let's drop off our letters guys Oh

Hannah just all that selfishness hello

everyone and good morning you're

starting out this Sunday morning looking


I sell leftover lipstick from last night

which by the way it wasn't yesterday

amazing kids are just playing having a

fun time this morning we have not been

getting good sleep around our house

because miss hazy keeps waking up so

early this morning she was awake at 5:00

and then I took her in a put her to bed

but she insisted on sitting in my bed

for just a little bit so she laid in my

bed for like two minutes and then I took

her back into her bed and you guys they

were up so early and they feel like I'm

getting a cold I've been feeling like

this for a couple of days but today I'm

like okay it's really turning into a

cold I have to go get ready for church I

have meetings this morning kids have

been playing they did the empty the

dishwasher for me

Haizi is watching some Minnie Mouse

Bowtique over here it's always funny to

me that she would rather watch a show on

a teeny tiny iPad rather than a gigantic

screen and watch a fun Christmas movie

but nonetheless I love sitting here

looking at these beautiful Christmas

trees stocking hugs by the fireplace I

just absolutely love it I love Christmas

yesterday was the best start to the

Christmas season it was so fun to sit

our kids down and have a nice dinner

with them and explain to them Christmas

and we do it every year but this year it

was just a little bit more special so it

was such a good day yesterday hoping

that carries on over to today starting

out awesome I'm gonna go get changed

take off yesterday's lipstick probably

put on some new lipstick and I will feel

100 times better

does this look a little better I'm

finally ready with or without me and I

don't have old makeup on or no makeup on

or half lipstick on we are home from

church have to head back there in just a

few minutes but before I do I'm in a

start dinner

I this quite a long time ago I bought

this from Sam's Club I think

traditionally you would do this like in

a Trager or something I smoked we don't

have that the instructions say to do it

in a roasting pan and I knew I had one

Oh guys I've never used this this is

livid use of this what do we need to do

we need to open it up this season with

peppercorns it's got some kind of


it's dried vinegar very extract this is

gonna be an amazing tri-tip if mom

doesn't recommend oh my gosh give dad a

chance to cook it and we'll see who ends

up ruining it








okay here we go fingers crossed that has

so much potential well we go to church

for a minute and then come back it'll be

almost done so we got to run back over

to the church real quick the meal is

cooking in there hopefully it's pretty

close to done when we get back but what

do you guys think about making up our

list for Santa today yeah well I know

it's early but don't you think the

earlier you get it in the more time he

has to work on it like time to like go

through the list yes the toys packaged

up like a Traxxas Slash is a pretty

difficult thing to make and the elves

are gonna have a lot of difficult parts

I'm asking for a one wheel this year you

want to make a Kindle I mean we got a

lot of things wait wait don't spoil it

let's do it today on our list let's go

to the church come back and eat houston

we have a problem

basket basket houston we have a problem

I don't know why you're asking for that

I still don't we'll have to talk about

that later I know what it does anything

but I got you got some ideas what you

want okay we're gonna make our list of

it in Haizi girl you know what you want

for christmas huge have a big house good

thing you're playing with Sun right

thing don't spoil it we'll make our list

later I just want to get everyone's

minds jog and moms you know what you

asked for for Christmas

obedient kids let's go for that this

year Rexy feels heavy and I do you want

for Christmas don't say it but if you

feel like you know what it is we're

gonna make our list for Santa today oh

you wrote it on target received

permission well Roxy everybody loved you

vlogging yesterday they said it was like

their favorite part of the vlog do you

think you'll do some more of that do you

feel like yeah

you think you'll blog a little bit more

I was reading him a bunch of the

comments actually in church today which

it's not appropriate but you could tell

if building his confidence I think he

says he wants to do more vlogging


we'd made the joke earlier if the

tri-tip looked amazing had all the

potential in the world I mean writing a

book made the joke

all mom has to do is not screw it up

guys how did mom do I'm gonna one-up

that it is amazing I mean knocked out of

the park it is cooked to perfection the

taste is out of this world the

peppercorn whatever it's in so flavorful

so spicy it is a delicious delicious

tri-tip and the kids are pounding it's a

little bit spicy because of the

peppercorn they got some drinks there

none of you guys can tell but our house

is very smoke-filled right now but it

didn't burn that's just I don't know

what that was from got a little salad to

go with it the roasted potatoes and the

tri-tip wow this is a Sunday dinner of

Champions right here and it turned out

perfect I'm sorry I didn't catch that oh

dude I'm so glad you said 110 because I

didn't know I didn't know what the scale

