate I know I know this is

awful but I use this screwdriver to

punch holes into the save-the-date cards

for the string to go through I don't

have a hole puncher so this is just what

I have come up with I picked up these

stickers from Hobby Lobby and they're

just a seal then I'm going to be using

on the back of the envelope for our last

name initial then of course I have a

paintbrush a bowl of water that I'm

going to be using to dip in the paint

colors that I'll be using in the water

so then that makes it more of like a

watercolor look and spread out you'll

see it looks so good

so I went ahead and painted the back of

this so I can go ahead and start working

on the front and just let it dry one

side at a time

I ended up using two different colors

because the color that I wanted to use

which was brown I ran out of so I just

mix in a little bit of this purpley pink

color and a little bit of the tan color

that I had left and it worked out

perfect because I didn't use like a lot

of paint I just used enough to make a

tad bit of color and just by dipping it

into the water helps a lot by I mean

like the water itself has color in it so

I could just keep dipping it back into

the water and as you can see right here

I'm doing it very lightly it I just

don't want it to be perfect


and then once you finish you just go

ahead and let it dry and then once it

has dried you can start writing on it

and this is what it will look like after

it has dried

so now that the paper is dried I'm going

to go ahead and start writing with my

black calligraphy pen save-the-date and

I think this is so satisfying to watch


and then I go ahead and start drawing in

the floral decor I guess you would say

for the card I think this looks so good

it took me a while to actually figure

out how I even wanted to design these

but I love the way it turned out


after I've wrote the date and the tithe

and not at the bottom I'm sorry that

this angle is awful I had to zoom in on

the video because I forgot that I didn't

want to show the actual date yet until I

get these cards out but right now I'm

just telling you guys I want you to make

sure that the spacing is good from the

top to the bottom because you're going

to have Leafs on the outside as well

because one card that I made I made the

circle a little too close to the actual

letters and numbers that it just want it

covered it up so just make sure you're

aware of that and then you're gonna take

your screwdriver slash hole puncher and

I it took me a lot of figure out

actually where I one of the holes I was

putting them under the actual word but

then the string covered the entire say

the date so I decided to do it right

above this leaf area and it fits perfect

it goes right under the letters


and then the weight that I measure the

string is I put it go ahead and put it

through one side and then wrap it around

the back just to see how much turn you

will need and then you'll know exactly

where to cut and then you would tie the

knot directly above the tie the knot

with us saying and I think it just works

out so perfect and then you add your

little eucalyptus flower onto the front

and wallah it's done it's so easy and so

cute I cannot wait to get these cards

out so that's gonna be it for this video

I hope you guys enjoyed it it was a lot

of fun to make this hope that you can

share it with others so maybe they'll

want to make their own save the day

cards and that would just be super cool

if you do make these say they save the

date cards leave a comment below and say

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