was the time has come dinners done it's

cleaned up the kids ate like freakin

bosses Rex didn't have like fifths of

that tri-tip he blew my mind he kept

saying can I have another piece kind of

ease and I was like dude we're literally

running out of meat which I didn't think

wasn't gonna be a possibility but it's

time to grab the add the target abs and

of course stuff you have in your mind

because some of the stuff like for

example that crew wants not necessarily

a target this just makes it kind of fun

and visual to go through the circle

things okay good let's come in here

where it's festive it's Christmassy it's

all holiday cheery we're gonna come in

here let's go through find some epic

stuff that we want by the Christmas

lights and then we'll go in we'll write

our letters to Santa okay so Braxton's

on the perfect page so far I'm loving it

dude what is this nice little makeup set

a cute little bath but wait Elizabeth


yeah okay brexit actually wants us you

guys and I think that's kind of cool

because he doesn't take baths at night

and that would be really fun if you had

some bath bombs the question is mom is

are they gonna be the kind that are

gonna put that ring around the top got

something in my tea told me earlier

we're gonna save the big reveal on that

one later skip skip what he got skipping

over there minecraft skip the hex you

make pancakes with this oh you put

pancake batter inside this gun and then

you make a butterfly with that oh that

would be really cool Ruxin I love the

creativity of your list it's just

different stuff than we've heard before

it's not the same old standard stuff


fun but you guys circle stuff over here

that I'm missing oh you got Aquaman

that's coming out Jurassic world man

don't circle stuff that you don't have

do you want you don't want that done Oh

an eggs then just don't even touch it if

you don't want it incredibly Incredibles

hey zero oh hey zero jewelry we found

your page AZ jewelry Oh

savage guy stay tuned tomorrow we may be

having the most practical earth battle

of all time nerf sent us a ginormous box

not broken out yet we might break them

out tomorrow so come back for that drone

okay give me interesting to see what

happens when we actually pull these

lists together guys can I circle one I

want to circle one I don't fit this one

I think it's maybe this one I've seen it

all over Instagram

it's a ginormous hot wheel set it might

not be that one I can't remember why guy

we should look up the one that you said

you wanted the tablet right okay hey Z

girl what are some things that you're

looking at but what baby I do know that

hey Z loves babies that's for sure

circling that perfect the words just so

you know but the purposes of what's

going down here tonight we are going

through circling many things getting

very excited but then the kids will

whittle that down to their ultimate and

final decisions because obviously

they're not gonna get everything in the

target out Oh what is that mind makers

dude that is HUGE I love it oh hey Z go

about this cute little doll - you like

that one I did well you circled that one

okay I love it could we do tearing it up

what you thought he slipped them through

now ootek Dex yes that was on your list

tech Dex Braxton's going through found

something new Rex what would you find

you over there buddy train Oh what train

would be fantastic hey Z girl this is

the one with all the dollies oh hey I

just saw Nintendo switched you on it

so Rach guys got to go to Amazon here

for some stuff cuz he has a very

specific wish on his wish list they

don't sell it target at least they don't

put in their ads they probably do sell

on my target


her video I'm a man how you feeling

how's that list feels it's coming

through it getting full not that full

I'm in a slicer Coppola is actually I

think it was raw guy he was really

circling like absolutely everything in

the catalog crew be do be do a little

more strategic only circled a couple

things and he's got a very specific list

in mind you guys feel like we're close

to ready to going over there and writing

our actual list to Santa are we getting

close I kind of want to be like actually

like get it and caught out it so he

knows exactly why I kept picture of it I

like the idea of giving him something

visual so he can actually see it get the

exact like model colors get the whole

thing just like you want cuz you never

know elves might be like Oh Traxxas

Slash of course that's red and black

you're like now blue and green but I

don't even which color you want

Wrexham's got his main gift finalized

found at a mom's phone rag I just found

on mine on Amazon his main gift Kirby

was looking at his right now and he's

literally giddy geeking out he like

can't even hold still it could be real

quick to that super hyper Fortnight

dance you did earlier today watch are

you gonna kick oh my gosh no hot

chocolate for you let's come over here

make our official list show Mom what you

guys are thinking let's come over here

and write our actual list of Santa and

reveal to our YouTube family what it is

the kids are asking for for Christmas

this year and I'm gonna throw out one

thing that I want this year too

but the people who make this are gonna

have to be listening mom's got the

pieces of paper now remember just at the

top right dear Santa Santa mr. Claus mr.

st. Nick st. Nicholas however you want

to address him sincerely crew the savage

you could say hashtag ti hwv whatever

you guys won I don't think you guys need

any more sugar okay yeah let's start

with let's do this

mom how should we do this should we do

the biggest item number one or the item

they want the most and they can write

down three items most second most third

most you like that yes do that so you're

gonna write dear Santa and then you're

gonna write your very first most thing

that you want the most most most second

thing you want the most this doesn't

mean you're getting all three things

you're just doing it in the order of how

much you love these things

so the Santa knows hey if I can't get

this one I know they want this one more


oh yeah Santa loves that stuff dude


you want to pretend soda okay to give

your dolly yeah maybe the dolly could

drink some sprite I don't know well the

kids are finalizing their list we're

gonna reveal to you guys in to us what

they want for Christmas we're about to

find out they've been going back and

forth teetering all month of November

just kind of thinking about what they

wanted to ask for it's not about to find

out but guys I have one wish on my

Christmas list

just one I'm gonna want enter so long

you guys it's a one wheel do you guys

know what a one wheel is does anyone

know what a one wheel is I wonder one

wheel since they came out they are a

little bit out of our price range and

they just came out with a brand new one

that goes even further battery lasts

even longer the Tekken is insane we are

huge fans of one wheel so if anybody

knows someone over one wheel has a

contact over one wheel hit us up reach

out to us we'd love to do something with

you guys because I just want a one meal

for Christmas that's all I want


hazy hazy eating candy

show me your mouth full of candy

drumroll please


it's Christmas this time okay who wants

to go first

reigai I like the way you think

okay so Breck siedel you're at first

could you please tell us oh wait yeah

hey Z sorry I'm so sorry you're over

here pound in candy I forgot you're even

part of this okay

join us come tell everybody what you're

having hey Z right now you have two

fistfuls of candy just tell us what you

want for christmas oh baby the chicken

burp Oh a dolly do you convert into go

alright so hazy wants a dolly I love a

hazy girl next up our Brooksie doodle


Rexie doodle the big reveal he's been

hold this one in what would you like

read is to let your letter to Santa

dear Santa I would buy pair of Huey's

tail Branson a pair of Healy's the show

us watch once you're thinking about here

buddy oh my goodness swipe over so I can

see the wheels on that thing oh there

teal wheels on your Healy's dude Brexton

phenomenal first choice dude and I think

Santa is gonna come through on that one

I love it

well look at those two brothers coming

together to make their Christmas let's

come true Kirby do I'm very interested

in this list it looks pretty long would

you read me your list please yes I would

like you Traxxas Slash four-wheel drive

that's number one and if you can I would

like to add a battery because I think

those don't come with it too

and if you can could I have some paddle

tires it would make it a hydroplane

hydroplane across the water PS that is

green and blue so green and blue Traxxas

Slash let me just see I think we had a

picture one right here right there

that's the moneymaker right there

that thing is bill / tough baby that

looks savages can be handle tires were

hydroplaning battery mom and I might be

the ones getting the battery maybe Santa

will max out on the slash but dude

loving that loving that list very

well-written bright guy last but

certainly not least what have you got on

your list read it to us tell us why all

I read we do something here your left

all-new Kindle paperwhite that is

waterproof and a waterproof marine blue

case if you could that would be amazing

sincerely rather sincerely very formal

what'd it look like

okay that's what it so that's the case

for it so show us what's the Kindle tell

us all about the skin - why do you want

this Kindle is the Kindle at the

paperwhite an interesting choice what

would you do with this I love reading

and it only has books on it which is I I

love reading yes awesome for me and this

is what it looks like it's waterproof

it's technically just a huge book dude

and so it's on was it like a huge

library like it's more than a book it's

a library so that you open it up and

boom you're already reading day one

right out of the gate so dude I think I

tell you how much I love that your main

desire is to be able to read more for

Christmas like you can't make that up

like that's incredible dude thank you

that's amazing and coming from two

parents who are really bad at reading

and don't read nearly as much as we

should that is phenomenal dude you are

awesome great Christmas list love it you

guys so guys how are you feeling about

this Christmas list you feeling good you

feel like you want to package them up

and send them off to Santa okay

let's throw them in our letters and

let's get these things in the mail wait

what'd I say throw them in the letters

just too busy watching Brexton do this

let's throw them in their envelopes and

let's get them off the Santa guys


seal it with a kiss bomb

that's a big Santa huh okay so you want

to come bring your letter and put it in

the mailbox for Santa we got a couple

candies there okay what oh what's that

this is what he's been snacking on oh

she made a plate on Santa's cookies of

all of her candies we've got the North

Pole Express this is an express mail box

that goes straight to the North Pole

gets picked up once a year let's drop

off our letters guys Oh Hannah just saw

that selfishness oh nice so you put him

in there okay good job Hayes you go

y'all put yours in there creepy why are

you looking he's looking in the outside

after it's already sealed you're such a

weirdo just put it in for Santa's got a

touch your spit nice Santa I hope you

come okay now we got to put this up oh

yeah you put that side thing I've let

her know there's letters in there okay

all right see if they get picked up now

they may not be picked up guys because

it's still November and Fred are up on

the Shelf still hasn't even come to our

house so don't be super worried if

they're not picked up tonight but

they're in there they're ready they're

waiting so you guys are ahead of the

game so when Santa is ready for you you

guys are ready to go what an epic Sunday

tons of fun delicious dinner most

importantly letters to Santa like that

was incredible letters are in we have to

you guys have to be good enough to get

the print guys that's what's crazy is

now that your letters are out there I

mean Santa's making his list checking it

twice gonna find out who's naughty or

nice what do you guys want to be on baby

coming we'll see so much fun let us know

what is on your Christmas list comment

below what are you guys asking for

Christmas what is the main thing that

you want this year what is your biggest

hope and dream for this Christmas season

a lot of fun yesterday kicking it off

the right way with the right focus and

the right energy you realize it's not

all about the gifts but a fun transition

into that today so the kids get a dose

of both in the right priority in the

right order super stoked to get those

lists done so guys that's gonna do it

for us today back to school tomorrow

back to swim early morning for a guy

possibly an epic nerf battle tomorrow

biggest one you've ever seen all-out

warfare hoping to put that together so

come back don't miss that guys anything

else you want to say thanks for all of

your love and support thanks for

watching every day and we will see you